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  1. Arcadia also have the extra ammo pack for the gun
  2. Always with great project ideas you rocks man!!!!!!!!
  3. Today I received mine not big difference with the Yamato Definitely more solid particularly in battroid mode but worries me the wings not have any lock system so with the time probably become loose
  4. I decided to remake in 3d print was much more easier starting from Jasonc parts (thanks again man!!!) still working in the head but I think with this system can get better quality
  5. The alignment of the boosters still be doing a pain in the ass but this is a preview of the resin test
  6. valhary

    Bandai DX VF-31

    second part https://toy-hound.com/dx-vf-31-chuck-gb-review/
  7. valhary

    Bandai DX VF-31

    another review https://toy-hound.com/dx-vf-31-chuck-f-review/
  8. valhary

    Bandai DX VF-31

    seems in Japan is already released https://nov.2chan.net/y/res/3842697.htm
  9. Finally I think the boosters has the right distance so in a pair of weeks hope have the resin test ready
  10. I have upgrade the missiles to improve the quality (red the old version)
  11. http://www.gokin.it/2019/07/13/mostre-e-eventi-tamashii-nations-tokyo-dx-chogokin-vf-1s-hikaru-ichijo-super-dimensional-fortress-macross-1-48-scale-2/
  12. Thanks Xigfrid!!!!!! finally my VF-31s has a weapon unit worthy
  13. The test has been attach with the 10mm screw (included) but I strongly recommend apply glue for prevent problems These will be the production colors Try to match it but is almost impossible for the limitations the resin itself
  14. This time the VT should come with the antenna
  15. Certainly this is a great kit especially because include the options of the air breaks and the stop hook
  16. This is the test of the resin copy I use a screw of 10mm and seems to be enough to handle the weight however think is better add glue to prevent accidents If someone are interested send me a PM
  17. Seems possible the return of the open window but also maybe is only a unglued corner of the test
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