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  1. Hmm how do I insert a spoiler tag? I'm a terminator fan. I think T3 was "not bad", Salvation was "lame" (nothing much terminator to me), SCC was awesome.
  2. I swear to god I have this very same toy 20+ years ago! Where do you get it? What's the name or brand of the toy?
  3. I have no expectation before watching the new movie. (few of the previous DBZ movies were bad imo e.g "Bio Brolly") Though I have zero expectation in the movie, I am still very very disappointed in it. Very. I have all the previous movies in my harddisk, but this movie was so bad imo that I deleted it straight after I watched it.
  4. I heard from my friend that when he saw the film for the second time, he realized in the very beginning of it, when Cage was talking with the General/Major(sorry I didn't know his rank), the safe was opened. Is that true? If yes that should have some connection with the plot. Does anyone knows?
  5. Fully agree with you. I like the original a lot. I have zero expectation when I go into the cinema. Yet I'm so disappointed despite having zero expectation from the new movie. The only thing that was better than the original, was the CGI. And sadly, that's the problem of most Hollywood movies.
  6. Saw this at a Chinese macross forum http://tieba.baidu.com/p/2792310733
  7. Well this is the Hong Kong version of Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves combined with Aladdin (Magic Lamp). And the Doraemon in the movie is the Genie inside the Magic Lamp.
  8. 1989 Hong Kong Chinese movie 'Alibaba' http://youtu.be/56VYsniMvlo?t=35m (click to start playing at the 35:00 mark)
  9. Hi guys, I would need some help. Is USD$180 for a 25th Anniversay Vf-1s a good find? I have not been buying Macross for many years and I'm unsure of the market rate nowadays. Will appreciate any response! And the more the merrier so maybe I should not hesitate. =]
  10. Omg~ have you played the game? I'm a big big fan of the Genesis Herzog. I'm not aware of this game. The Wiki says it is inspired by Herzog, but how similar are they? Are they very identical? One of the best 2P game on Genesis. Missed that childhood friend who often come my house and played with me.
  11. Exactly what I'm thinking. In fact I was so disappointed about that Cat-face character design. I dunno, I just feel like he was like a random character from Looney Tunes. =\
  12. The whole roller blade thingy, is that unique in the world or is it rather common? Because I remember seeing that on Stan Lee Super Human. So they hire that guy?
  13. Indeed... However the term BRrip is more popular/commonly used than the term BDrip. Try searching both of them in any torrent engine and you will see way much more results under BRrip than BDrip. Just saying. =)
  14. Yeah. Not that I dislike the VF-25 or anything, but Classics are always the Best! I would rather they have a 19 or 21 over a VF-25. But really, they should have consider VF-1.
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