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  1. I think his name is "Henry Gilliam". It can be seen in the ending credits
  2. My guess is a this just interpretation from the subbers, albeit an understandable one since when subbing anime you don't have the kanji to help you understand the context. The subbers choose to interpret the sentence, with the kanji 両 (both): マクロスフロンティア両政府よりお知らせします。 Which would indeed translate a "A message from both of the Macross Frontier Governments". I would take that with a grain of salt of interpret the sentence with the kanji 領 (territory, juridiction) マクロスフロンティア領政府よりお知らせします。 And then the sentence would translate litterally by "A message from the Macross Frontier Juridiction Government". Of course, the subbers' interpretation is not wrong from the point of view of pure translation. But you have to be aware that this "Both governements" thing is a just their guess, a possibility among others. We would need a written Japanese script or some more background info to sort this out.
  3. Yeap, I stand corrected. I'm not a native English speaker and I didn't re-read what I wrote. Sorry, I don't know of any translated version of SRW D. I'm playing it in japanese, a language I'm fluent in. I do agree with you on this one. My bet is the writers didn't really care about the distance within Solar System or "realistic stuff". Same thing with the destruction of Mars. Since you have the B-Club MZ23 Special, you know even the backstory is not that detailed. IIRC, the sentence about Mars' destruction is something like "Earth Federation make a super-ultimate-weapon-of-death that would make Mars completely collapse within a year. Mars is destroyed, Earth wins yeah !" Yeah, that's pretty nice. I would like to see something about that, anime, manga or game.
  4. Yeap. Basically, everything started with an old-fashioned independence war. In the MZ23 universe, mankind has colonized Mars. At some point, Mars colonists asked for independence from the Earth Federation. They also genetically modified themselves in order to adapt to living conditions on Mars. Then Earth inhabitants started to call Mars colonists "Dezalgs", and war broke between Earth and Mars. So Dezalgs are genetically-altered Mars colonists. The war ended with Earth's victory and complete annihilation of the planet Mars. The impeding activation of the ADAM System would forced the remnants of the Dezalgs to flee Solar System. So they stole half a dozen (don't remember the exact count since I sold the artbook) Megazone ships and when ADAM got activated, the Dezalg Megazone ships went out of the Solar System alongside the Earth Federation Megazone ships. At some point, the Dezalg Megazone ship(s) encoutered an alien civilization. We can guess the Dezalg further altered their humanity by assimilating or being assimilated by aliens, but at this point it is just wild guesses. Japanese source material doesn't more on the Dezalg. After the activation of ADAM, the Earth Megazone fleet and the Dezalg Megazone fleet fled the Solar System. A battle occured between the two fleets near Uranus, IIRC. Some Megazone ships were lost on both sides. Megazone 23 was badly damaged, the "Osaka half" of the ship (the ghost city you see in the first and second part) was deserted and only the "Tokyo half" kept functioning. Both EF Megazones and Dezalgs were programmed to go for a 250 years trip in the stars in search of an inhabitable planet, and then to go back to Earth in case they didn't find anything, and settle back to Earth should they be pass ADAM's test. Megazone 23 and the Dezalg Megazone fought in the vicinity of Uranus, and then went in outer space for 250 years. At the end of the 250 years trip, both ships hadn't find a suitable planet, thus both ships tarted their 250 years trip back to Earth. At the end of their 500 years round trip, their paths crossed once more as both ships got closer and closer to Earth. The anime picks up there. Nothing is said of the others Megazones. Maybe they found suitable world and started space colonies, maybe they went out of their course, or maybe they went back to Solar System only to be destroyed by the ADAM system. Yeap. The EVE program is a key part of the whole Megazone Project. The only way back to Earth is successful communication between each ship's EVE program and the ADAM system. In the anime, the Dezalg Megazone is completed destroyed because for one reason or another, their EVE program is no longer active. Similarly, the Megazone 23 is mostly destroyed because EVE has been "weakened" by being hacked by BD's military, and thus no longer have the "strength" to fully accomplish her mission. Damn, the backstory of the Megazone universe is great, but the actual story development in the anime is pretty lacking when it comes to the introduction of the backstory. Part I was righfully mysterious, but Part II should have given more hints at the backstory instead of centering its plot on "Youth fight the Order OMG !". I could have done with less action scenes of punks riding bikes and drinking beers, and more backstory, maybe through scenes of BD talking with his staff or whatever. Part II is still my favorite, because of the character design, the mecha design and the music and the atmosphere...
