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Who liked Crusher Joe? Some mecha designs were by Shoji Kawamori who did beautiful work on Macross, as we all know. Some elements of his design evolution can clearly be seen in in Pinnace Fighter.

Although a couple of models of this bird have been available in 144 & 100 scale, I didn't like them... they seemed to squat or not detailed enough for me. So I decided to build my own.

Model is under construction, WIP below:


Where I'm at:


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I had a Minerva model kit from Crusher Joe 20+ years ago.

Was the Minerva designed by Kawamori? It is very similar in style to a lot of the Macross TV series designs.

Yep. Most of the Crusher Joe mecha designs were done by Kawamori.

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I love the show, I saw it while I lived in Japan!!!!

One of those cool ass shows that just go down smoother in Japanese.

Where can I find those ships and vehicles?

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I don't really purchase toys or prebuilt models anymore, otherwise I'd be all over these, the proportions look great.

The Takara ones were a bit to 'short' in length. They certainly did not match the beautiful cover art on the model's boxes!

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I picked up the WAVE Minerva OVA and Fighters sets.

Really like them. Took some shots outdoors.

I'll post some more pics of the fighters soon, but first the Minerva:




The stand is great in that it displays the fighters and MINI ( very mini ) Galleon on top, but it also stores a tool underneath for opening hatches, and even stores the small panel you remove to make room for the stand to attach. The panel is just one example of all the details WAVE managed here - so if you are zooming it around or have it landed on it's gears - no peg hole for the stand is visible.

And going into the freaking very cool details is the fact that the fighter stands can even collapse into the Minerva stand so that they can be displayed flying or landed on top! I would have never thought of that. I would have just molded 2 pegs on top and thought that was enough!



There are many panels for missiles and guns and they all have a little notch for the tool to open them.


I thought it was awesome that the upper panel is removable so that you can see the docking bay area. There is also a ramp that extends out of the Minerva. The top large missile and double barreled cannon can be stowed WITH the fighters and Galleon all in the bay.



Ultraman Zoffy ground explosions can also be used for thruster effects!



A Crusher Joe photoshop adventure...


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Here are the Crusher Joe Fighters:



One of the weapons doors on my blue fighter 1 will not open --


One canopy color purple, the other yellow to match the anime - nice...



The stands hold all the extra goodies nicely, well except the big landing gears - those do not stay in very well. But I like the feature. Really like that you can lightly mount one so that it is about.5 inches taller than the other (that you push down and mount securely). That way you can display them closely together and have the wings overlap. That make sense?


The Galleon is only about 3 inches long but packs a bunch of cool details. Rubber treads, moving guns, a working front scoop, raising missile launcher...



Some official WAVE pics:






An auction with only 1 bid - nice price for these so far, recommended:


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Here is a pic showing the size difference in the Galleon kits.


--- IMO, WAVE should do this as their next w.h.a.m. release, with small figs of the crusher team to scale -- its the natural progression on the line:

• Large Minerva with mini fighters and mini Galleon - done

• Large fighters with medium Galleon - done

• Large Galleon with mini figures - ?

I picked up the larger Galleon kit just in case WAVE does not follow my advice . . .

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Even moreso when you see how big Fighter 1 and Fighter 2 are with Wave's 1/100 scale models.

yeah, the fighters look fairly small until you realize that the cockpits are actually extra roomy side by side two seaters.

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My Minerva is now ready for painting. The building was quite unpleasant : lot of gaps to fill, heavy sanding, and I had to rebuild with plastic card a part of the thrusters, due to a bad casting. But I am quite happy with it now :






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