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How many of you are Model kit completists?


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Finding toy completists is relatively easy compared to finding someone who collects entire lines of model kits (at least in the Macross product universe)

There are less than 25 variations of 1/55 products-expensive yes, but they can be found relatively easy.

There are HUNDREDS of model kits. Looking in my MW Closet (which is packed to the ceiling) I think at last count I had over 600+. Missing less than 20 to have the entire 1982-1984 Imai/Nichimo/Arii releases. Of course that is over 20 years of collecting-it doesn't sound that bad if I say it like that. :)

So how many others out there are model collectors?

I've always wanted to setup a little 'trading' list of reliable members here where we could get our missing pieces from other people's doubles. Is there sufficient interest for something like this?


who REAAAAAAAAALY enjoys having his own models only forum!

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Shawn, love the models only forum, now I don't have to weed through the toy posts to find the model ones. In just one click I'm emersed in models mmmmmm-model heaven-mmmmm. :lol:

I'm a completist in a funny sort of way. I collect every type of 1/72 scale Macross model, I don't care who makes them as long as I have one of each type. For example Club-M made the Elint and Ostrich models in 1/72 but now that Hasegawa has them I'm fine with just having the Hasegawa builds. But when the 1/72 Monster and Phalanx came up for sale I had to have them, it didn't matter what they cost, as long as I could complete the 1/72 lineup.

The reason I like models is because of the detail, I'm always fascinated by how much intricate, minute detail can be included adding to the realism and therefore the believability of the object in question.

Again thanks for the separate forum.

Grayson 72

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Ive turned into a huge model collector/lover. My closet is small compared to yours, but I do have close to 75 kits right now. Ive been trying to complete the Club M collection, and in 1/72 scale Im almost done (only short the Super) Ive also started grabbing BClub stuff, and Wonderfest/smaller company items. Not to mentions a decent number or ARii, Nichimo, Bandai, and IMAI kits. I will build them all someday...(well..probably not) but I will build them slowly....

I love the idea of a group to share parts, scans, ideas, instructions, etc. Sign me up!!!

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As much as I love building models I can't stand having lots of unbuilt models around. I'll only buy models if I think I'll get around to them "soon". Sure I've got a couple of kits that have been sitting around unbuilt for years, but my collection of unbuild kits is only around 10-15 kits which is rather small compared to most modellers.

My only recent purchases have been the Hasegawa VF-22 and VF-1 battloid, but I'm holding off on building them as my last couple of kits have come out looking like crap, and I feel like I need a long break before starting another kit. I don't want to build them just for the sake of building them as then I tend to rush them.

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I also have over 50 models that are still unbuilt. I go more by scale and by manufacture ( hasegawa is an instant hit). But when it comes to deciding which one will I get it comes down to accuracy and detail.

For example; a 1/144 Exo squad toy defender againts a 1/144 Yellow Submarine. Anyone like me who loves modeling will tell you right away the YS wins a mile over the exo. But if the exo had more detail I would go for it instead.

I collect 1/72's and 1/144's. I have every single VF variant and destroid except for the Monster 1/72 done to day made by one company or another. I got the entire line of 1/144 YS. on destroid and VF's (except for the battroid YF-19).

I just never understood why would you have to have 5 1/72 battroids made by imaii, bandai, hasegawa and YS.? just choose a best couple of all of them and save the money for something else...

So I guess I am not a completist, but a picky quality collector....??

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I cant begin to count them all but I have duplicates of all the release that Hasegawa puts out including decals and metal decals. I got 3 1/100 macross factory duplicates and multiples of the 1/72 Bandai variable kit resissues and I count 7 1/100 vf2ss (which I had bought 5 from HLJ and 2 originals). SHE models one of each except for a few unaccounted for like the fire valk and the vf-11. All of my model collections just consist of 1/100 and 1/72 but I still have other kits besides Macross.

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I only have about 15.... about 3 resin kits (recasts mostly and a Wave). I have about 7 Hasegawas. I can't bring myself to get the Bandai valks given the subpar quality versus Hasegawa... but I did get 2 Zentraidi mechs and 3 Destroids from Bandai.

As I've said before... I'm getting addicted to resin... I would love some Tanmen, but the dude never writes me back. I also can't find reasonably priced Club-M's or Yellow Subs... may have to rely on the recasts.

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I'm mostly an aircraft man - I love sleek lines. That being said, Macross has been my weak spot and I have quite a few of the older IMAI/ARII/Bandai kits purchased way back in high-school.

