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  1. Nope Only if you enjoyed World Invasion Battle L.A. Almost...but no it's somthing more Hasbro related. Something like Beyblades...
  2. First of all sorry for causing you all the trouble, Lionell. I told you I was and still am very busy. 2.Can't charged you anything if I don't know what will have to be done on the kit or anything else. 3. You should have found out that I'm not building modelkits for financial benefit. It's all about craftmanship, challange and the "I try do better"-thing...enthusiasm. And 4. There are no reasons for me to keep your kit. I have a whole room full of modelkits and a well paid job for buying even more crap made of oil. And there it is. Well paid is the cause, and also means that I am indispensable for the company. Hope it'll change once the caterpillars starts moving some soil. It's quite hard for me to share some spare time for building modelkits at the moment. Allthought, "at the moment" lasts since last year October. You will get your kit like I wrote before. Don't want to make any promises about the exact time. You know that it will end like all those other apoligies/PM's if anything didn't worked out like planed. I might have to cancel a few ideas and reduce the whole build to a minimum which I can tell you, won't satisfy me in any kind a way. But it will ensure you'll get $1**L sooner. 5.Yeah my english sucks just like my sense of time.
  3. Kawamori's take on Yukikaze for Ace Combat Assault Horizon won't win a beauty contest but it will become physicaly surgeonable according to Hasegawa. What you need to know is...it's an 1/72 scale plastic kit, and will be released somewhen around July this year. No price yet. I hope they'll print a Ver. Kei Nagase decals set cause the plain JASDF scheme is quite dull.
  4. yo been a while but I'm back and read to scratch build so how you been?

  5. Some people demanded Galactica Vipers instead.
  6. Oh my, what have I done... It looks better than I expected. Really done a great job and it's a nice change to all these Pak-Fa and Su-35 splitter camo valk. I would say it# on par with the idolmaster Thunderbolt collection ...well there is this new camo scheme for the new Su-35S which might look nice on a SV-51
  7. Thanks for the reminder. Didn't knew that vol. 3 was available already.
  8. How about some non tiger meet paint schemes ? Flying Monsters Tornado Old Flying Monsters Photo 1 Photo 2 Black skeleton monster Tornado Pic 1 Pic 2 Pic 3
  9. The 1/100 scale pilot figures are 1/160 scale they perfectly fit into Dragon/DML's 1/144 model kit series. Alto is a bit shorter than a Wave 144 mobile staff figure.
  10. TSP


    back ...nice avatar... maybe one day I try to do another one made of FIMO.
  11. Choji Kawamori's contribution for the ACAH: Project Nagase DLC. I'm not quite impressed. Anyone know if the Project Nagase DLCs will be Japan only? Didn't heard/read anything about it in the EU media.
  12. TSP

    Bandai 1/100 VF-25

    It's a snap-fit kit. HJL wants you to buy some modelling supplies.
  13. TSP


    1/5000. Here are some more detailed pictures taken by its sculptor Ufoman
  14. The insides of the Mitsubishi F-2 and Kawasaki T-4 airbreaks are white just like many other japanese jets. Oh, and VF-0, VF-1, QF-3000 are white underneath their airbreaks too.
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