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  1. Wow, I'm late to this news. So, SV-51 eh? Not too shabby All this new toy releases are just pounding on the wallet. On top of that, the pricing point doesn't really help either . Even if Yamato decides to reduce the box size, I am sure the savings wouldn't be pass to the consumers Heh, a transforming mecha from the 80's. I will bet 99 cents on it that it will be "Motoslave" Clue: Yamato's current BGC lineup . They seem to be selling out in all the stores.
  2. How's the comparison of this Takara release against the old Dragon Jin-Roh? Is it better?
  3. The video has been removed. Does anyone have another link?
  4. Yes, the firmware is upgradeable, but I don't want to do it, yet... Check the link below for more info: PSP Firmware
  5. Ouch, sorry to hear that the Longs in your area was wiped out clean. I managed to buy one through Longs close by my work in early December. The PSP bundle comes with games: Hot Shot Golf and Ape Escape. With tax and other fees, my total is $168. I bought it since it is cheaper to buy through the retail store (cost $199 for the console only)
  6. Ishimaru: If you have Longs Drugs around your area, check to see if they still have any PSP Bundle left for sale (they are clearing out those for $150). Most of the PSPs are old stock, which means the firmware can be easily upgrade/downgrade. So far I have seen firmware 1.52 and 2.0
  7. Well, now you know how companies make money from selling accessories
  8. Graham: You know, if Nintendo Wii decides to release a Macross game (where players can use the remote and nunchuk), I'm pretty sure you will be pshcyed "WEEeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!
  9. Finally, I managed to get one (the bundle pack) from Costco.com. Now I'm debating of whether I should open it or sell it since I don't have a plasma tv
  10. Hikuro: Congrats on getting one. By the way, you didn't happen to wait in the Daly City area, did you?
  11. Is there a proof that the TP for GameCube will be releases with only limited quantities? From business stand point, I just don't understand why they will do that. If Nintendo want to force people to buy Wii, they can just stop the production of new games for GameCube. It's not that it's going to cost more to produce TP for Gamecube (Once you have the master CD, the rest is just copying).
  12. Correct me if Im'wrong but is the young guy from Apple's TV commercial in that movie?
  13. Cool. I met up Graham and Noel last year in HongKong. It is always fun to meet up mwers folks. Between, is Sebastian a "BeanCounter" (Finance person). I noticed some finance books in the shelf So Godzilla, what are the toys that you haul from Shanghai?
  14. Ah, great explanation and use of wordings. Thanks Need to go back and re-edit my wordings
  15. Okay, I went to see this with my wife last night. Overall, we both thought it was a good movie. There is one part that I don't quite understand. Spoiler: Did JB loose his "boys" during the torture? The only reason why I ask was because during the scene where JB was talking to Vesper, he mentioned he only has his hands left
  16. 1/72 YF-21 Valk was actually my first Macross purchase in a long long time. As a matter of fact, it was my first EBAY purchase . So no, I am not selling that one. As for the rest of the 1/72, hm...... still debating
  17. Eriku: LAFTOYS still have some in stock. Check it's link below: TAKARA VOTOMS
  18. Thanks for the pics and review, Graham.
  19. Found this video in YouTube. I posted it here since it is somewhat related to James Bond. Has anyone seen it yet? It is hilarious James Bond Visa
  20. Sebastian: Man, you had us drooling with the pics. To make it worse, you will make us wait till next Sunday for your review Oh, the torture. By the way, how much did you pay for the backdoor release? Godzilla: Hurry up and get your backdoor YF-19 and give us a scoop
  21. I owned the one released as the Monogram Leader 1 Kit and managed to assemble it. Like what everyone said, the plastic is fragile and it does require a lot of gluing . It is not something that you expect comparing to Bandai's 1/100 Gundam kit. The joints are not snap fit. I still have my old assembled Legioss (3 yrs ago). Pardon for the pics below since I used the Logitech camera to take the pictures. Legioss Monogram
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