I remember getting 8 boxes of that ARII 1/100 scale trasformable valkyrie for a $1.99 cdn - which is practically free in USD.

I do try to collect 1/72 scale now with the new Hasegawas - minimum of two each (one to build right away - next 75 yrs) and one to keep and savour over time to eventually build (or be buried with). I doubt I would ever sell these kits, they are not a collection for investment - but I would love to help out in terms of scans or what ever is needed here. There might be the odd sell - but I don't even have them all in one place yet?! let alone properly inventoried after all my school moves.

I hate only scraping to afford the Hobbbyfan re-casts then only to find out the Hasegawas put out better kits of the same things. Here's to hoping that they put out a 1/72 VF-4 before I breakdown and try to get that resin re-cast.

Thanks again for this model section - but I still love your toy section...

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I used to play the Macross II RPG, I just loved the mech designs for it, and it was only 2 books making it easy to play. But, when I became aware that Macross II models existed, I had to start buying em! Right now all I'm missing is the VF-2JA fighter and battroid from B-Club, and the Retppu 1/100 VF2ss Battroid. I have everything else! The musasiya 1/72 figher, the b-club vf2ss upgrades, b-club gigamesh and metal siren, and of course the bandai 1/100 vf2ss. I would really like the 3 i'm missing... Please someone PM me :(

The only other kit(s) I have would be the 1/72 yf-19 M-club, which costed way too much cash, but damn it's nice.

And I have the 1/144 vf-11 Booster Pack and Full Armor from TECT.

that's all folk's.

(and someone please provide me with the missing ones! argh!)

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Speaking of Inventory I do keep track of mine on a spreadsheet and their status.

all are 1/72 unless stated otherwise

Model Name MFG Qty Series # Built To be refurbished

VF-1A Fighter Valkyrie Hasegawa 3 1 1

VF-1J Fighter Valkyrie Hasegawa 2 2

VF-1S Fighter Valkyrie Hasegawa 1 3

VF-1A Super Valkyrie Hasegawa 1 4

VF-1S Strike Valkyrie Hasegawa 1 5

VF-1 Valkyrie Weapon Set Hasegawa 2 6

VT-1 Valkyrie "Super Ostrich" Hasegawa 1 7

VE-1 Valkyrie "Elintseeker" Hasegawa 1 8

YF-19 Fighter Hasegawa 1 9

Vf-1 Battroid Hasegawa 1 10

YF-21 Hasegawa 1 11

Macross Display Stand Hasegawa 1 12

VF-1A Super Battroid Valkyrie Hasegawa 1 13

VF-1S Strike Battroid Hasegawa 1 14

VF-22S Hasegawa 1

VF-1D Fighter Hasegawa 2

VF-1 Phote Etch Hasegawa 4

VF-19 Fighter Hasegawa 1

VF-1A Valkyrie Angel Birds Hasegawa 1

VF-1J Valkyrie Max & Millia Hasegawa 2

VF-1D "Max/Virgin Road" Hasegawa 1

VF-1S Super Fighter Valkyrie Bandai 1

VF-1J Super Fighter Valkyrie Bandai 1

VF-1A Super Fighter Valkyrie Bandai 1 1

VF-1D Valkyrie Bandai 4 3

VF-1A Valkyrie Bandai 3

VF-1S Valkyrie Bandai 1

VF-1J Valkyrie (Max) Bandai 1

VF-1J Valkyrie (Milia) Bandai 1

VF-1J Battroid Valkyrie Imai 1 11

Destroid Tomahawk Arii 1 12

Armored Battroid VF-1J Arii 1 16

Destroid Defender Imai 4 13 1 1

Destroid Spartan Imai 2 15

Destroid Phalanx Wonderfest 1

Zentradi Standard Regult Imai 1 17

Destroid Monster 1/160 Arii 1 8 1

Destroid Monster 1/72 Wonderfest 1

1/72 Legios & Tread Wonderfest 1

Cat's Eye Recon Tanmen 1

Fan Liner Tanmen 1

Fan Racer Tanmen 1

1/72 Resin Dragon II Fighter Tanmen 0

VF-4G Lightning III Fighter Club-M 1

Queadluun-Rau Club-M 1

VF-11 Club-M 1

VF-2SS Musaki 1

Lancer II M-Factory 1

Totals To be Built 65 Built 3

Hmm, the formating didn't come through, oh well

Edited by Grayson72
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Hmm, now that I think about it, I'm only REALLY a completist of the Yukikaze resin kits!

