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SV-51 flown by nora


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completed this a while back.

I appreciate that advises from people in this forum when I was stuck with some difficulties.

This is my first model and the result is not that great, I am working on a VF-0S battroid now.

Here is some pictures to share. My camera skill is also not that good. :(



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I don't know what you're talking about --- maybe you're just trying to be modest, but for a first model that looks stunning; it looks better than some kits built by people with many builds under their belts. I'd say you're a natural... beautitull work!

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Wow, Really a great job there!

No way would I believe that is your first model. It looks great and the pics aren't bad either. ;)

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Mechleader is right, you're a liar! Either for saying it's your first model - or - for saying it's not very good! It looks great! Paint is smooth and clean as are other tough to do details. The work put into it shows. Congratulations! - MT

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Thank you guys for the encouraging remarks.

This is indeed my first model. I did spend a lot of time to try to get things right, it took me over 5 months (with many disasters on the way) to build that. :)

The pictures are "not very good" in the sense that it hide a lot of imperfection. The real things look worst then what the pictures imply.

I mainly screwed up on the use of Future floor polish. I tried to airbrush it on, but that didn't works too well. And I turned to use hand brush. After many layers, the finishing is very bad. It looks grainy and uneven. It is quite hard to see from the pictures.

Sorry to dispel everyone's good regards but here is some pictures I have taken just now to shows what I mean.

But in general I am quick happy and did enjoy building the kit. From a reasonable distant, it looks great (I know many people here don't like the nora's strange colour scheme, but it looks very striking and aggressive to me). The final result give me great satisfaction.

I have bought some super clear from the mr. color range and will try that in my next build to see if it is going to be easier to work with that Future.



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yeah man! you did a fantastic job for a first timer, 5 months!! wow! kudos for your time and patience, I see the error that you point out, but they are minimal stuff, you sure do a far better job than me, hahaha!!

panel lining and oil washes are my aquiles heel!!

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You did a fantastic job. She looks great.

What method did you use to bring out the panel lines? Panel lining is my modeling weakness...

I read up on different techniques and end up trying the safest.

I use pastel chalk. It is very easy to work with and erorr prove. Since you can just wash it off with water and redo if you make a mistake.

The chalk is cheap too, I bought a few standard weathering colors chalk bar for just a few pounds.

Just shave the bar into powder using an old knife and mix some water and washing liquid (to help bind the powder together once dried).

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