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  1. IMHO I think all the markings should be tampoed on at the prices we pay, I really dislike stickers. The gold would have to be tampoed on ( one hopes ) the nora just imagine placing all those stickers, it's hard enough doing it on the Hasegawa kit with decal solution.
  2. I use Loctite Quicktite ca, seems to work well.
  3. I'd like to see a VF-0S so I can recreate the pose on the wave model kit box! Must say I like what I've seen so far.
  4. Haha, yeah so did I thought that I would use them on my super and elintseeker, noticed that they won't fit the ostrich though.
  5. I find by lining up the top of the boosters body first, glue ( I use solvent ) then you find you can line the rest up quite well. The worst part is the raised panels on the top as they are fine and disappear when sanding, the metal etched parts I think have parts for this but I just rebuild them out of thin plastic card. The metal etched set has come back into stock at HLJ. Hope it helps.
  6. I have a 1/48 VF-1 here that I'm waiting to build for a guy in the states, so I'm also getting ready to start construction. The parts are amazing as this is not a recast but he paid a pretty penny off ebay for it.
  7. That Gamma Nora is well done. The preshading takes away some of the weird factor in terms of colour scheme.
  8. Here is one of the SV-51 Nora's I've done.
  9. Well it's more a labour of love and keeps the collection going. My plans are to produce like many others my own resin kits, but this takes time and money. My first task I think is a little daunting but I'm constructing a 1/700 Prometeus, it's huge but it's getting there. No pic's yet as I want to make sure it looks the part before I start posting it. I must say Macross Zero has opened some doors for the hobby as it basicly means any modern military weapons can be modeled in UN or Anti-UN. I'm planing on some diorams of 1/72 tanks,valk's and destroids, but first I have to finish my 1/72 F-14D Tomcat in "Jolly Roger" markings but with the UN Spacy markings instead of the USN. This will go in my line up of the F-14D, Vf-0S and then VF-1S and mybe a Yf-19 in Skull squadron markings. I figure that why couldn't Roy pilot a F-14D before he went into the Valk program. Oh here's a good question, who would you guys make Roy's RIO ( Backseater) in an F-14 just prior to Macross Zero? A guy has me doing the same type of line up with F-14D-F/A-18F and VF-0B all in Diamondback markings, it steps a little out of the two squadrons that there was of the VF-0 but should look cool.
  10. Thanks for that it's great to hear different ideas, this is what I would call a clean model with no weathering at all as the customer asked. I'm going to post the same kit I've done again for another customer which is the complete opposite with a good deal of weathering. The canopy line is my own lazy fault and I'm going to take this as a sign to just add that little extra to my models. But it's great to hear all your ideas as it will only make me better. I have some build up pic's of the VF-0S, SV-51 Nora and a VF-1S Minmay Guard Paris if you would like them posted. Thanks all for the warm welcome.
  11. Oh if you want to see more of my models then the link will take you to my myspace album. http://viewmorepics.myspace.com/index.cfm?...6&view=true
  12. Yeah it's a pain but for what i charge I don't worry about it but for my own collection I go though the motions and polish it off. I wish hasegawa would go back to the old way they did canopies with out the line, would make my life easy. Oh I charge $170.00 AUD build painted and posted. I am getting this kit down to about 21/2 days work to complete.
  13. [attac ment=44249:IMG_0026.JPG] This is my first post here after just working out how to sign up after about 8 months of slapping my forhead. Anyway I thought I'd post some pic's of one of my valk's that I have just finished for a customer over here in Oz. I'd love some feed back and just to say Hi to all and look forward to talking to you all. Hope you enjoy the pic's.
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