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  1. Yeah man, there are so many opportunities for more sacrificial kaiju and military hardware* display. The tin foil man and the 2 teens were really unecessary and irritating. Worst parts of the movie. More techno-babble and build up on MechaG would be nice too. *Given that Titans were known since the 40s, you would think the Earth's militaries would have developed more specialised anti-titan weaponry. Even ignoring sci-fi Masers, but rail-guns (anything super high velocity really for piercing their hides) and guided bunker busters. Frankly, if G was a real thing, I would think rail guns/hypersonic missiles are the solution. Their hides can be pierced as seen in their fights with enough force, so hypervelocity weapons where impacts create liquefication should be the solution.
  2. If you had to do Judo against an opponent of the same height, but his hips/thighs were 3-4x your width and ALSO came with a tail almost the same weight as the body, it aint gonna be a fair fight. The bottom half of G is crazy thicc compared to Kong. I think the Director intended to show G's superior mass/strength when G flings Kong much harder than Kong could. Also the effect of the 2 respective punchs on the flattop was telling.
  3. Well, Shin's was strong and cut like a laser on butter thru all the buildings but its ace was the crazy accuracy, being able to knock falling bombs and high flying stealth bombers out. GvK-G could sort of cut thru the HK buildings too (e.g. a quick flick slashed the tower Kong was on top of) but bring able to bore through the Earth's crust (with a hole big enough for Kong to fit) requires many magnitudes of power output beyond slicing skyscrapers. And unlike Shin which shuts down like a thrice overclocked GPU after shooting, GvK-G just didnt run out of steam all the way. He took a lot more beating from MechaG than Kong and was still looking like he had a full heath bar at the end too! Its plot armor but the charge axe just stuck on his leg, while the same thing sliced MechaG's limbs off.
  4. Realistic military vehicles. That shot of about 15 or so Ospreys and Chinooks or Stallions managing to lift Kong is plain ridiculous.
  5. I think the human bits in Shin Gojira were outstanding compared to anything Hollywood did. Kong Skull island was also good. I am really disappointed by the human bits in GvK.
  6. If you look closely, those were not battleships. They used a Arleigh Burke type hull and superstructure but with twin turrets up front. Just watched the movie (I am in Asia). I expected crappy human characters and plot annnnd.... it was worse than I thought. Compared to 2014, big G's atomic breath. In some scenes it looked way way more powerful. Wont spoil it any further.
  7. Nobody talking about the twin triple turrets on what looks like some Arleigh Burke hull? Not even sure if what is shown scales to the 16/50 turrets.
  8. Yes the 2nd form with the googly eyes look pretty retarded and seemed like a throwback to the earlier rubber suit era (maybe deliberate?), But in any case, go and watch it please. I would say that the production values are much higher and slick than any of the preceding Toho films by a long mile. I came away surprisingly satisfied. Its definitely my favourite Toho Godzilla film. Having B2s throw MOPs at Godzilla is a pure bonus for me. They bothered to keep the military hardware realistic. e.g. no B2 using MOABs, F2's firing HARM missiles or sidewinders at Godzilla etc.
  9. Thats just not possible as long as they want to keep the little guys/outnumbered rebels vs the mighty Empire theme. There will always be 10x or 100x more stormtroopers than the heroes so no way they be allowed to be half-competent. Thats actually a big beef I have with the 3 sequels. Keeping the guerilla rebel vs Big Empire theme. The Empire was broken, the New Republic should be outgunning them (I mean, you also had Battle of Jakku in the background) but nooo, its still a couple of X-Wings going for that built in weak kaboom-point on that ever bigger planet sized superweapon. Its like if I wanted to make a 1946 movie about Imperial Japanese remnants and the defeated Imperial Japanese Navy has a new 500k ton Ultra Yamato escorted by 10 Nuclear Carriers while the United States due to de-mobilisation has to fight off that lot with the only available 1 Squadron of Corsairs and a privateer in his fishing trawler.
  10. I do have to say, surprisingly, I found the human parts in Shin Gojira pretty acceptable. Except that part where they don't allow the gunships to fire because 2 civilians a few blocks away. WTF.
