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  1. indeed, as i stated before, there lower price + shipping charge is even lower than hlj price without shipping, that alone makes it really cheap for some items. Thats why ordered the RA with them and cancelled with hlj i saved like 40 bucks on shipping alone
  2. here is an example. hlj and ny i added the latest arcadia VF-1S. Since it was released there is no discount price for it, so dont mind it, but the shipping cost is quite different. EMS is the best option, since fedex or similar courier services have special taxes in my countries.
  3. Yeah i noted that. When i started buying on NY couple years ago i thought some of their prices were too high compared to others but lately they being real competitive. Even with their expensivd shipping charges they are cheaper than hlj without shipping.
  4. on the same boat, 2 weeks in preparation in progress
  5. well, might take into account that when you get a valk, the price not only includes the cost of production and licenses, but the research and development cost, which in most modern valks shows a lot of attention to detail, seemless transformation and diecast in crucial parts. The lancer dont have any of this, its just a plastic mold with pretty much a rotable helix. Thats why i think its overpriced, if it was around 10k yen (which is higher than hi metals) seem like a fair price for it.
  6. Right there with you. Bad choice of macross stuff to over price.
  7. Mr Bomber

    Hi-Metal R

    I rather see all 3 fire bomber valks + vf 17 before mac zero stuff.
  8. rofl guys, that pic is so awesome and so wrong at so many levels :S
  9. mylenes vf-11 or rays vf-17
  10. jajajaja la verdad eso me paso por la cabeza!! jajaja pero no creo que haya sido por eso, han de haber tenido mas quejas.
  11. http://www.ebay.com/usr/creation.shop522?_trksid=p2057872.m2749.l2754 creation shop, pero sale que ya no es un usuario registrado
  12. And its cheaper now. I got mine 67 bucks. Even better since it arrived more than 4 months late, ebay made the seller refund me. So basicly it was free.
  13. it dosent seem to be transformable, but sure is amazing, i kinda want it. please stop posting cool things, im becoming poorer by the day :S
  14. got order preparations yesterday. cant wait for my valk to:
  15. http://hlj.com/product/bann08749 Up now in hlj get yours!
  16. Soundbooster box was around 2/3s vf 19kai box if im not mistaken
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