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  1. Oh man that is so sweet! I can’t wait to get it and display it with the VF-0’S. Now if they could make a Mac Z MiG too that would be really cool!
  2. Rule of thumb never order duplicates from NY or anything for that matter. They are horrible.
  3. Social distancing please!! Lol
  4. I'm curious how many PO's CW got for these. Kinda wish I got two.
  5. Just got an email saying that they are gonna be shipping out my shin’s F-14 next week!!
  6. Did they ever make a chunky Max and Kakizaki TV 1A?
  7. Talk about crumbling we’re all my hands on the toynami alpha’s. I don’t know what they did to the plastic but they were garbage.
  8. Holy moly! That is sick! I can't wait to get mine!
  9. I totally agree. Tell me the last Mac0 F-14 was made?! It was a crappy model from hasegawa back in the early to mid 2000’s which I own. If you make it and it looks decent you got my money.
  10. Looking for a complete Arcadia VF-0A and Yamato QF-2200D-B Ghost booster used or new.
  11. I think the 1/60 vf-1’s would look good on this! Bring it on!!
  12. I’ll be displaying my mac0 F-14 with this display!! https://calibrewings.calibresmodels.com/index.php?route=product/product&path=59&product_id=74
  13. Looks like Big West has put their 2 cents in about this Mac Zero F-14.
  14. The blue VF-19 needs grimace on it @crackpot
  15. Wow release by the end of the month?!? I just sent them an email for PO. Can’t pass up Shin’s F-14.
  16. Finally finished up my custom painted supers for this low viz. May be my favorite yet!
  17. I hope all of you get your 0D from NY soon. I vowed to never do business again with them after them taking months to get my 31E. It was a lesson well learnt. They are so inconsistent with their responses back so very frustrating.
  18. Thanks to @sqidd for hooking me up! Didn’t think Arcadia could top the PF 0S but they did with this one!
  19. I’ll be snagging a Roy on Manda. They are the most reliable store IMO. DHL may be pricey but it shows up within days to the US.
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