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  1. I liked Blood C. The gore was a bit too much at the end (I have no intention of watching the uncensored DVD version), but I really like where the story went and how the first half had a fun bit of meta-story telling to it. I'm looking forward to the movie(s). For the record, I thought Blood+ was crap.
  2. Read the book. It's much better. Man, those toys are seriously tempting.
  3. That's one of the reasons I don't like the * of the Stars series. If I lived in that setting, sign me up for the anti-Abh forces.
  4. I would laugh so hard if it turned out to be School Days.
  5. The Ultraman influence is pretty dang obvious too.
  6. You can really see the influence Ideon had on Evangelion in the Be Invoked movie. I personally didn't find the ending uplifting at all, but YMMV and all that.
  7. They found a P-40 in the Egyptian desert: http://www.cnn.com/2012/05/11/world/british-wwii-plane/index.html?hpt=hp_t2
  8. I imagine it's still a legal morass even if the son was open to working with Matsumoto.
  9. Just watched the movie Toaru Hikuushi e no Tsuioku (The Recollections of a Certain Pilot). The story was pretty simplistic and the characterization could have used some work, but not a bad film. The visuals were outstanding and I loved the airplanes. Given the nature of this board, I'm surprised it hasn't been talked about much, if at all.
  10. I might have to grab one of those, since I don't have a good Yamato toy as of yet.
  11. It's popular and popular things become easy targets.
  12. It was better than I expected, being an idol vehicle. The setting is ridiculously over-done, but the characters were good and the art/animation was well done. The mecha designs were pretty cool too. I find the fact that the soul-less, corporate-driven idol industry is the hope of the oppressed people of the future to be humorously ironic. I probably won't follow this one though, since I've got enough on my plate already as it is.
  13. School Rumble is great because fairly early on the secondary characters pretty much take over and it gets really crazy.
  14. Just put in a pre-order for this with HLJ. This will be my first Figma, so really interested in seeing it.
  15. From what I've heard, he's very good about being on time, which is why the editors like him and keep using him.
  16. The new season looks like it's going to be hard to keep up with. So far, I'm planning on watching Lupin III Mine Fujiko to Iu Onna, Jormungand, Haiyore! Naruko-san, Sakamichi no Apollon, Accel World, Nazo Kanojo X, Sanka Rea, Tasogare Otome x Amnesia, and Uchuu Kyoudai as well as continue with Mouetsu Pirates.
  17. More likely, the marketing person responsible simply doesn't know what the word actually means.
  18. Watched the Gyo OVA last night. Wasn't very good. If I'd checked on what it was before going into it, I probably would've avoided it.
  19. Wow, I'm really glad they stared adding news to the front page of the site, otherwise I'd have missed that they were making a VF-4. I'd pretty much sworn off buying another Macross toy (I'm just too clumsy to really enjoy things that fiddly and that fragile), but I'm seriously considering this one because it's probably my favorite VF design.
  20. A Deepness in the Sky was probably my favorite of his stuff. Haven't read the one you mention yet though. I gave up after about the fifth Harrington book. Seven chapters in of absolutely nothing happening made me want to throw the damn thing across the room (I would've too, except it was on my Kindle). The man's writing can be described as nothing less than turgid. As for my own recomendations, you can't go wrong with Cordwainer Smith or Clifford D. Simak.
  21. Yeah, I know. I imagine that the final ending will probably be more traditional. It's a fun film and I like how they didn't let the supernatural agents take away from the real people who actually fought. The documentary framing device was a nice idea, but didn't really work out well. It didn't help that they had German actors playing Russians.
  22. WCRIFYW was basically a humorous piece and very short. I could easily imagine it being done as an Outer Limits or Twilight Zone episode. I think doing a more faithful adaptation but keeping the Total Reall title would be highly amusing. The internet meltdown from the aliens showing up would be well worth it.
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