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  1. More great news :- I'm happy to announce that Meach Studios Australia will suppy all ticket holders with a momento to remember the FIRST Australian Macross Convention. This will be only for those who attend the movie marathon on the Saturdy so make sure you have your seat confirmed or you'll miss out. Big Thanks to MSA!!!!!!!!
  2. Awesome news PeterB and welcome as a sponsor of the con, be great to have some of your items as prizes. We are looking forward to seeing what you bring to show at the con and thanks for your support as a new sponsor.
  3. The Con flyer has been finished BIG thanks to SonicIT for the effort put in, and thank you for sponsoring the con. Love to hear some posts for or sponsors guys if you can...Thanks.
  4. More great news for the con we have another sponsor. This is awesome news as we seem to be attracting a lot of attention for a first con. "Arraghh! Cor' Blimey! That's just f'n awesome!!!".
  5. Great to hear PeterB, I would say fly if you can as parking sucks in Brisbane and can be expensive. Depends on how much stuff your bringing I guess. Ruskii will have to swim down I think...lol. Looking forward to seeing some of your masterful models PeterB, can't wait...we should have a good model showing.
  6. Hope all the model builders are hard at work, can't wait to see what will turn up. Looking forward to some customs.
  7. It's good to see we are a week closer, excitement getting bigger every week. Most productive week and a lot of hard work BIG THANKS RUSKII, we seem to be attracting some great sponsors, this con is going to rock. We haven't finished yet either and I would bet on a few more sponsors before the con date! Big thanks to Sonic ( Sonic IT) for the work going into the flyer/add for us.
  8. Latest news is that we have another sponsor for the con!!!! We seem to be attracking quite a bit of interest around Australia as word of the con spreads around. I'll post the new sponsors banner ASAP (waiting on it to be emailed). We still have seats to fill so please if you can make it, please place a booking ASAP and pick your seat/s. More details soon!
  9. More news......a test flyer has been made to distribute around (this is not the final at this stage) , would like to know if anyone in the Brisbane area can help post some around once the final is finished, let us know. Big Big thanks to RuskiiVFaussie for doing up this for us. Also we would love to see some Custom model valks for a Model Compitition, as we need a good comp to give out the prizes from or Great Sponsors. I myself have a plan for a custom Valk (with Australia in mind) which I hope will make the Con, so we'd love to see what will turn up from or modelers. Especially from the Famous PeterB and Cowie. I'm sure every body will be excited to see what will turn out for display. macausconteaserbak4h3__2_.bmp
  10. Hi all, back on the forum been gone for a while if you noiced....lol. Anyway Ruskii has asked the following inside info to be posted and as I have more spare time I've been happy to be involved with the con as it's been a long time comming and a good chance to have some macross fun. Ruskii has been very busy with all the organising and is happy to report that he is negotiating with a popular Anime Magazine for sponsorship and with luck some cool prizes. All this is leading to a great convention. I myself am at work on a momento for all "Saturday" con attendies to help remember this event, so please make sure you have confermed your place on the Saturday as numbers will soon need to be finalised so get your seats. OK..... for displays Ruskii has been at work and making sure we have plenty of room which we should have to display everything. Below is a reply from Ben Burns (Regent Theatrette) about display space. See pictures of the theatre are at the beginning of this tread for those who haven't read the full tread. So all is comming togeater nicely. Also anyone from the old tread can you please re-confirm you attendence as confirmed numbers are important for us to keep track of everyone who is comming, also if you are a maybe could you let us know...Thanks Please feel free to PM me if you have any questions.
  11. Well you can't go past the 1/48 VF-1 from Yamato as they are fantastic, however the new 1/60 VF-1S with super/strike packs is to be released soon which looks to be a very nice item. If you went with the new 1/60 VF-1 you then get a good option to display it in different form such as with out fast packs or as a strike or a super valk, it'll give you a cange from time to time and some really neat details. The 1/48 like I said is awesome but you'd have to buy the fast pack set seperatly and this adds to the over all cost. The YF-19 is also a good option but again you may want the YF-19 with Fast packs to give it a little more and also have the little fixes that Yamato performed such as the gun pod being straight. Again the fast packs allow that little bit extra for changing how you want to display it from time to time but again you'll be up for extra money. Either the VF-1 or the YF-19 are great Macross toys ( I use the word toy loosely as I would more say collectable figures due to price and complexity) and will give years of injoyment. I myself would go for a VF-1 mainly due to my age and a live of older style fighter designs and also the fact that it is the original VF and I would say the most reconisable. If money is an object then I would "myself" wait for the 1/60 VF-1S with Fast Packs as I think this offers the best value money wise and it should only be a short wait for release. It will not be as big as a 1/48 but is still larger than a 1/72 model and should be a nice size to display and fool around with having most of the options of the 1/48. But it comes down to what you like and I can only offer my opinion, but I suggest having a read around this forum as you will find a lot of very informative information to help you make a good decision.
