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  1. lol! i found a chris B head and was trying to remember the guys name who did it. google brought me here i saw my old forum post count 3,200, holy crap, was on here a LOT. the thing that got me out was we started getting bombed with too many releases, couldn't keep track and had no money back then.
  2. kidkorrupt

    Thunder Hammer

    SWEEETTTTTTTTTTTT Props to you guys and the prop company for doing such fantastic work. You can really see the high level of craftsmanship and the shaky but steady hands that did all the fine detailing. damn sexy beauty shots, lol. Now go show em off on a Japanese forum =D
  3. hey thanks everybody, i was in china for 2 weeks and thought this post would be way gone. knight26 glad to see you are still around, is that a google sketchup creation in your avator? the scholarship was just a school scholarship to try and get more DISCOUNT on tuition. the macross stuff was about 2% of all the design-y stuff i had to show.
  4. for the 1/55 ostrich the backpack's booster tabs are at an angle so you pretty much have to mount them with the tailpack open and at an angle or else the two boosters wouldn't be parallel to the valkyrie
  5. hey jas- all of them have gerwalk but i didn't have time to photograph them all....and also the "macross" section in my portfolio would have been too many pages.
  6. gbp for joke machine and a SD regult with pilot..... never finished, hahaha
  7. i took pictures of my old macross stuff for my scholarship portfolio and thought i'd throw up these better pictures compared to the ones i took with a 1.3 megapixel camera w/ a blue folder for the background, hahhahaha. i found my ostrich in the gallery as non-transformable, it was transformable but i never got the correct moveable fingers so i never took pictures of it. the legs are those rare and legendary FULCY hips, ankles, and feet all the old folks know about. the funny thing about these is i was in a rush and decided to not put the heatshields on thinking that none of the people doing the portfolio review would know the difference anyway. the whole time i was thinking "man, if i put these on the boards everybody will yell at me for not putting the heatshield on". hahahhaa. i had some picture of jetfire, the original toy, and accurate art to show the people doing the review what existed, what i started with, and my final model
  8. i measured it off of a jetfire so it's the exact height of jetfire minus the antennaes but much bulkier, lol. working on the styro, inserts, and packaging now. all nigghhtterrr time. the clear thing in front is a laser cut autobot symbol with the details rastered in....the teacher wanted us to laser cut something. the "styro" is 6 lb. yellow foam painted with fsc. thanks nick for the template, i FINALLY figured out how to flip the chest vents the right way..instead of mounting onto the chest i mounted the hinge onto the hip bar so when you swing the legs back they face the cartoon accurate way...i did all that AFTER the god-awful-long alias renderings. wish me luck guys! F, i heard today that the owner of giant robot is coming to our presentation. g1 screencap showing chest vents:
  9. jet need to do package and insert, ahhhhhhhhhh
  10. alias showing skyfire transforming in halo city (autobot headquarters)
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