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  1. I can make resin spares but need a minimum batch send me a PM if you are interested
  2. OMG that's awful what the hell bandai the Yamato looks so much better this thing is closer to the Yamato 1/72 than the 1/60
  3. Hi everyone! a friend broke his antenna VE-1 v2 so asked us for some spares if someone are interested send me a PM
  4. I use Urethane resin (Smooth-on) which is probably the best quality in the market with which you get the closest to the plastic parts and has been use in several Xigfrid designs also tested in the biceps spares of the yamato zero ( https://www.macrossworld.com/mwf/topic/32045-160-yamato-vf-0a/page/4/ ) and until now there have been no breakage reports so I can assure you much more resistant than 3d print (and cheaper)
  5. Hi everyone I just checking my Yamato's VF 1 v2 and the most have the same issue so I have decided to start make some spares (no 3d print I prefer resin recast) if someone are interested or have questions send me a PM
  6. https://www.shapeways.com/product/6P3Q63MK3/corgi-pilots-1-60-scale?optionId=107684187&li=marketplace https://www.shapeways.com/product/G8D52LFAX/pilots-set-for-vf-1j-dx?optionId=91611789&li=marketplace
  7. Answering your questions yes the missiles are compatible with the others DX scale 1/60 and even with the VF-9 cutlass 1/60 by Xigfrid
  8. Thanks to Xigfrid (once again) we can start taking orders the sale price of missiles set is $30 USD plus the shipping and the PayPal commissions Two sets available: -Set "S" (4 shorts pylons with 3 missiles each one) -Set "M" (2 shorts pylons with 3 missiles each one and 2 long pylons with 6 missiles each one) If you interested or have questions send me a PM * The previous images posted were just for reference the final product may vary in the resin color The manufacturing process will take us a pair of weeks thanks for you understanding and support If prefer the 3d print version you can get it here: https://www.shapeways.com/marketplace?type=product&q=xigfrid
  9. After a long time finally we could test the resin version of missiles TMM 201 designed by @Xigfrid will be available 2 sets: -Set "S" includes 4 shorts pylons with 3 missiles each one -Set "M" includes 2 shorts pylons with 3 missiles each one and 2 long pylons with 6 missiles each one Once are ready for sale we will announce If you have any question or request additional information please send me a PM
  10. Hi guys! This is a very small convention (the translation would be "Toy station") what happened yesterday in Mexico City and Macross of course was present in a little space
  11. Like mention before my biggest complaint is the fact that doesn't look a masterpiece toy the studio series made a much better work needless to say the 3rd party options a over priced figure that you get with a very average transformation (almost a copy of the studio series) the alternative mode is so lame (kitty ears and storage gun) and this would not bother me if we speak of any other transformers line but is the masterpiece series that theoretically have the highest quality and engineering
  12. Honestly I'm surprising people are exciting with this when @Xigfrid made it a long time ago nobody cares Personally prefer a cannon POD (that also @Xigfrid already made) That Bandai should offer in any case is a POD package with all the variants that a multipurpose container unit allow In my understanding is a desperate strategy to sell VF-31 that only make me wonder the acceptation of Delta like an anime series by the toy collectors independently of the success of the musical group that seems to be out of the question at least with the Nippon audience
  13. Do you really think the gimmicks has relation with the sale prices? certainly should but I think actually depends of many other factors
  14. Apply this gimmick would be incredible to all future macross releases (including Bandai)
  15. This guy not looks like a masterpiece to me (except for the ridiculously high price) the exposed connectors in the leg and the cat ears in truck mode are unforgivable and more when the 3rd party companies are doing a much better job shame of you Hasbro shame of you
  16. Amazing job!!!!!!!! we need more pics
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