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  1. Now that would be ideal, add in a couple more companies and we'll have macross toys out the wazoo. Now that would be compitition.
  2. I,ve said it before and I'll say it again Hasegawa have very nice macross models but they are far from perfect, granted that they are much better than the older Bandai offerings. If you really put a Hasegawa macross kit up against a Bandai gundam kit 1/100 MG you will start to see the flaws that hasegawa have in there models. Lets take the Hasegawa VF-0S model kit, and line it up against a MG gundam and the list of flaws begins. The gundam model has no sink holes, no injector pin marks, seems fit togeater well with minor to no gaps (and thats snap fit), multi-gate srues and inner frame detail and the list goes on. The VF-0S has fit issues with the leg halves, poor fit of cockpit to mainbody, a ton of injector pin marks, sink holes on the top of the fusealarge, quite a lot of flashing on some parts. The biggest p1ss off is all the injector pin marks all over the models that takes ages to clean off and if you don't the kits look as bad as a revell kit. I would say from the older kits that I used to build to a lot of the newer ones from Hasegawa that they are going down in quality and not up. Up against the latest HG, MG kits from Bandai the Hasegawa kits don't have the build quality and the fit of parts gets worse and worse as the moulds get older. It's no good making really nicely detailed model kits if you have to sand most of the detail away to hide a seem line. I'm hoping for Bandai MG type models now and I've been a supporter of Hasegawa for about 22 years, but I do beleave that Bandai has far better production facilities that produce much cleaner sprues. The real issue is if Bandai will do MG models and not just feed us the macross 7 type of model that really is crap, but Bandai have the capability to out produce most offering in the market place. The question is will they use all they have for macross or will we be pushed aside for gundam, time will tell.
  3. Now that is awesome, love your work winterdyne. It's looking more and more realistic every time I see it.
  4. Follow winterdyne's advice he is spot on, try and get a quite compressor I use a Holding 103 compressor and my office-workstation is in my lounge room and I don't get any complaints from the misses about not hearing the TV so that's a good start. Just becareful with clear coats lacquers as I've turned the whole house into a foggy mess, it looked like I'd had 50 smokers in the house at once puffing cuban's.
  5. That looks awesome, you've done a great job on such a small kit. It's a shame that you missed the deadline it would have been nice to have another macross model in there. Lets see how my Nora goes. But really nice work thanks for showing us.
  6. But we have companies that are producing macross and have been for some time now, so Bandai could hold onto macross F and what ever comes after but that still leaves a lot to produce for those that have licences even without the new show. But you seem to almost want macross F to fail so bandai will not bother. If macross F takes of and even goes international then expect Bandai to produce as much as they do for gundam, perhaps?
  7. I never said that Bandai makes every or anything perfect, but they have released very nice products and so have Yamato. Never once did I say or hint that these companies are bad, I may have hinted at my problem with pricing but that's my own concern, as if I had heeps of disposable cash then that would not be of any concern for me at all. But no matter how you look at it producing any macross toy and more so valkyries is going to be compitition for Yamato or any other company that produces such toy's. If Bandai produce a really nice 1/60 valk that could out do Yamato then Yamato will be forced to step up thier game in some way, but this all is speculation as we know nothing of how good the final product will be so Yamato still rains supreme for now, and they are doing macross a great justice that Bandai have neglected I'll admit that but it's crap for those that just make unfounded claims or stupid comments that makes reading a tread boring, just like this post As for more companies making macross toys bring it on, from the crappiest to the best companies and then everybody could have a valk of some sort, that would be awesome. I can understand that Bandai could really suck at this AGAIN but I'm not going to drive them into the dirt until I have some ammo, so far things look pretty good. The prototypes look pretty much what we would see from Yamato and they are consulting with SK so that's a plus from the start and they seem actively making progress in a short amount of time. They seem that they have targatted scales that other companies are producing (mainly I'm talking 1/60) but this could be because just because gundam uses this scale and it makes it easy for them. I don't expect either that the Bandai items will be cheap, more so they will say " hey look everybody will pay $200US for a Yamato we should make our $250" I'm well aware that this is the trend in this type of market but hey someone has to hope as it is possible that Bandai could produce a great toy at a lesser price than Yamato's offerings. I'm a little nerves to about Bandai's past record and I would love a Yamato VF-25 as it makes perfect sence to want a valk that will look like and transform in the same manner as the other Yamato's, it gives collections a constant. The one big plus I think is that if Bandai is supported then Bandai or the "Big Fish" has plenty of muscle to flex when they want to export there products, that intern gives other smaller companies such as Yamato and Kaiyodo someone to rally behind and take a fight to HG so we will finaly be free of HG tyranny.
