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  1. lol was meant to be a sarcastic remark XD This came couple days ago transformers MP 34 Cheetus Square Enix Static Arts Vincent Valentine Myth cloth ex soul of gold loki
  2. Mr Bomber

    Hi-Metal R

    NY preparation in process!
  3. You know thats not true spanner. You can never have enough valks.
  4. great pose, im totally loving it! i also collect ranma figuarts, i loved the show.
  5. Just got my payment request and paid in full now, to ship or not to ship thats the dilema.
  6. Being on low stock on hlj all morning. get yours http://hlj.com/product/bann08749 Weird, open for orders, but i havent receive my payment email.
  7. Got this 2 great figures This straight from SuperHobo, thx a lot This little maniac got me crazy, considering getting the hot toys release.
  8. Guys please stop before spanner starts to collect KOs too.
  9. Hi im looking for Hot Toys The wolverine Logan action figure, or Wolverine from Days of future past. If anyone feels like parting with any of those let me know.
  10. Im glad to report that my 2 VF-25F dosent have any yellowing at all. No light for the sun reach them.
  11. This arrived today. Since spanner keeps spamming about die cast cars, he is guilty of me getting this. And found this great little guy to go with them, the scale kinda works
  12. I opened a ticket on NY on Tuesday, explaning that i got my order on preparation in progress since almost 2 weeks. next day i got tis reply not more than 3 hours later this arrives I guess it never hurts to ask XD
  13. asi es, ojala siga creciendo! lololololol ill be from now on!
  14. It is indeed, a great piece. Only thing i dont like is that the weathered on the coat its uneven, like it had being manipulated, but that is only on my figure, pics on others and videos dosent show that way, and its almost not visible.
  15. Its true, im living proof of it. I started collecting revoltech valks, and used to think 40 bucks was too expensive.
  16. Imagine about my country, im the only one listed! XD People dosent collect macross that much here i guess. Good thing is i got asked to exhibit my collection on the upcoming comic con set for august and ill make sure to give macross valks the spot light they deserve.
  17. add yourself in it, i did it back in the day when i joined the forums
  18. wow amazing stuff, im also a MGS nut and this are awesome, wish i could have them. This arrived couple days ago, forgot to upload them This arrived yesterday, great stuff.
  19. I got 2 vf 25f, one i bought second hand in the sale forum, the other on ebay. Ill check them and post the pics
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