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  1. Finished Rinne no Lagrange. Not bad. I like the note it ended on (much darker than the characters themselves realize. Now on to finish Symphogear.
  2. I'm so glad they never tried making a sequal to Aim for the Top!/Gunbuster. Trying to get caught up on the Winter season. Next I'll be working through Rinne no Lagrange in the next couple of days.
  3. Just finished Blackā˜…Rock Shooter and Nisemonogatari. The first was very enjoyable. The second only cements my love-hate relationship with Nissio Issin's works.
  4. I have no interest in a remake of Total Recall. Now a new adaptation of the original Dick story could be awesome.
  5. I enjoyed it. The mix of drama, action and goofiness was dead on for classic Matsumoto shows. I loved the ship design for the good guy vessel.
  6. I think the fact that the kids dying is due entirely to the neglect of their own relatives would be endictment enough. Grave is not a war movie. The war is mostly in the background background and could easily be replaced with any number of natural disasters. The reason the war is used is because that's how it is in the autobiography that the film is very loosely based on. Of the films, I'd say Laputa is my favorite with Spirited Away a second. Honorable mention to Horus: Prince of the Sun for which he apparently had quite a bit of creative responsibility for in spite of only getting credited as key animator. I'll also add that of his works as a whole, Conan is my favorite.
  7. I liked Starship Operators, but honestly, I'm not seeing the comparison between it and Mouretsu Pirates he made myself other than putting a bit more thought into their settings.
  8. Viral video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=lpYUW0ekPSA It's set 60 years before the movie and doesn't really give any more info. Pretty well done though.
  9. Yeah, the novel title was in fact "Miniskirt Space Pirates." I just learned that "bodacious" is a portmanteau of "Bold" and "Audacious." Anyway, from what I understand, the author only put in the skirts to sell books and it really focuses on the SF stuff. It definitely shows through in the series. A lot of very well thought out stuff so far. I'm really digging it.
  10. Pretty much. People just need to take the nostagia goggles off.
  11. I never got the love people have for Maison Ikkoku. Idiot main character in an appartment full of douchebags. I gave up after learning that the place didn't catch on fire and kill everyone living there like it should have.
  12. The only thing you need to know in Aquarion: Gattai = Sex.
  13. The fun thing about Lucky Star is that the most of it is great meta commentary on fandom.
  14. And apparently, AnimEigo isn't so dead after all: http://www.animenewsnetwork.com/news/2012-01-06/animeigo-adds-growing-up-with-hello-kitty-anime What the heck though, that's a seriously odd license for them.
  15. Ghost Hunt was very awesome and very, very creepy in places. Chaos;Head was awful. The first few episodes were kind of fun and showed potential, but then it veered into pure suck. Isn't Manga UK only now? Technically, Disney should be on the list for the Ghibli catalog.
  16. It's kind of cool, but what the heck would anyone do with it?
  17. I remember seeing the trailers for this and thought it looked interesting. Glad to hear I didn't waste any money trying to see it in the theater. Might try catching it cheaply online for the fight scenes.
  18. Finished Ben-to and Mawaru Penguindrum last night. Ben-to was a heck of a lot more fun than it had any right to be. Penguindrum had a great ending, but it definitely faltered along the way getting there. Still pretty good overall though.
  19. Yes! The triumphant return of bubble helmeted space suits at last.
  20. One of my nephews got the singleshot vortex pistol for Christmas the otherday and I have to say, it had a lot of oomph to it. I don't know if it's because the ammo might be heavier, but it felt like it hit signifcanly harder than the darts.
  21. I've been watching this off and on myself (I'm almost half way through) and am really enjoying it. The politics aren't particularly deep, but handled better than most other shows. Right now, the main character's brother-in-law is turning into one of my favorites.
  22. Just finished Hoshi wo Ou Kodomo (AKA Children who Chase Lost Voices from Deep Below) this afternoon and I enjoyed it very much. It is Shinkai channeling Miyazaki, but it's the more mature Miyazaki of Mononoke Hime and Sen to Chihiro as opposed to his more recent films (which are still good. but don't have a lot of meat to them). I definitely feel I need to see it again, which will be a good excuse to have some friends over for a group viewing.
  23. Honestly, outside of cases like the Macross franchise where foreign friendly domestic releases are a good compromise for something impossible to license, I'm not sold on using it for anime in general. First, is the pricing, as Azrael mentions. The Japanese seem dead set on changing the world to their idiotic media prices rather than adapting to the local market. Secondly is that the localization ends up getting handled by some middle management pencil pusher rather than a professional (interesting blog post on the subject here: http://schoolgirlmilkycrisis.com/blog/?p=175).
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