  8. Well lets just hand Yamato everything to do with Macross and let them charge $1000.00 for the next valk as they won't have any compition great idea guy's, that's just a great idea for all of us. Ummm I got to love all the comment that bandai has made a hash of macross before and well they have but Yamato is not far behind. If the Yamato 1/60 VF-1 was so good why do we now get a PT 1/60 line, so what this isn't Yamato screwing money out of everybody again, oh and don't for get the shoulder problem on the VF-0 the BP-8 problem and the list goes on. Well the rest of you might feel good paying what ever Yamato want's you to pay but I'm not I hope bandia come out with something better and cheaper which makes Yamato have to bring thier prices more into line. No compition is a really bad thing and that's the position that Yamato is in right now and the fact that Bandia can probably produce toys from all the macross shows I bet Yamato is feelling a little trickle down one leg at the moment as thier profit margine is in danger from another company that's more well known and with more cash behind them than Yamato can only dream about. As for calling the Bandai guy's dicks for wearing Gundam clothes, which makes sence considering that it's bandai's No.1 line, well why don't the Yamato guy's wear Macross clothing and show thier devotion to thier No.1 line. I go to work and wear a uniform with logo's plastered all over it so what's the difference, I notice that some of the clothes have Bandai logo's on them so it could be classed as a bandai uniform. Some of you act like no one can ever build a better macross valk than Yamato, well I'm sorry but everything can be improved always, but the main thing I can see is that how many people are worried that bandai might just better Yamato forcing them either out of the market or making them cut back production. And well one thing no one can ignore is that if it wasn't for bandai we might never have Macross F, so I don't get the idea of dissing the company that is bringing us this show, isn't that like biting the hand that feeds you. As for SK I don't think I've ever seen him in a picture yet that doesn't look like he's sucked on a lemon, maybe he's sitting thier thinking " Holy crap these guys have it togeather, look at all these pictures and prototypes. Oh and where can I get some of them gundam clothes I'm a big fan you know." All in all compitition is great for us, I for one will never just be loyal to one brand that's just stupid IMO. Bring on as many companies as you can to produce macross I say and let the price war begin.
  9. From our daughters dude, Dad Barbies arm fell off can you fix it, Dad barbies legs fell off, damn I hate you Matel. I think I'll pass on this, I copped enough crap from the wife when I bought my CM Minmay so I could see I'd never live this down. Must admit though that she does look to have knee pads on with those knee joints.
  10. Man I hope that gloss is going to stay, it has to be the nicest looking valk from Yamato to date it really looks worth the $200 price tag.
  11. This is fantastic news 1/60 PT VF-25 and 1/72 models, looks like bandai didn't want to disapoint this time. If they are up to the standard of there newer toys these should be awesome and the sculpts look really good. Can't wait.
  12. Concidering that in 1/200 scale a Promethmeus would be somewhere around 3m long and same for the ARMD. It would be cool but where would you put such large ships, I know front lawn.
  13. Some more pic's with some scenery. [attac hment=49951:IMG_0016.JPG]
  14. I finished this, I got sick of my Tau battlesuits not having any pilot's so this was the end result. I built one the same a while ago but sold it so this is my new commander for my army. It's all hand painted, the only decals are on the inside of the cockpit. I used the F-14 squadron "Ghostriders" for the insignia on the shield and back. [atta chment=49942:15.JPG]
  15. You've got to be kidding! OK who's going to wonderfestival, I really don't want to pay $500.00 for it on Ebay.
  16. Umm.. shouldn't the stickers, decals, tampo printing have the panel lines over the top, looks more realistic and I haven't seen a plane yet that had panel lines removed where and insignia went. One of the biggest loosing factors in model comps, seen so many nice models loose comps due to the fact that the panel line suddenly stops at a decal and then reappears on the other side of the decal. I can't wait for these, the little 1/200's look great, perfect little desk top models, no excuse for not having a macross item on your desk at work now. The only valk I'll most likely pass on is the 1/200 VFX-2 valk, not really interested in the computer game stuff.
  17. Holy Crap! Man I'm going to be so broke this year, oh well I don't really need to eat.
  18. I am aswell and the first time I used SAL I was a bit nervous but the package arrived in great shape so I tried it again. Now I ship all items this way unless I want it fast or HLJ wont send the item SAL but other than that it gives me a few extra dollars for the next Macross purchase.
  19. warpaint22

    Macross Revoltech

    Cool if it's going to happen, but I'm not going to pick between GN-U and revoltech they are both cheap so I'll get both lines.
  20. Happy to preorder all three, just hope they keep them looking close to what we have seen but can't wait.
  21. Just a word of warnning about model-direct. I ordered some stuff of them before Christmas and there listing said 100 instock, after about three weeks of nothing showing up I contacted them and was told the had no stock and would I take other items, really p1ssed me off but after a week of asking for my money back I decided just to choose other items. They did arrive but still I don't think it's good to say they have 100 instock and they don't, after all this I checked back and the supposed out of stock items where still listed showing 100 instock. Just be careful with them.
  22. I'm all for the Focker shirt and I'll get the Focker wrist band but I can't see myself wearing it. It can sit in my Focker shrine.
  23. Three weeks! Must be almost on your doorstep. I've goota say though it's better paying SAL than EMS. I used to use nothing but EMS but you end up paying almost half the price of most items and I soon got sick of that. I only use EMS on really expensive stuff or if I just can't wait the 2-3 weeks but everything else goes SAL.
  24. I think the same if they were around the $40.00 mark then not a problem, but your looking at almost $100.00 Australian with shipping to get just one. I just think it's a little to expensive.
  25. Love the new look, great to see the site back again. I was lost for without it. Keep up the good work guys.
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