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  1. I remember this movie, but I don't remember much about it or even if I like it or not. Interesting that it's based on a Sheckley story. I like his stuff, so I may have to hunt it down.
  2. Just saw the first Mardock Scramble film. I was fairly impressed with it. Great to see Hayashibara getting work and she keeps getting better with age. Also, Wakamoto as psychotic, body-part-collecting hitman is scary. That hardcore cliffhanger ending isn't to my liking, but it definitely did its job. Trying to decide if I should hold off on the novel until I've seen the second film.
  3. I should have just left it at the campiness and melodramatic acting when I quoted you, because those are the parts that seem universal in Japanese films/TV shows. I actually enjoyed the Yamato movie. Yes, it's flawed, but it was also fun.
  4. Star Trek TOS, Blakes 7 and Babylon 5 are probably my top 3 picks.
  5. Eh. Mirrors were incredibly rare in pre-modern societies, so not realizing how much you've changed isn't much of a stretch.
  6. Holy cow, I'd love to have something like this (or the talent to do it myself).
  7. "I was trying to get my sword to work."? Way to be subtle there, Liono.
  8. They either need to back off on the tech or embrace the logical implications of it. The replicator/transporter tech alone should mean unlimited mass/eneregy conversion and near immortality. If the television writers can't deal with this stuff, then either get rid of it or find people who can actually write science fiction.
  9. I'm enjoying it quite a bit. It's at its worst when it's wearing its harem aspects on its sleave, but when the time travel and conspiracy stuff are the focus, it gets pretty good at ramping up the drama.
  10. The stories are public domain. The fact that someone can claim the character at all is beyond me. Next thing you know, someone will claim exclusive rights to King Arthur or Jesus.
  11. Wow, they were a lot more open regarding people dying in this episode. I'm also curious on how Panthro lost his tail. Was it cut off because of his change in military/social rank?
  12. Pretty dang cool movie. I didn't realize how closely connected it was to Tailenders. I was also amused that the fansubber decided to be old school as well with their gratuitous obscenities.
  13. Tailenders was definitely fun and am looking forward to Redline as soon as I can get off and get home to download it.
  14. I think the episode would have worked better had it had the time to develop things a bit more.
  15. That was pretty good. My beefs were that the animation was good, but not the best stuff Studio 4°C has done and the dialog sounded forced. Hopefully they're just getting their feet under them and will improve things as they go. I thought they did a pretty good wink-wink/nudge-nudge with the violence, letting us know that a lot of people were dying but they couldn't show us it due to content limits. I really liked the world building so far and the fact that the cats weren't the squeaky clean good guys was well played. I'm looking forward to more.
  16. You know, I kind had hopes for this movie. I figured that with there being nothing to the license other than a name and involving naval combat, they'd be free to make whatever story they wanted. I guess the drawback is that they're free to come up with the crap that was in that trailer.
  17. I think KKK/brownshirts is exactly what they were going for with the PKC. Don't forget that . My problem with both the Terraists and the PKC is that they're both blatantly evil in a setting that's otherwise very gray when it comes to morality. They really just don't fit right.
  18. Trailer for it is finally up and I'm pleasantly surprised. I like that they used fairly mellow music instead of the scream-o or bombastic stuff normally used on trailers. I also like that they kept the framing story. I can live without everyone being naked. At this point, I'm cautiously optimistic for the film. Link:
  19. Got to see Borrower Arrietty. I don't think it ranks among Ghibli's best, but still a good film.
  20. I can't imagine how you'd do a cape to wings transformation without parts swapping or looking like crap in one of the modes. Even if you made them out of cloth, they'd still be the wrong shape for one thing or the other. Sign me up for a new Escaflowne toy though (heck a Scheherezade and an Alseides would also rock). I'd also kill for a new release of the series with remastered video (apparently Japan got this for the 10th anniversary).
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