  5. The backstory of the B-Club Special says Mars (home of the Dezalgs) has been totally destroyed during the Earth Federation/Dezalg war. The Earth Federation created and used a weapon that made the planet collapse on itself and totally disappear within a couple of years, if I remember correctly. Since ADAM is the Moon, the closest place BD and his followers could have went is the Asteroid Belt. Maybe there is some Earth Federation base still left there, with food and supplies left 500 years ago... Oh, and I don't think there is any Dezalg tyranny as well. The MZ23 and this one Dezalg Zone are apparently the only two that followed their programmation of making a U-Turn and going back to Earth after not founding a suitable planet for 250 years. That means all the Earth Federation Megazones and all the others Dezalg Megazone out there have been destroyed, or that the people living onboard have completely hacked their respective Bahamut and overcome the programmation, or more optimistically have found and colonized planets. So I wonder where BD could go. I do agree the anime (and the dialogue is Super Robot War's MZ23 chapters) left open the possibility that BD's squadron as well as some escape ships have survived, but where would they go from there ? Even if they repair some of the FX Fleet and make it to the Asteroid Belt, what would they do ? They don't have the capability to build a Megazone-like ship suited for interstellar travel, Earth is still defend by ADAM, and all the others MZ fleets are 500 years away ? Maybe BD and the survivor established a colony, or a "BDocracy" in the Asteroid Belt or in a moon of Jupiter. Your thoughts gentlemen ?
  6. MZ23 fan going out of lurking... ! The best way to do a new Megazone anime would be IMHO to do a prequel. There is a lot of potential in the background story and chronology given in the MZ23 artbook. The war between the Earth Federation and the Mars colonists that eventually became the Dezalgs, the making of the MZ project (involving the original Tokimatsuri Eve), the battles of the EF fleet of the Dezalg fleet (with appareance of the Original Garland). That would make a great story... And you still have MZ ships, Eve, Dezalgs and Garland, so the franchise still has recognizable and marketable elements ...Or if they don't want to a prequel, they can go with the story of another MZ ship. EF Fleet and Dezalg Fleet were each comprised of several MZ ships (like Ginrai said), so there is a lot of room for new stories.. . It would be so much better to go this way than to just take the story pattern of the first two parts. That was the biggest flaw of MZ23 III and Macross II... They just took the basic story pattern of the originals and redid them with slightly different characters and design. Just my two cents...
  7. ya, that's the one... you can always post in ebay for a start -- wally Yeah, good idea
  8. Yeah I have it, if you're talking about the one that was coming with the movie pamphlet. Always wondered how much it was worth...
  9. Merry Stuff and Happy New Year
  10. Thanks ! Megazone totally rules, mechas and story alike.
  11. Interestingly enough, Bandai/Sunrise seems to become more active in marketing Gundam internationally. Aside from the "Revival of Gundam" in the US>, the three MSG movies, Gundam 0083 and Gundam F91 will be released in France in next summer. The good news is it's going to be subtitled versions. Tobe Gundam !
  12. Hi, Mods, I'm not sure if this topic belongs to this forum or to the For Sale one. This is not a sale topic, I'm requesting advice on the pricing and value. But feel free to correct me if needed. Anyway, I'm currently selling some stuff of my collection, mainly the toys and models (Poor student + Burning out of collecting toys and models). I know Ebay can used to know the average going price of toys, but I would like to get a piece of advice from my fellow MWers. I don't have any webcam or digicam so I don't have pics, sorry. Yamato, 1/72 Brown VF-1A Toyrus Edition Shape: MIB in quasi-mint box Comment: I'm puzzled by this one. I bought it because I loved it and was "OMG must have everything Macross" at the time. When I decided to get rid of a part of my collection, I thought "this one will be an easy sale, rare etc...". However I haven't succeeded in selling it on Ebay France. Bandai, 1/100 VF-1A Hikaru Type (1984) Shape : MIB in mint box Comment: I haven't tried to sell this one yet. Bought it for around 100 USD in the Macross Dark Age. Not sure about its current value. Gakken/Lansay Green Legioss Shape: Very used box, no styro-foam, instructions, toy in average shape (somewhat loose parts, misplaced stickers... it was my toy as a kid). Comment: This is part of the infamous French line of Mospeada toys. I don't know the scale but it's the one that's designed to be coupled with the Lansay Tread. It transforms but looks butt-ugly in armo-fighter. Honestly I don't know if this piece is gold or pooh. It's the one you can see on Mr. Carl Hoff's photo there: http://www.macrossworld.com/mospeada/lansa...ay_tread_01.jpg Micro-Macross line (VF-17D, VF-17S, VF-19Kai, FZ-109) Shape: Mint on card. Back then Bandai tried to market "micro-machines"-style Macross toys. They only produced 4 types. This line is pretty rare and I've the complete series in perfect state so I figured it would be an easy sale. No luck on Ebay France. Thank you for helping !