  12. One thing to remember is that often the cheapest part with a model is the model kit itself, your going to need paint glue and other items to assemble the model. One thing to remember is that a model kit takes a good amount of skill to assemble well and most of us model builders have spent quite a lot of time and money on model kits to develop our skills. If money is an object I would not buy a model kit at all unless you plan to assemble it without paint or even just brush paint it, but this can often leed to great disappointment as the finished item is not what you invisioned or not even close to the picture on the box. I would never advise anyone from not building models as it is a great pass time and lots of fun, however it can be expensive and if money is a struggle then it will not be fun but could be really disappointing. If you can't afford to buy items to finish the model or you plan just to buy one I would say forget the model and go with either a Yamato, a 1/55 Bandai or even the 1/100 Toynmi valks, as some of the gents above have suggested. Then you get a completed painted and transformable collectable model (toy if you like), I just think this would offer more plesure for you than a model kit that you may be disappointed in if it dones not turn out how you had hoped and do not have the money to keep buying more.
  13. The first one is the Bandai re-release and it's 1/8000 scale the one further down listed for $399.95 which is saying 12", the picture is of the WAVE 1/5000 scale movie colour version and for that price you could buy 2 from HLJ and I don;t think it is 12". It could be something else but the pic is definately a Wave 1/5000 DYRL SDF-1. At 1/144 scale 007-vf1 is right you would need a hanger to keep it in as a 1/700 Prometheus is about 70cm long alone so a 1/144 scale SDF-1 would be bigger than my house. Maybe you wouldn't need a hanger you could just live in it....lol.
  14. I think it is smaller than a Nimitz but I'm not sure if the 250m is really correct. I made a 1/700 deck plan and used my 1/700 VF-0S I made to see if it fits like in the pictures and the carrier seems a little small, I'd still say smaller than a Nimitz I'm thinking around 270/280m long but still need to do a little more research.
  15. Thanks for that link Fly4victory I have been wanting to also build an Asuka II but in 1/700 or 1/350 scales but reference pictures are hard to come by. So thank you very much.
  16. There is very little out there of the Asuka II but the best pictures of it would have to be in "Tenjin Hidetaka Art Works of Macross Valkyries". It has some lift and deck shots aswell as in the hanger bay about 13 pic's in all. This would be the best reference for the Asuka II.
  17. That's some nice pic's Clay Cliff, but the Asuka II is only a small aircraft carrier at 250m, so it should be about 70m shorter than a Nimitz class. The Asuka is small and stealthy. Worst part of building the Asuka II would be the island, the structure would be hard but it's the destroid spots behind the island, have to make destroids or at least the torso up.
  18. Very nice Rockhound, your models are looking awesome and your collection is growing pretty fast. Great work.
  19. Well I agree with everybody that likes what they see so far, Bandai are doing a great job so far and these are only prototypes. As for the question of rivets I'd have to agree with Graham in the toy thread, in the year 2070 or what ever year Macross F is in who the hell would hold a fighter togeather with pop rivets? Even a lot of panel lines should be a thing of the past as I would think that if man can traverse the stars then we have better ways of attaching panels than rivets. As for trying to compare the Bandai VF-1 of the 80's to todays Badai offferings is like chalk and cheese. As for all the talk of Hasegawa this and Hasegawa that, lets not forget that Hasegawa kit's also have quite a few let downs as well, it's nice to have great detail but not when you have to sand most of it off and rescribe it, might as well just not have it and add it yourself. Tamiya make awesome models for an ex lumber company who change from cutting down trees to making models and R/C models but have gone to importing and reboxing Italeri 1/72 models. All companies have there flaws, I'd love a dollar for every time I heard someone complain about Hasegawa adding new decals to an old model and re-releasing it as a new product. As for the complaints about Bandai's snap fit method, have most people forgotten that Hasegawa Battroids are also designed to snap together so it's not 100% necessary to use glue, the fighter kits are not but the battroids are snap fit kits. As for Bandai making the models transform, well I see it as that's what the Japanese market likes, how many Hasegawa kits have been converted to transform, you see it all the time on the Japanese model forums and everytime someone posts pic's of one it's all WOW how did they do it or That's fantastic wish I had one, so I guess as stated that this forum is for consumer research (not what I thought this forum is for), but Bandai I guess is going by what they hear every time a model that has been converted to transform appears here. Well so far I very pleased at what Bandai have done for the new show and look forward to the release of these models and given the excellent Gundam models they have produced these should be awesome.
  20. Very nice work Rockhound the finished model looks fantastic. Like others have said blue is a difficult colour to get right but you've done a great job. Congrats on a beautiful model for your collection.
  21. Very nice work kkx it turned out really well. The weathering turned out nice and not over done, you should be very pleased with that result. Now for the fighter to go with it..lol. Thanks for sharing and keep up the good work I look forward to seeing more of your work.
  22. Looks perfect awesome job, for drying it depends... flat colours dry very fast so a few hours can be enough, I tend to leave flat painted items for a minimum of about 24 hours but I find a couple of days is best to let the paint harden. Nothing worse than doing a really nice paint job then scewing it up with finger prints. It would be ideal now only to handle the pieces with latex gloves to avoid oil and grim from your skin as this can affect paint. Awesome work!!!!!
  23. Looking really good there Rockhound, everything looks like it's comming togeather nicely. Thanks for the kind words I'm sure yours will be awesome when finished.
  24. You'll find the bandai kit's are just older and lack cirtain detal but they are fun to build and look good completed. You may want to get some Gundam hands for it but it's not necessary. Have a look round the forum you'll see some very nice models of the Bandai kit's. The Hasegawa will beat it in fighter and battroid modes but they are two seperate kits not one like the bandai.
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