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  1. Finally the connectors are done unfortunately the parts are too thin to handle the resin copy process so have to reprint all the parts in a higher thickness
  2. I cant say because I don't have one but maybe needs to be more grey and less blue like I say is try to match the tone but we have the limitations of the material per se
  3. I have resin copies send me a PM if you are interested
  4. Still working in the connectors (the easiest way to attach) All the comments are welcome I only have to say the lineart interpretation is a very subjective because we are talking about transfer a 2d draw (with anime magic) into a 3d object besides the lineart has variations compared with the animation
  5. What I remember is that are two different companies when Yamato bankrupt Arcadia acquired the Macross license and the molds and also contract Mr K (the designer chief of Yamato and some of their crew)
  6. meanwhile the arcadia acrylic stand works good
  7. in deed the weight is too much so I'll have to think about something else:(
  8. Gonna test magnets for the landing gear I hope can handle the weight
  9. yes fortunately I have an old V1and I could using the parts
  10. I ignore if are made of the same kind of plastic but the V1 feels stronger (maybe it's because of the trauma to see disintegrated) but I get that feeling beyond that it doesn't bother me have grey toes
  11. I doubt that has something to do with the weight because the most of the time display in fighter mode also consider the V1 not have this problem and are the same pins (I know because disarmament to transplant it) The only difference seems to be the plastic
  12. WARNING!!! Once again I was transforming my VF-27 and notice crack marks on the back toes even a pair already broken I replaced mine with the V1 version parts that are OK despite be older (maybe is the plastic) So I recomend check yours
  13. Interesting!!!!! I would like see pictures once you install it
  14. valhary

    Bandai DX VF-31

    Great news!!!!!! I assume the most of us had the fear that without the supports the armor was not held
  15. It seems that finally we going to have a Battroid mode solid and Maybe is the view but seems Arcadia make the bicep wider and with the double join in the shoulder let the pad display in an angle that in the yamato could not be maintained plus the elbow articulation mine while in the Yamato is simple Arcadia again make double so improves the articulation a lot at least in the arms
  16. The most outstanding is the improvement of the double hinge in the arms and also apparently the wings could support the missiles weight this time
  17. Hi everyone! Thanks to Sanity is optional can offer you the missile POD for the DX VF-31 in resin with a price of $20 USD (without shipping) the missiles can make in red, yellow or white also if are looking for a specific color we can try to match it if someone are interested send me a PM
  18. Originally I was planning using magnets unfortunately is too heavy to handle the weight so a screw will have to be I already had anticipated this problem so clone the side cover for drilling that way you just have to swap for the original part (safe of any kind of modification) the next steps is copy in resin and find the right screw and pin for the doors
  19. Once again I hope the biggest improvements come in the Battroid mode my old Yamato had a very loose connector that constantly disconnected and in consequence it was very difficult to keep standing
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