  13. I'll try to do it from scratch using my B-Club copy and what I remember from the two games. More details may be added using the Mac2 novels but mine are packed up right now (haha student life). Most of the lines above are quotes or paraphrases from the following sources: Macross 2036 (game), Macross ELS (game), Variable Fighter History (B-Club article). Like you can see, the two games can be seen as prequels to Macross II. The 2054 events may explain why: 1) Britai's fleet isn't around in Macross 2. 2) The UN Spacy is so weak in Macross 2. Also you can see there are colonization missions in the Macross 2 "universe", but not on the same scale than in Studio Nue's later stories. You will also note there is a lot of Gundam influence. In Macross ELS, we see "funnels" as well as small-scale fleet battles ala Gundam. The civilian Valkyries naming pattern follows those of the Gundams (ie RX-78, RX designed in UC 78 and VC-51, Valkyrie designed in AD 2051 etc...) 2010 ~ 2036 - During this period, several Zentradi fleets attack, but they're repelled by the UN Spacy forces lead by Commander Britai, as well as by the shock caused by the the Minmay Attack. Development of the VF-1R Valkyrie equipped with the SP-II Super Pack. 2014 - Launch of the interstellar emigration ship SDF-2 Megaroad, escorted by VF-4 fighters. 2018 - Lott Sheen born. 2019 - Komilia Maria Jenius born. 2032 - Dr H. Tachikahof passes away. He was the father of the VF-1 and VF-1R series. 2036: The Super Dimension Fortress Macross 2036 - Maria Jenius and Lott Sheen underwent pilot training under Britai's supervision. Just before their graduation, a Zentradi fleet unaffected by the Minmay Attack invades the Solar System and engages the UN Spacy fleet. - Maria, Lott and the others cadets are allowed to fight in the light of the crisis. - Maria battles and defeats Quamzin Kravshera and his underlings Jinna and Grimzo. The infamous trio manage to survive and to flee. - The UN Spacy fleet defeats the so-called Neld Fleet - Maria Jenius and Lott Sheen promoted to the rank of 1st Lieutenant. Maria becomes commander of the Red Horns Squadron. 2037: The Super Dimension Fortress Macross ~ Eternal Love Song - Earth is under attack of the Zentradi Burado Fleet and of the Meltrandi Mokurendis Fleet. After an initial retreat, the UN Spacy launches a counterattack spear-headed by the Prometheus 2 taskforce. - The Meltrandi Mokurendis Fleet withdraws. - Meltrandi ace pilot Misty Klaus joins the UN Spacy with the rank of 2nd Lieutnenant - UN Spacy cadet Kiryû Hayato is promoted to the rank of Major, and appointed CAG of the Prometheus 2 ship. - Introduction of the VF-4 Siren, the "super" variant VF-4SP, and the funnels-equipped VF-4ST. - The UN Spacy main fleet and the Prometheus 2 launch a combined attack on the Burado Fleet. The UN Spacy launches the Minmay Attack (Ai oboete imasu ka) and defeats the Burado Fleet. 2040s Earth enjoys a relative peace. 2050s Development of civilian-use Valkyries (the so-called VC series) begins. 2051 Development of the VC-51. May 2054 - The Macross-class interstellar emigration ship "Million Star" is attacked by Zentradi rogues while cruising at 1.8 light-years from Earth. - To defend itself, mankind establish a defensive perimeter at Pluto's orbit. The Britai Fleet and the Minmay Attack plays a key role in this defensive perimeter. December 2054 - The Zentradi rogues enter the defensive perimeter. The UN Spacy repels the invaders but suffers terrible losses. - The Britai Fleet is decimated (both men and equipment) . - The UN Spacy captures a Zentradi factory satellite. 2060s - Development of the VF-XX series begins. 2072 - Roll-out of the first VF-2 series fighter. 2079 - Development of the VC-079. 2081 - Development of the VF-2SS (space-use variant of the VF-2 series) 2082 - A Zentradi fleet attacks Earth. The VF-2SS takes part to actual combat. 2086 - Development of the VF-2JA (atmosphere-use variant of the VF-2 series) And then Macross II... The series 80 years after the Space War One so probably 2089~2092. In the first episode, Sylvie says the latest Zentradi attack took place 10 years ago. If it's the 2082 invasion, then it would put Macross II around 2091~2092. OT for Bsu and others interested in my life : Didn't buy the latest one but plan to do soon. Still high of the UC. Can't wait the release of the latest SD Gundam game (GBA) and AEUG vs Titans (PS2). Must be careful with my anime/game/goodies buying, since I'm likely to go to Japan next year (haha university exchange program hell)...
