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  1. This pics belong to the same issue a few previous post? or is a new one?
  2. If I remember right Arcadia has been alternated between Macross Zero and DYRL so my prediction will be the after the VF-0D PF come the VT-1 so next could be the SV Nora version or the VF-4 flashback 2012
  3. With this pic it seems that next release will be the VT-1 super ostrich
  4. HLJ response answered me: "If Arcadia make the spares they will request and notify"
  5. this bird is the only missing to have all the macross plus stuff
  6. Congratulations!!!!!!! A resin printer will help to increase the quality of your work with this armor we're can be able to get the heavy team complete (reactive, gbp, armor 11, 25 and 31) thanks man!!!!! I cant wait to see the first test samples
  7. correct me if I wrong but not remember have seen any picture in the Mr K twitter where are inspecting multiples samples like happened in previous releases
  8. Thanks ! I will make a resin test and will see if looks good enough
  9. Although I still have hope Been realistic I doubt HLJ want help because the answer is request pics of the problem when at this time Arcadia already recognized their error and then what is for the stupid code that comes? not supposed that is for these situations? and the stores simply would have to request our codes and send to Arcadia get the spares and notify us
  10. Already finished my own head design and I'll use the Ozma cannons
  11. Finally be able to align the boosters if someone is interested send me a PM
  12. Another chance is interchange between us if you have 2 rights can swap with someone have 2 left as long as may be possible disassemble the feet
  13. Is not supposed the code to come in the attached sheet (with the transformation guide) serves to report the issues? maybe we could write a single email with all codes together and send it to Arcadia requesting spares? Back in topic the most like me about this bird is that really looks like a bad guy feels like have in hand the villain of the movie only wish the Arcadia would have given us the movable face mask also noticed the variations between the early 3d model and the final look in the OVAS what is Arcadia based on
  14. valhary

    Bandai DX VF-31

    I received mine certainly don't look good in fighter mode but battroid is amazing gives a impressive look with all missiles bay open and surprising is less heavy what seems like (compared with the 25 armor) you really doesn't need the support parts It's enough with the little clip that attach in the back
  15. After watching several video reviews still thinking the TE and Magic Square are better options to get a Optimus Prime cartoonish style Honestly Takara focus in the accessories to justify the overpriced but analyzing the figure itself the 3rd party companies achieve a simpler an easier transformation I feel a lot of over engineering that was the main complain in the Toyworld Primorion that by the way next to this new prime doesn't seem so complicated anymore
  16. and the sticker sheet has a clue I think for the next release also if someone knows where put the number 15 and 16 please tell me
  17. In fact has a new gimmick that allow compact and gives a better look
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