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  1. RE 6 Ada Wong is widely available on ebay (where i got it) and its kinda same price as sideshow. Hit me up om PM if you want the link to the seller. Android 18 ia from the dragonball styling line. Small on scale but really nice, cheap and lots pf detail.
  2. Yes i would totally recommend it. Its a great figure quite heavy with decent amount of diecast. Quite big also, its the size of a regular SoC figure. Its about the same height of the SRC mazinkaiser. That wolvy is amazing, its quite heavy, tight joints and fully posable. The different set of arms gives an extra layer of coolness, with no visible seems. The best comic looking wolvy figure available 100% recomended It is saint myth crown sagittarius seiya, 1/6 scale.
  3. Mr Bomber

    Hi-Metal R

    Wth am i reading??? Whats going on spanner, without yoir support any macross line will go down. Dont back off on us bro!
  4. I got a lot of stuff, but ive being real busy, havent being that active on forums, so gonna split on several posts.
  5. We should consider asking graham to rename the forums from macross world to motoe world XD Spanner is making me want to collect those sweet cars.
  6. id like couple 1/48 but not the focus of my collection. already got DYRL Hikaru and Roy, ill be in for max and millia.
  7. Hey jenius you gonna get both premium and non premium? Would be cool for a video comparing them both.
  8. Gerwalk is what i find macross valks so different for other robots. An in between transfornaion that looks awesome. (Not the vf 19)
  9. Mr Bomber

    Hi-Metal R

    Looks great. I usually dont go for repaints but this is a no brainer.
  10. I got my patment request yesterday on NY. Need to pay it, my card is maxed out till monday.
  11. Hey spanner how many millias you plan to order?
  12. I want my full 10 kg die cast valk. With laser cutting they can add any detail they can think of. Price would be astronomycal though.
  13. I rather have a full die cast valk, no plastic at all!
  14. oh crap, i forgot about the preorder, gdi Zelda: Breath of the wild, why are you so inmersive :S
  15. Mr Bomber

    Hi-Metal R

    just be in the look out, the valk have on stock several times across hlj and cdjapan.
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