  14. Happy Thanksgiving guys ! *hands out free Yoshinol bottles to everyone*
  15. More translations... Here are the ELS "Mission briefings". Like you know ELS is a tactical role-playing game, and between each levels there are short story summaries - the so-called "Mission briefings" - whose purpose is to keep you updated on the latest story development as well the aims of the next level. Again, the writing isn't perfect, so please be indulgent MACROSS ETERNAL LOVE SONG – STORY INTRODUCTION (FIRST PART) More than 500,000 years ago, a stellar race possessing an advanced civilization called the Protoculture was prospering. However, a schism happened between the men and the women. And this situation finally degenerated into a war. They used their advanced technology to genetically engineer giant warriors devoted only to battles. The male giant warriors were called Zentradi and the female giant warriors were called Meltrandi. Both armies of giant warriors keep fighting, with terrible consequences. Many planets were destroyed, and the Protoculture, who had created these giant armies, were totally annihilated. However, the giant warriors, who had been programmed only to fight, were left without goals in life and keep fighting and spreading their war throughout the stars. MACROSS ETERNAL LOVE SONG - MISSIONS BRIEFINGS Mission 01 Real Fight On the Moon's surface, an unidentified flying object is approaching to the place where Kiryû and Letlade are training. Their two Valkyries are to go after it until the regular troops arrive. This is going to be Kiryû and Letlade’s first combat mission… Mission 02 Minmay Attack The enemies have been identified as being Zentradi troops. Kiryû and Letlade have become regulars, thanks to their actions in this first battle. They are assigned to the Apple Team under the Second Lieutenant Kai Rowda. Their first duty is to search and destroy the invading enemy ship. The UN Spacy launches the Minmay Attack in order to give favorable battle conditions to its pilots. Mission 03 Escort The Minmay Attack has been unsuccessful. Kiryû and his comrades destroyed the enemy ship after a fierce battle. Meanwhile, the Zentradi appear in Saturn's airspace. Quamzin, Britai's former subordinate, appears to be among them. The Minmay Attack failed because of his tactics. Quamzin and Bodol Burado plan to obtain the secret of the “song” and to take control of the universe. The Zentradi are now attacking the UN Spacy advance base on the Moon. Mission 04 Escape The Meltrandi also appear on the battlefield in search of their Zentradi foes. This makes the situation even more confusing. The Meltrandi are women-only giant warriors, and the enemies of the Zentradi. In the light of this development, Britai deems the situation unfavorable, and orders to temporarily withdraw to Earth. All the remaining units of the UN Spacy fleet gather and depart for Earth. However, the Meltrandi have dispatched a small force to Earth. Mission 05 Time Limit Kiryû and his comrades narrowly escape from the enemy encirclement. Enemy commander Misty decides to launch a counterattack against the UN Spacy troops who defeated her underlings. The UN Spacy fleet is extremely defenseless during atmospheric reentry, and would be helpless if attacked at this time. In order to ensure safe reentry timing to the fleet, Kiryû and his comrades take off and go after the enemy. The enemy encirclement must be broke within a time limit of 900 seconds. A violent battle is now about to begin in the upper atmosphere... Mission 06 Misty The UN Spacy has withdrawn to Earth, and is desperately rebuilding its war potential. Since the Earth defense organization is not complete yet, there are frequent patrols using recon planes. Kiryû and his comrades have also come back to Earth, and are escorting the recon planes with their Valkyries. Mission 07 Insider In recognition of his services, Kiryû becomes the Squadron Commander on the new aircraft carrier "Prometheus 2". Meanwhile, Meltrandi commander Misty is feeling anger, having experienced defeat for the first time. She is under the wrong impression that the culture of the Protocultures caused her defeat. This impression leads her to start an infiltration operation. Mission 08 Intercept Misty has sneaked into a town of Earth. However, for a Meltran who never experienced the Culture before, such a place is full of things and phenomenon beyond understanding. Particularly, the Meltrandi and their male counterparts live separately, and the only time they encounter, they fight. Thus, the fact that men and women are living together frightens Misty. Meanwhile, Zentradi commander Geran ordered its soldiers to go attack the town. Kiryû and his Hound Squadron are heading toward Geran, with the purpose of intercepting him. Mission 09 Contact Kiryû and the woman known as Misty finally met each other in