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  1. got a mail from NY, they move forward the shipping date, to feb 17. I just paid mine, let the waiting game begin. Now i need to get another VF-0.
  2. That GX - 70 mazinger is the newest mazinger release, using the design from the tv show. The devilman its indeed a figuarts figure, but you could say its oversized, to match mazinger, i think bandai is aiming for mazinger vs devilman feel. Those SOC are around 18 cms and have a good amount of diecast content, the SRC goes around 12 cms and are more plastic than diecast. The 11 inc (33sh cms) figure are only 2. DX chogokins (would be the same line as macross valks) are mazinger and great mazinger. lol slave, we had the same stuff on private warehouse!! but i just ordered a shipment with PA sephiroth and other stuff, left the SOC for next shipment.
  3. My VF-31J finally arrived. Loved the new packaging, it now feels like a true premiun toy. For the valk, it feels really tight on fighter and heftier than older valks. Im pretty pleased!
  4. I was about to whine about how i missed the PO and that i didnt even knew there was a new valk on PO till i saw the name and realized that i got it back then on hlj XD.
  5. thats would be awesome, to make an entire fleet against the sdf-1
  6. Ive seem a lot of transformers for sale on the sales thread, i guess you can sell them pretty quick. Now, i opene my vf 25g michael VF100s, damn the 1/100 scale toys have come a longway. It was a rare find i had on hlj, didnt even heard over the line, feels more like a robot damashi spirits, all floppy but its so light weight that it dosent affect poseability. I looked the transfornation and pretty much have to strip and switch out most of the parts, made me realize the hi metals we have now have improved worlds since this releases. Intresting enough, on the top of the box you can see all lines that were supposed to be released, and a yf-24? I dont even remember seing that one.
  7. A limbless, organless prostitu. Youll make lots of money lol
  8. dont look too much!! remeber you need to buy at least 4 if each valk!
  9. Got to know no3ljm, hopefuly you wont have any trouble at all. Just make sure to display that vf-19p so we can all enjoy it!
  10. this arrived today, cant complain at all. The transformers was thought of lost on shipping, seller paid me back around a month ago, the vf-25g michael straight from hlj holiday sales. not too shabby at all.
  11. ok on follow up with my case with esthertool, seller on ebay. package arrived today, less than 20 days, quite quick specially since it was a regular mail, no ems. well packed. lots of bubble wrap to protect the boxes. outer boxes to prevent damage on the actual toys box. and finally. Everything perfect shape, sealed not a single bump on box. Even with all the bad comments i heard about esthertool, and my added shipping costs, i cant complain at all, so far they have always delivered brand new, well shipped excellent priced items.
  12. Not really new, but i decides to get my VF-19 kai in battloid with sound boosters on to display ( and lets be real, need more space for the delta valks).
  13. Mr Bomber

    Macross figures

    They look like crap. But i wish i had that crap.
  14. how long took your package to arrive? what was the estimated delivery frame?
  15. i saw it on amazon for around 65 bucks, dont know if that is cheap or expensive.
  16. Ill add my own experience on this case with esthertool. i bought a lot of stuff from them on ebay mostly saint seiya myth cloth ex figures with prices between 100 - 250 bucks and never had a problem, always well boxed, brand new. Then i got couple valks, VF-17 and VF-19S and they were in perfect shape, boxes 10/10. Lastly i got couple hot toys, i found the joker mime version, their price was 250(almost the same as released) with free shipping. i wrote to them on ebay to ask about the weight (there is a weight limit in my country on packages, more than 4 kgs pay taxes) and they told me i could save some bucks if i order outside ebay. i know that was against terms but i took the chance and set it up thru email the final price was around 220 bucks i decided to take my chances. They took way longer to ship it and i was worried that i made a mistake, but it arrived again in prefect condition, all brand new. https://www.sideshowtoy.com/collectibles/dc-comics-the-joker-1989-mime-version-hot-toys-902047/ I ordered 2 more hot toys that are on the way but there was a development. When i checked the ebay page it showed they no longer offered shipping to my country ECUADOR. I got worried about it, still their prices and service so far were real good, so i went ahead and ordered age of ultron black widow and hawkeye, around 160 each, which was the lowest price i saw around for those. I pay them and couple hours later i got an email saying that the shipping expense have increased, and they are unable to ship my items unless i pay 50 bucks extra for both items, or if i dont want to they would reinburse me the total that i paid. I checked on my other sellers and the prices with 25 bucks increase on each was still competitive so i went ahead and paid for it. The package is on its way, should arrive by the end of the month all document it when i unbox it all. In any case, even with the suspicious activity of bypassing ebay and doing business directly i was always getting my stuff in brand new state. Before i bought with confidence, now im being cautious.
  17. wow thats so cool, im gonna ask a friend that do some sculpture if he can fix me with something like that.
  18. cool. if they re release some frontier valks i may double dip or get what i dont have. Also, remember when talking about valks:
  19. this arrived on monday, just got time to set it pose it and enjoy it Hot toys Captain america civil war
  20. and dont forget my free VF-31j
  21. 199 on mine shipping included on registered air mail on nippon yassan. cant complain at all, whole price almost the same as the price on hlj without shipping.
  22. up for ordering on NY https://www.nippon-yasan.com/19844-macross-1-60-kanzen-henkei-vf-1s-strike-valkyrie-ichijou-hikaru-custom-movie-ver.html
  23. i saw only episode 1 of Delta couple days ago and i was I dont like the direction the series was getting, still im gonna keep watching it.
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