  11. 1. Yup, I want to see supersized monsters fight it out. And the entire US Defense Catalogue being thrown at them and kinda bouncing off. Teenage angst, marital issues and family problems, I AM NOT INTERESTED. 2. Yes, if we follow previous movie lore and logic. Kong really has ZERO chance. a. Lets _ignore_ the atomic breath and the nuclear blast thingy from 2019 KOTM(that's a one time thing, fair nuff), Leave them out. Kong still has realistic biological limits thus far, he dies if you chuck him off a tall enough place, he bleeds from dinosaur bites** and human artillery and guns, some sort of gas seems to knock him out (hell can you imagine Godzilla in chains??) etc etc. Godzilla seems to have taken missiles and large calibre shells without any issue. b. Ignore the radiation protection of Godzilla. Sure he doesnt have a nuke to throw at Kong. But while radiation need not be taken into consideration in this fight, the point that doesn't seem to get into peoples' heads (or movie logic) is that a nuke doesn't just chuck out radiation and a fireball and lots of heat. It comes with a big ass concussive blast of kinetic energy too. If Godzilla's face could withstand the kinetic energy (KE is KE, doesn't matter if its from a nuke or a Gorilla's fist) from that nuke going off 10 feet away, Kong's best roundhouse aint gonna bruise him. 3. Sadly, its Hollywood. So I am resigned to having to put up with teenage angst and rebel kid human relationship issues and plot-armor-weakness-Godzilla plus Stormbreaker Kong. Its gonna be A-Wing/Rebel Fleet vs the Executor all over again. GAWDAMMIT. ** Can anyone imagine an adolescent/young Godzilla having a fight with a same sized T-Rex like dinosaur? That isnt even a match. Wait, no dino could even be that dumb to try.
  12. _You_ dont know how? Who are you and what have you done with WM Cheng? That aside, I assume the pictures are taken in specific conditions with specific settings (one of them being in a dark room) and it wont quite look like that with the naked eye esp. in a lit room?
  13. Question to the experts: What is the big deal with the new P&W Purepower Geared Turbofans? hasn't geared turbofans been around for years? Is the big deal the fact that previous GTFs were for smaller biz jets and this is the first time they are being made in this size?
  14. For 'Pearl harbour' I am pretty sure (I only watched it once and will never re-watch it!) I remember during the airfield attack scene, they had Japanese aircraft armed with torpedoes circling the airfield or something. Anyone remember that?
  15. Yikes, that's more Osprey's than Michael Bay's CG budget can afford to blow up!
  16. Given that thrust drops off heavily at higher alts while the mass of the plane stays. Would that make the F-22's pitch ability using nozzles much much less effective at higher alts? I suppose the other astounding thing (if it was real) about the VF-1 is that those engines are flat rated all the way to vacuum? Which makes its high alt performance really something. Actually are they 'flat rated' all the way to vacuum? If they were, and with the >1 thrust weight ratio, why do they need the boosters to reach orbit? They can just stand on it and slowly claw their way out to space right? And if they are not 'flat rated;, that does mean at higher alts, using them for pitch control would be crappy. Back to the OT verniers, but like an above poster said, if you fire verniers all the time for pitching, that's a lot of reaction fuel. BTW, those flat squarish leading edge extensions next to the cockpit above the intakes, would it help if they could deflect and act like canards? Not sure what the term to use but by 'flat rated' in this instance I mean same thrust regardless of alt. edit *hmm, was trying to quote David's post but somehow my quote function doesn't work.***
  17. A slightly shorter nose and she'd practically be a flying wing.
  18. What is wrong with the F-22? Or at least what are the ones that are coming to public attention now?
  19. Nice poster. One of the reasons that I was rooting for the YF-23 to win back in 91' was not just that the YF-23 was most beautific, it was also the fact that the YF-22 looked gawky and kinda fugly to me. Luckily, the production Raptor turned out to look orders of magnitude better than the YF-22. For me, it turned from ugly to beautiful and sleek/mean. Quite drastic for those relatively little tweaks. But YF-23 still kicks its arse in looks.
  20. So what is the distance covered in a 'one week hyper-journey'? I never figured out the SW speeds, I know Star Trek is like taking a pleasure cruise from my impression of TNG, but SW always gives me the impression they get there like in hours if not tens of minutes.
  21. I keep saying this and since Fine Molds obviously never heard, BANDAI PLEASE MAKE A SUPER STAR DESTROYER EXECUTOR PLEEAAASEEEE!!!! I am so buying that 1/1700 SD if it is anything like the light up Star Trek Enterprises that Bandai makes. But 1/1700 is like over 90cm long.... Hope they got the numbers wrong. Something that big sounds more like a one-off display rather than a mass market kit.
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