town. The two were getting along pretty well and were having fun in the town. Then the Zentradi forces launched their attack. This town sustained great damages during past battles; so new casualties must be avoided at any cost. The UN troops must destroy the enemy before it can begin its raid on the town. Mission 10 Strike Mission The UN troops have decided to launch a counterattack against Geran, the Zentradi commander who has been frequently attacking towns. Geran has been caught deploying his fleet near the seashore. The UN has launched a general offensive against them. It is an all-out attack that targets the enemy flagship. Mission 11 Again There are more and more Meltrandi activities on Earth. The Prometheus 2 has caught a Meltrandi recon party. If they get to escape, others Meltrandi units will immediately come in reinforcement. Thus, this time mission consists in destroying the enemy ships before they can escape. Mission 12 Burning Point While on patrol duty, the Prometheus 2 witnesses a violent battle between a group of Zentradi and a group of Meltrandi. The Meltrandi are in numerical inferiority, so it is only a matter of time before the Zentradi annihilate them. Kiryû founds out that Misty is among the Meltrandi, and along with his friends, he takes off to go rescue her. Mission 13 Defense Line Misty is distressed and troubled to have been saved by her enemies, Kiryû and his friends. In addition, Leplendis has judged that human beings were effectively protocultures, and has ordered all Meltrandi units to evacuate Earth. Geran's superior officer Burasardo has launched a violent attack in retaliation of the annihilation of the Geran Fleet. Again, the enemies must absolutely be stopped before they can reach the town. This battle will definitely be difficult. Mission 14 Ambush Misty is still troubled and unable to deal with her feelings. In order to see Kiryû again, to talk to Kiryû again, she has chosen to go one more time through the micronization process. At the same time, Kiryû and his friends learn that Lyle ceased all communications while on patrol duty. Kiryû and his friends rush toward the location he was last signaled. There, Kiryû and his friends will have to deal with something unbelievable... Mission 15 Picket Line After Lyle's betrayal, the enemy attacked the Prometheus 2. At the time, Kiryû’s team was still away. Upon learning about this attack, Kiryû's team hurriedly returns to the ship, only to found a perfectly safe Prometheus 2 and a single Valkyrie standing next to the ship. The pilot in this Valkyrie is no other than Misty, and she protected the ship from the Zentran attacks. Having taken the road of exile, Misty will stand next to Kiryû in the battles to come. Now, before leaving Earth's atmosphere, Kiryû and his friends have to face the Meltrandi fleet, which has fled Earth and has been waiting for them at a high orbital position. Mission 16 Strike Through Having exhausted a lot of their war potential, the Meltrandi decided to withdrawn, letting the Zentradi and the United Forces wage their very own war. The war potential of the Meltrandi is so exhausted that they can be mopped up in one single battle. The UN Spacy has noticed the Meltrandi withdrawal, and immediately concentrates its attacks on them. Kiryû's team and the Prometheus 2 enter battle against the enemy vanguard fleet. Mission 17 Kill Zone Finally, the UN Spacy has engaged a decisive battle against Leplendis herself. However, the Zentradi jumped in the battle and all hell broke loose. In the midst of this chaos, Kiryû and his friends must survive to this battle royale, and have to continuously sally. Mission 18 Strikes Back The war potential of the Meltrandi Army has been considerably reduced, leading them to flee away from the battlefield by undertaking a fold. Lyle was patiently waiting for the UN Spacy to come out weakened from its battle against Leplendis. Now that the UN Spacy has sustained a certain amount of casualties, Lyle is sending his underlings to give the finishing blow to the protocultures… Kiryû's team is now facing Lyle's counterattack. Mission 19 Liberation Lyle's heart is filled with doubt, and he is painfully aware of it. However, he cannot discard his pride of Zentradi ace pilot. Once again, he launches an attack on the Prometheus 2, leading his troops from the cockpit of his Gilouza Free. A new battle between Lyle and Kiryû is going to take place. Mission 20 Moon Base Lyle's intelligence report explained why the Minmay Attack does not work on the enemy. Quamzin has started the Protoculture communication system and has made the necessary so that someone else can’t cut in the communications. Kiryû's team, which now virtually acts as a UN Spacy task force, have been ordered to recapture the Protoculture communication system from Quamzin. The first step is a diversionary attack that