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  1. Wow, so this movie is partly funded by WWE
  2. Drifand: Those are some nice pics. The destroids with the Koenig monsters, are those from Takatoku's conversion kit?
  3. Darkwind: Do you have the Clear Red version of Ragna (that comes with a White Griffon Motor Bisar)? If you do, can you post some pics in transformation mode.
  4. I just started collecting this series. Haven't had chance to display them yet so they are all sitting in the boxes.
  5. Congrats, Pfunk. Make sure you take lots and lots of pictures of her. I have 2 nieces (8 months and 1 month old) and believe me, they grow fast Just be patient whenever she cries
  6. I am a bit confused. Are the games out already? If they are, on what gaming platform are they being released? Thanks
  7. Woah, that Alien head is really creepy
  8. Some of these games are already available via MAME. I don't see a reason to buy this for the PS2
  9. You know, after looking at Kensei's 1/48 plastic trays, probably Yamato should start opening a recycle department and offer a rebate points for the next new products Kensei: Eye popping collection by the way. I am curious. How is your parents or gf coping with these mass of collections?
  10. Since this thread has been bumped, where is KidKorrupt these days?
  11. LOL, I guess all of us are wondering the same thing. If that lady is included in the price tag of $3,500, Man, sign me up Ahh we think alike !!! 422628[/snapback]
  12. VF103: Wow, great pictures. Thanks for sharing. Off topic a bit; in reality, is the ladder stored under the front wing?
  13. Vote for Battroid mode, since that has always stick in my mind with Macross. Plus if you look at the end of the Opening Theme, it shows Hikaru's VF-1J posing in battroid mode
  14. Wow, so many releases in just s short period of time
  15. Here I am wondering about what Cicadas is. After searching for an image via google, I finally realize what it is I can see now where the idea of "Kamen Rider" came from
  16. Gonna plan to see it this weekend. I heard that the 3rd movie is coming out by the end of this year, is that true?
  17. Question regarding Spiderman. I've never read the comic before (believe it or not), so I am totally clueless about the entire spiderman stories. Why does His suit changed from Red to Black? Was he bitten by Venom? Explanation will be very helpful. Thanks
  18. Congrats on the Marriage
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