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  1. Thats right we try to keep the paint work at minimum
  2. Why the hell Hikaru is lying down in the fan racer? Once again Yamato did better and like happens with this line Bandai try to divert the attention of their mediocre work with the tampo
  3. more pics https://www.instagram.com/dislexicons/
  4. One of our first buyers (a long time ago) finally started to work this bird https://zh-cn.facebook.com/pg/dislexicons/posts/?ref=page_internal
  5. Thanks to Xigfrid we start with the first orders of the third batch if are interested send me a PM
  6. In my dictionary what are doing Hasbro/Takara is called involution is not possible that can't overcome oldest releases or 3rd Party products even when this last has less resources and infrastructure
  7. Thanks to Pink.s for do a review in their blog amazing photos by the way enjoy it https://pinkcloudy.tistory.com/category/Forever Macross
  8. I just read about the demand that Hasbro has done to Wei Jiang and the menace to all the Chinese factories If instead of spend all thats resources in a lawsuit they should invest it in improve their own products and maybe the 3rd party companies would not have the success now have Personally like a Transformers Fan that I consider myself think and like much more the 3rd party offer to say nothing of the absurd prices that Hasbro are handling in the last masterpiece releases The only thing what are going to achieve is that support even more all the 3rd party companies that offer best products at much fairer prices
  9. Yes was modeling in 3d, printed and copied in resin
  10. That's Macross Plus love only need the VF-11 boosters
  11. Finally all the EMS has been delivered still pending some economics please be patient and take into consideration if the EMS had a delay of several months with the economic shipments will be much more In the next days I will back to the postal office to check the status of that have not yet been delivered if get new information will contact you by PM One more time thanks to all that have supported the project and has been so patient and understanding with the shipping delays
  12. yes it can basically is compatible with all the Yamato releases that come with adapters
  13. Sorry I don't understand your question What do you mean?
  14. Ghost X9 1/60 scale Urethane resin kit version Modeler by Daniel Frias Photos by Carlos Frias Design by Xigfrid
  15. Finally I could test it in resin if someone is interested send me a PM
  16. WOW!!!!! Looks so much better than the "A" version
  17. There are so great! A long time ago were slow to send but recently are improved a lot almost as fast as Amiami or NY and with the Arcadia SV-51 issue took care of all including the shipping of the spares
  18. Hi everyone! Just back to the Postal Office to check personally the shipping status and the why some have not been delivered and finally I got access to the monitor....... ......I already contacted by PM and I confirm the most of the packages are already in the country destination and the delay it is because your local postal service (United States, Chile and Singapur) Please communicate directly whit them to solve it
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