will lead to the recapture of the Moon Base. In order to launch a surprise attack, the base must be under UN control before the main enemy force arrives. It seems Kiryû’s team must conduct the battle with the greatest swiftness possible. Mission 21 Mars Area Now that the Moon Base has been recaptured, the UN Spacy and Kiryû's team are going after Quamzin. They are heading towards Mars. Quamzin is aware of their coming, so he has ordered to his underling Grimzo to prepare an ambush attack. The Prometheus 2 is now going to enter in an airspace defended by a large Zentradi force. This Zentradi force is expecting the Prometheus 2 attack and is prepared for it. Mission 22 Counterattack After a fierce fighting, Kiryû and his friends are getting closer and closer to Quamzin's ship. Quamzin has one more underling he can send against the United Forces in order to buy time. Jinna is targeting the Prometheus 2 with a warship carrying a powerful, large-scale “main cannon” designed to repel attacks from fortress ships. However, this ”main cannon” must gather energy for a long time before it can fire. This power depends on the satellite and is thus limited to one shot. Kiryû's team must destroy this cannon while it is still gathering energy, and before it can fire. Mission 23 Burado Fleet In order to recapture the communication system, the United Forces resolutely went after Quamzin's ship Quamzin ordered to hurry the reparation of his assault battlepod "Migg Pitt". Aware of the situation, Commander Bodol Burado has sent a part of his Main Fleet in reinforcement to help Quamzin. Mission 24 Daedalus Attack At last, Kiryû and his friends successfully caught Quamzin's ship. The Prometheus 2 is going to ram into Quamzin's ship by performing the Daedalus Attack. A large-scale assault is launched in order to take back the communication system. All ships and fighters take action to enforce the Prometheus 2's direct front attack. Kiryû and his Hound Squadron have taken off and are now heading toward Quamzin's ship. Mission 25 Assault Team Thanks to the Daedalus Attack, Kiryû and his friends have found their way into Quamzin's ship. Their target is the communication system located at the core of the ship. The core of the ship is located well above the place in which they have arrived. However, they are now within an enemy ship, and the Zentradi can launch ambush attacks at once, or even encircle them. And if they don't succeed in breaking through the core of the ship, the whole operation will be doomed to failure. Even if it means getting rid of all the enemies, they have to succeed. Mission 26 Satan Doll Kiryû and his friends have reached the core of Quamzin's ship. The communication system they have been searching for is lying before their eyes. However, there is someone between their objective and them: Quamzin and his Migg Pitt. In order to get the communication system, they cannot avoid to battle against Quamzin. In this battle, the mere fact of surviving can decide who is the winner: a cruel survival game has just started Mission 27 Cross of Fire Kiryû and his friends have finally defeated Quamzin and recaptured the communication system. However, during the trip back to their ship, Lyle bids Kiryû and the others farewell and leaves alone. Onboard the Prometheus 2, the communication system is hurriedly analyzed. However, the Main Fleet acting on Burado’s orders has encircled the ship. Until the completion of the communication system's analysis, the Prometheus 2 has to stubbornly defend itself. If the analysis is successfully completed, the "Minmay Attack" will regain its effectiveness. But so far the only thing the Prometheus 2 can do is withstanding the enemy attack. Mission 28 Last Attack At last, the analysis of the communication system has been completed, and the UN Spacy can finally engage in a decisive battle. The "Minmay Attack" has started. A combined fleet takes part in this battle, since the UN Spacy Main Fleet led by Commander Britai has joined forces with the Prometheus 2 task force. The operation consists in rushing to Burado's flagship while the Zentradi are confused by the “song”. A singing voice echoing throughout space and a long battle: things seem to draw near their conclusion. Final Mission Bodol Burado The “Minmay Attack” has confused the enemy, allowing the UN Spacy to break through the Main Fleet. Furthermore, Lyle ordered his fleet to support the UN Spacy. Seeing this, Zentradi soldiers are one after another turning against Burado, and siding with the UN Spacy. Kiryû and Misty's Valkyries, embarking heavy particle cannons, have entered Burado's flagship through the breach opened by the Lyle Fleet. The target is Bodol Burado himself. Carrying their spears loaded for a unique but lethal shot, the Sirens run through the battlefield.
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