Though I've also been trying to collect all of the Gunbuster mecha and ship resin kits from General Products (and I'm doing pretty good, considering how rare they are :))

As far as Macross stuff goes, I pretty much just buy the stuff that interest me (and even of those, I'll often have to pass on the ones I can't afford).

I've got a pretty good collection of resin kits going, but they're mostly just bits and pieces of the various companies' series of kits. I guess you could say I have a very diverse collection :p

And hell, I never even bothered to keep up a complete collection of Hasegawa valks! I probably have about half of them.

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I used to be in the models collector league with something like 120+ models (mostly old Bandai, Arii and Imai) but I stopped collecting last year and sold most of it. First I grew tired, and anyway my "Lol, poor college student, lol" style of life didn't really allow my to keep collecting such expensive stuff.

The only stuff I kept as "collector pieces" is my beloved (complete) collection of SD Samurai Macross models. I sold the rest of my 120ish models collection (still have a dozen to go though).

As far as new models go, I still buy one Gundam/Macross/related plamodel here and then, but that's only on a "buy it, build it, dammit !" basis.

The same thing goes for Macross toys, I totally stopped buying and collecting these. I still have a diverse collection of Macross books, games and LPs, though :)

However, there is still a thing I'm fond of, that's the Macross models boxart. Hmm, the delicious boxart. I wish someone could publish a Macross artbook with all the Imai/Arii/Bandai/Hasegawa boxart...

Edited by Yoshi
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I attempted to collect every model available for specific lines (Patlabor, Macross,Virtual On), but the build up got out of hand real fast and I actually felt pressure to build all of those kits. That's when I knew I had to liquidate. I slowly sold them off or gave them as gifts, and now I try to be real selective about what gets left on the workbench. I trimmed down a total of almost a hundred kits to less than ten. At least I have the reassurance that I'll always have something to do :D .

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:lol: I haven't really got INTO Model Kit's because my skills aren't too good.

I have a bunch of various Kit's that I haven't even put together (ranging from ERTL to Bandai).

I'll take a look through my closet and let you guys know.

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First, let me thank Shawn for making this Model only section.

I also collect various Macross model kits as well as Mospeada, Southerncross,

Dougram and Gundam since 1984. When I saw Shawn's collections 2years ago at first MWcon, I knew that I can't possibly collect all of them :(

But I was inspired, when I saw some rare stuff in Shawn collection, and think it'll be great to have some of those kits.

Edited by Major Tom
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Thanks Shawn for this models only section!!! An the Macross How To section is also a great idea!!

i'm not a completist the way you are. I'm trying to have at least one of each mecha in the Macross universe, scale doesn't matter (that makes things a lot easier :D ) The problem is that not all the mecha in Macross have been represented as a scale model. And this is where scratchbuilding and/or kitbashing come in handy.

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The 1st kit i did was a robotech transforming cyclone from monogram (imai) when i was like 13-14. I really got into cars. then about 2-3 years ago i started seeing quite a bit of robotech/macross/mospeada models on the shelves and i bought a 1/100 Strike VF-1S from arii, i took quite a while to complete it, but i really liked working on it.

Then I started doing searches on macross items and came across MW,,,,all over from there,

Just the models,

All reissue VF-1 1/72 from bandai

3 Qua-Rau's 1/100 "" ""

3 Glaugs 1/100

3 VF-2SS's and getting resin downgrade parts for 1

2 Ger's

3 Legioss's

1 Blowsperior

All reissue Destroids,

The want list is endless

not to mention I'm working on a semi custom MG Gundam Zeta Plus C1 (very cool models BTW)

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If it is covenient I try to be. I currently have all the Hasegawa kits minus two of the clear ones. I still have all of my old kits from highschool that I bought when you had to mail order them from small importers. Ebay has been very helpfull in filling out my collection.

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I entered the game kinda late to get ALL the older Bandai, Imai, and ARII kits (at least without spending a mint on eBay), although I do have a respectable number of them. So far, I've been suckered into the complete Hasegawa 1/72 line, including several custom variations of the VF-1A, -1J, and -1S. Gettin' a little tired of all the VF-1s though. Classic design, but I'd kill for a VF-4, VF-5000, or VF-17. And I mean it... I'd kill... JUST TELL ME WHO!!!! :blink:

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