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  1. With the exception of the floppy wings the fighter mode probably there was not much to change I hope the biggest improvements apply to the Battroid mode and finally gives stability with a better lock system According to me these are the differences that I found in fighter mode with regard the Yamato
  2. I know about the size of the SV still see a pilot disproportionate also in this other pictures It can be seen an acrylic part helping to maintain the wing (I hope because is the test but looking exactly the same problem that the old yamato when you use all missiles)
  3. As I supposed the back works better feels less fragile and now only Missing the paint job and I think it will be finished
  4. Fold it like the VF-0 I will post pictures later
  5. yes I considering cut the fins and the wings are the Xigfrid upgrade parts
  6. The wings are finished only remains pending the ailerons and the back which I hope to have ready the next week
  7. I wish the Speaker Pod Gamma was true but should come with the VF-17T which is the one that transports
  8. Fighter mode also looks so well that's the question which mode to display
  9. That sounds great to me because still have the intention to simplify the back I think that way would be less fragile without fear at transformation time
  10. Finally finished the M3 version
  11. Finally received mine very late to join the party but Im very happy is a great toy between the masterpiece and the cartoon really feels like the mp10 evolution slightly caricatured but not too much
  12. That's right The Xigfrid conversion kit and the Kurisama head works on yamato v2 / arcadia equally 100% recommended. I did the stickers and if you want I can send you the PDF file
  13. Back to work! finally hunt a non color version for this guy now just missing the wings and the ailerons but soon very soon ;)
  14. I blame Arcadia when increase the costs of the 1/60 line particularly VF 1 opened the door for the mediocre Hi-metal I hope with the pressure that Bandai gives with their DX VF-1J force Arcadia to improve the sale prices and make more affordable the 1/60
  15. I still like how looks in battroid mode
  16. I think is almost impossible because the Yamato proportions are different if this would be inverse could works like happen with the vf 25 V1 (chunky) I remember a few people used the supers and armor customize to fit in the V2 (thinner) here you can see the differences: http://anymoon.com/blog/?p=7715
  17. Definitely the Thunder far exceeds the GBP
  18. Asked me if can support the MDE missile (the heaviest)
  19. I just find out the missile pod of the 25 armor can be attached in this guy
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