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  1. And here I remember young Riley pencilling his first pages for "Proof" while working down at my comic outlet, "Another Dimension". Hope the licensing deal paid him a few well-earned simoleons.
  2. Man, I really dig the YF-30. The more I look at it, the closer it comes to supplanting the VF-22 as my favourite VF!
  3. I chanced upon volume one of Macross Plus at a Rogers Video rental store in Calgary in September that year. I'd started on Macross with Robotech, especially the RPG since only half of it aired on TV in Calgary, then found a copy of the DYRL program and the LA Renditions release of Macross II at the Sentry Box, a game store (and still a major geek Mecca 20 years later) that also carried a bit of anime at the time. Macross Plus totally blew me away, and I got my comics store to get the rest of them for me. With volume 2, Yoko Kanno's music had me totally hooked. Heh... I can still remember looking through that program and being completely confused at all the characters I recognized from Robotech in unrecognizable costumes, thinking "didn't Roy die?" The stills of the mannequins from the Minmay/Hikaru "on the town" bit had me completely bewildered.
  4. I've got 'em all preordered already. I got the Japanese release of Mononoke (love the Japanese disc covers), but I always support the Ghibli domestic releases. Spirited Away is also out on Blu-Ray in Japan, so it shouldn't be too long before we see it domestically too. Can't wait for the original GitS release. Not a fan of 2.0 at all. The Patlabor 1st OVA and TV series are domestic releases. Like Keith wrote, still waitin' on the second OVA. Been a while since the last TV series volume was released and still no announcement. Hope that doesn't forebode anything ominous. Love the Japanese movies releases. Completely worth it.
  5. Personally, I love the Marvel Heroic RPG. It's my favourite RPG in some 30 years of this hobby. I could write an essay on it without breaking a sweat. However, it's not for everyone. Those who enjoy the simulation side of RPGs would find the game too abstract, and for others its lack of boundaries can be daunting. Since my crews have come to prefer lighter and lighter rules, they took to it enthusiastically. As a system it works well for the super hero genre. I always found super hero RPGs to be too limited in their need to codify every effect any given power is capable of. The MHRPG relies on improvisation and imagination on a theme more than strict definitions of every power, and allows for a much more "comic book" feel. Other genres, however, might not model so well under such a style.
  6. Picked up the 5e PH last weekend (as select hobby stores got it early). Nice piece of work. My groups are both playing the Marvel Heroic Roleplaying from Margaret Weis Productions right now, so I'll have to look for an opportune moment to bring D&D back around. Still deciding if I'll run Tyranny of Dragons. Might just wait for the DMG and MM first.
  7. Don't collect a lot of Lego, but when I do I go all in. Currently working through the Sydney Opera House. It's sitting next to my PS4 right now. There's a similarity between them that's not apparent at first glance.
  8. All the latest Iron Man figures have had extra hands at 90 degrees.
  9. I'd have to disagree with you a little in your assessment, as regards the "messenger" and "Charlie" comments. From Iron Man 2 to Thor to Avengers, it's clear he leads all the time, from the front, and that people respect and look up to him (Natasha included). The Marvel One-Shots show him to be a kick-ass field agent. Quirky, yes, but I never would characterize him as bumbling. He's steadfast, calm, and assured (except maybe around Steve...). "Charlie" was just a disembodied voice on the phone. Characterizing him as that really is the exact opposite of everything we've seen in all the movies. This is starting to veer into "man crush" territory... I think I'll quit before it gets odd(er)...
  10. Cool. I've been doing the same thing for years now... though it includes both horror and Hallowe'en-themed films. I go bit more overboard, though . Here's this year's list. An American Werewolf in London Carrie Cloverfield Dark Skies Darkness The Descent Dog Soliders Evil Dead (2013) The Fog (1980) From Beyond From Dusk 'Til Dawn House of the Devil The Howling Invasion of the Body Snatchers (1978) Jaws Jeepers Creepers Jennifer's Body Land of the Dead The Last Exorcism Let Me In Night of the Creeps Wes Craven's New Nightmare The Others Pan's Labyrinth Pitch Black Quarantine The Ring The Ruins Silent Hill Creature From the Black Lagoon Freddy vs. Jason The Shining Stake Land Sleepy Hollow The Crazies (2010) Splice Sinister Slither Splinter The Thing (2011) The Thing (1982) 30 Days of Night Trick 'r Treat 28 Days Later Blood: The Last Vampire The Exorcist Poltergeist Videodrome Hallowe'en (1978) Hallowe'en II Hallowe'en III: Season of the Witch Hallowe'en H20 Resident Evil The Omen (1976) Uzumaki Dagon House C.H.U.D. The Blob (1988) Near Dark Body Snatchers The Legend of Hell House Them! Monster House Humanoids From the Deep Hellraiser Hellraiser 2: Hellbound
  11. Never have. I've never been much of a fan of Julia Louis-Dreyfus.
  12. Because "Fitzsimmons" is an actual last name, so it's an attempt at punnery to have an apparently inseparable pair named "Fitz" and "Simmons". I feel the need to give it a few more episodes, 'cause I like Clark Gregg as Coulson, but it is a little bland so far. It needs something to distinguish it from the pack.
  13. Ditto for Kurt Russell's catalog. Loved the Jackie Chan rip-off moment too.
  14. Fan rage = mostly boring They rant, and rage, and fuss, and whine, and make pronouncements of doom and promote their "wisdom" on everything that Hollywood does wrong and how they would fix it. A few come up with some truly hilarious bits, most not so much, and few spectacularly stupid moments. The film will be made, it will be good or bad, and life will go on. I've been a Batman fan longer than some of these fans have been alive, and I'll still say if there are things in life that merit this kind of ire and negativity, Batman movie casting is not one of them. Love the Adam West peition... predictable, but fun nonetheless. That original Batman movie is still one of my favourites. And Affleck? He's a reasonably skilled actor who got overexposed and has made a decent comeback. He's as good a choice as any, IMHO.
  15. Too, too happy to see this... http://www.hlj.com/product/BAN983657/Gun
  16. Just to be nitpicky, only 2 out of 28 Godzilla movies were made in the 80s. Percentage-wise, "most" of them were made in the 60s, with 8 of 28. I choose to be cautiously optimistic, even though I wasn't hugely fond of Gareth's Monsters, because more Godzilla is always good (I even tolerate the 1998 version... mostly... kinda.... *shudder*).
  17. Fair enough... but I still think it's a weird choice of words. When I first heard about District 9, I thought "hmmm... wonder if that will be any good", not "I've never heard of that before... I can't see how it's any good". But you can't say you've never had anyone recommend it. I just did. If you're a fan of big space ships, bigger guns, and sharp humour, you should be hoping this film lives up to its source material. As per the normal rules of the internet, this should be the point where someone posts "Are you nuts? Pay no attention to him. Guardians of the Galaxy was complete crap!..."
  18. "I simply can't see how it's any good." Not to be combative, but if you've never read any of these characters, why would you have an opinion like that? Is that how you approach any story you've never heard of before? Unless you've read some of the more recent cosmic/sci-fi Marvel story arcs, like "Annihilation" or "Reign of Kings", it's not likely you would know anything about these characters. Even though they've all been around more than 30 years, they've never been more than obscure until very recently. As to why they decided to put money on the Guardians, we can only speculate they see some potential in exploring the more traditionally science fiction aspects of Marvel, using the more cosmic than magic interpretation of Thor as a starting point. I read the entire run of this incarnation of the Guardians of the Galaxy and loved it. Solid action, excellent wit. If Slither is any indication, James Gunn should be able to do it justice. I'm looking very forward to this film.
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