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  1. Well here in Oz we just had the secound installment so I guess we are a few behind but I'm liking the show. The misses hated the terminator movies but she is enjoying the new show so thay say's it all for me.
  2. That's so true, a lot of HK dealers are really shady. I'm trying to find who I bought my first edition off and I'll post it here as I had no problem with them.
  3. Scale only comes into it when you want to display a line up of say aircraft so that you can compare the difference in size between them. But collectors come in all shapes and sizes just like most collectables. I myself collect to a shrine type idea where I'll find a figure of my fave pilot (normaly a CM) and collect anything that is related to him and scale does not come into it. The pic below is my Roy shrine and you'll see all scales in there from 1/144 to 1/48. But as for the main scale it would have to be 1/60 as no other Yamato's apart from the VF-1 in the 1/48 scale and I would say that the older 1/72 macross plus valks are just out dated due to the new 1/60 scales so it's not like there is much choice. If your going to collect yammies then 1/60 would be your common scale and 1/48's make great center pieces for any display. I guess that on the other end you have guy's that collect a certain brand or collect any and everything to do with macross. But I guess if you did a pole I think that 1/60 would come out on top as the most common scale.
  4. I don't think you'll get any from HLJ now I remember the first release and they had it discontinued before it was released and it never came back into stock, I ended up picking my first edition up from a HK dealer off Ebay and payed a few dollars than the HLJ item shipped. Keep an eye out and you could find a bargin.
  5. That's awesome MaveRick I looked at those a while back but thought the 1/48 would sit to high above the walls, I never new that you could increase the hight by adding another wall on top. It looks really great thanks for show your pic's.
  6. That looks like a cool idea miriya, your sketches look great can't wait to see what you come up with. I haven't seen them over here yet.
  7. Yeah a larger one would be great I'd love something in the 50-80cm range, something big but keep the price respectable (fat chance I know). But what your saying about how they should announce the different releases would hve been ideal, this is I guess what is bothering me a little. I spent quite a bit of time and effort on finding the first one at a good price and really I would have just waited for this one. But I'm not going to go through all the crap of selling my first one just to get a little aztecing even though I would really prefer it, I've decided to be happy with the first version and if I come accross the new colour at a really good price I might get one, but I'm looking now more to the 1/4000 resin model so I can paint it in what I think is the right colour.
  8. I think you hit the nail right on the head, for me at least. On one hand I remember the clean white looking valks in the anime that like bright coloured candy is attractive to a kids eye. On the other side I am a big fan of fighter planes and whatched the old bright schemes fade away to the low vis colours and grew to like them, it shows up in my models. My VF-1's always are clean or cleaner than my M0 models as in M0 the VF-0's all looked weathered and exsist next to real world aircraft ( F-14's, seahalks) so I feel that they look much better with a good amount of weathering. I'm also like you and only prefer bright colour schemes on valk's when it's piloted by an ace like Roy, Max ect. and like the low vis on the remainder and I guess this comes from the love of US Navy CAG birds, one pretty plane in the squadron is enough and the rest low vis standard paint. The look of the New Wave SDF-1 is very nice and gives that look of reallism that the first lacked a little but it just makes me wonder that if enough people start to say the new colour is still not right are they going to release another colour saying this is the real, real movie colour. Then we can have the "Metalic Global desk model colour", the "aztec Star Trek style" colour and the "real movie colour". Then comes the Gold plated edition and I could go on for days and next they release a dozen versions of the TV SDF-1 in assorted blues.
  9. I always thought that Roy's VF-1S was supposed to be white? The colour's of valks are really quite confusing, I was a little disappointed with the 1/48 Roy in that it's an odd off white colour. When your building Hasegawa kit's all the time you get used to thier colour's but I'd love to know what is the right colour for all the valks. With the New Wave SDF-1 I passed as I think the aztec look is more a Star Trek thing, looks really cool but there is know way the new version is anime accurate, but the first isn't really either it's too dark IMO but I do like the metalic finish.
  10. Very nice cool8or as useual. Good luck with your pre-shading I'm sure it will be fine.
  11. That's cool I never thought of Gobal's desk model, that is a good term for it. I canceled my order as well on this, have the first edition and I like the colours better, really looks dicast with the metalic finish. Besides I guess people will get rid of the first version, custom them or what ever so I think the first release will become very rare. I just couldn't bring myself to pay another large amount of cash for a little aztec paint that seems to be a little darker than what I expected. Now Wave will have to release a lighter colour and call it the True movie colour. I'm glad though for all the guy's that missed the first get a chance to own one as I think they are pretty cool. The thing I don't get is where in the DYRL movie did we see any aztec paint schemes as I recall all the shots showed a solid colour so I'm not really sure how they call this one a movie colour either (looks good though and if I didn't have the first I would have got this) but I'm just woundering if Wave are just going to release colour after colour.
  12. Yeah it is a shame that scale goes out the window, but I'm hoping on some size difference between valks and again between enemy mecha. Surely they would do the Q-Rau and such, just from these boards the deman for destroids and enemy mecha seems huge. I can understand that making big 1/60 scale enemy mecha might be a bit expensive for Yamato to produce at the moment but at the GNU size it would be a good way to see how popular they will be.
  13. That's cool, I was just wondering. The Hasegawa decals in thier kit should kill the crazy modeler decals, it was great to be able to get them but are they thick or what, 10 ton of decal solution to get them to fit nice but in the end they look good. I'll have to pick up a couple of these kits I think.
  14. So I'd like to know what we call the first one as it was the Movie Colour version when it was released? I guess it could be called the metalic version.
  15. Looks like the Roy 1S is the winner for most to display the urban cammo GBP. Another for the roy collection sqidd.
  16. No it's a Hasegawa modelkit so it doesn't transform it's a static model. Being difficult is a hard thing to say, it's no snap fit kit but if you like putting things togeather and you take your time I think anyone with moderate model skills can build one. The instructions are not in english but they are easy to follow and all parts are clearly numbered and the instructions are very well illustrated. Time and the right equipment is the key to a nice model and practice, I've been doing this for over 20 years. If you decide to build one feel free to PM me and I can offer any assistance, I'd be happy to help. If you don't feel confident in building one contact me as I do commisions but have a go you might have a lot of fun.
  17. Isn't it a fan design for hasegawa?
  18. What's the difference I just used the Hasegawa instructions to apply the Minmay Guard Moon Act and I found no difference apart from the quility, but apart from that every decal is the same as the Hasegawa. You sure your not talking about the Paris version that Hasegawa only released in a decal set.
  19. warpaint22

    Almost Done!!

    No..No that's funny and a cool idea. I bet there's a few Fokker collections.
  20. Yes..yes the VE-1 that would be cool or the VT-1. Both even better.
  21. Well I guess we found where Yamato's old QC guy got a new job. He must have left the Yamato page out of his resume.
  22. I'd go the anime colour, it's a classic and if it's going on a Hikaru 1J then I think it's a must. But ultimatly the choice is yours.
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