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  1. - Finally glad I waited for Ms Marvel End game version. - debating letting the mark 3 1/4 go for WM Mark 1 - caved in and got Loki Rag Version
  2. I will. Not gonna lie I haven’t been in the Macross room in months maybe even a year. Been busy with Hot toys Stuff. But now that a lot of things are delayed might be able to switch gears and look for extras stuff that people were asking for sale. The release of the First Strike Scout marker didn’t help either with my time management.
  3. I had a few extra weathered FP but used it for the other weathered Yamato releases that didn’t have a weathered FP.
  4. Gonna say this for everything that is due to be released in the near future... in the words of Aurelio: “Alright, it will be ready, Christmas 2030..”
  5. She won’t need a hangar if you sold the hangar, problem solved
  6. Missing Hikaru VF1S and VF1J Weathered, might as well include it since Roy Weathered is up there.
  7. Jenius go to a Michaels and fine a clear plastic sheet and cut it to the shape of the visor. You can add anything inside of it. Or the other route has there was basically a clear solid plastic molded as a one piece visor. They were sold on the forum years ago in different colors
  8. For a second i thought you wrote *stared at that beautiful d1(|<*
  9. I might let go a mib low viz version 1 not sure yet
  10. Kicker773

    Macross figures

    I think there was a resin kit for Ray and Vefidas forgot what scale. Glad I picked up the Arcadia reissue
  11. Just collecting 2-7, 42, 43, 44, 45, 46, 46 Anniv, 47, 49, 50. Just waiting on reissue if Mark 1 to die cast version. Preordered 85 and battle damage. After that I’m done with Iron man.
  12. Tempting on the Amakaka Ryu No Hirameki. Does the base looks like it’s from a ship or from the roof top (anime). I do see a clock (too big for a pocket watch that Hoji carries around on the base. It’s not a serpent but a dragon. LoL Damn double Battou-Jutsu. Tempting but with the Hot Toys End Game coming out that’s gonna be a hard swing. Gonna have to settle for these guys for now unless I unload some of the Macross doubles.
  13. Just missing a Nick Fury and a Loki (latest version) then I think I’m caught up.
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