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  1. Life after Delta? Well I guess the ending ticked me off enough to make me go properly learn game engines. Might be I could do better combat choreo than the CGI dude. Or something. Uh, fairly sure the poster's talking about Love Live, the school idol franchise that Bamco is pushing.
  2. Hey, so I just got this game last Sunday (family went on vacation to Japan, may as well take the opportunity) and have been bashing around the first three parts or so (got Mylene, just flying around doing missions). I'm getting a bit tired of the VF-S though, is Valkyrie progression going to keep at this rate?
  3. Awesome collection, was kinda sad you didn't roll out the Messiahs in Super Packs and standing in Battroid mode. Maybe next time ?
  4. You don't find a T-45 anywhere in the game, but there is
  5. Maybe they stored a spare gunship inside one of the auxiliary islands
  6. Tell that to HangPC2 then, he was the first one to post this year
  7. I seem to remember something about laser induced fusion for the Archangel, though I could be off there.
  8. It was some kinda SMG with a double-capacity magazine. It doesn't look like anything I've seen before because of the strange magazine. Maybe its a TMP. According to Sigint it was a cut-down XM16 with a C-Mag. Think XM177 with a 100 round clip on the bottom.
  9. Certain channels on certain IRC channels may have it, as well as the iMacross servers (are those still open?)
  10. You might be able to find ANBU Macross Zero #3 at #animeone at Rizon. Got my copy there, bot should still be intact.
  11. The Falken kinda reminds me of the YF-21.....if it was made out of brick and right angles
  12. The thing keeps stopping and going. Stop and go, stop and go. I feel like I'm in a traffic jam
  13. So the BFG9K works like the BFG10K from Quake 2, interesting. Does it damage the user in CQB, like normal explosives, or does it just hurt bad guys, like in Doom 1?
  14. I think I shall buy it. Sure, I'd probably be forsaking the rest of my semester playing it, but yeah.
  15. What are you doing for flight physics? How about mecha movement, will it be tracked with leg animation timed in, or what?
  16. You forgot: "Robotech: Rogue Spear" "Robotech: Ghost Recon" And then there's: "Robotech: Full Spectrum Warrior" "Robotech: Operation Flashpoint" "Robotech: Second Sight" "Robotech: "IGI" How could we not include Robotech: Splinter Cell? That's a classic!
  17. It's a Gunbuster/Macross joke. Oh, I get it now...
  18. I can't help but imagine Cyclops (of X-men fame) flying this thing!
  19. To me they look more like cruise missiles of some sort. Can we get someone who can read Japanese in here? I'd like to know for sure.
  20. Nothing in 1280x1024 giant size?
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