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  1. I visit MW on a daily basis (not logged in mostly) and this is the first I heard of this get together, maybe its not to late to join? Buy a shirt? Show my nooby skills on making a model?
  2. Well, I have a Star Wars Laser Disk on my wall and what is left of my Segway i took apart a year ago. I kinda liked thought those were gonna be bigger, you know.
  3. Well, i been playing SF4 for a few days and though it is fun and addicting, i find losing matches via multi player annoying. I am at that point where i lose 150 battlepoints if i lose but only get 15 battlepoints for winning. So i am at that point where im scared to play online against someone, lol. I gotta win 10 games to make up one loss : ( , but ill be out their if anyone wants to take my points (USMCBattlemaster, add me if u can please) i have no friends since i only got my xbox360 for this alone.
  4. Eve was an awesome game. I played for a year or so but had to give it up since i was juggling other mmo's at the time, i would love to get back to playing it, but not enough time in the day im afraid.
  5. I do not know the protocol for adding people to the xbox friends list but im gonna everyone on the list, my gamer tag is usmcwarmaster. Im new to xbox anything since i am an avid PC game player, i would like to give xbox 360 a go go : ) I just bought some games online and Gta4, but i mostly got the Xbox cuz it was on sale and i am looking forward to playing Streetfighter 4 in Febuary.
  6. Here is one I did an eternity ago
  7. I downloaded the 3 episodes watched em all at work last night, i liked em. Summer and the other chic are hot, the story line is not bad and it looks like they set you up for alot to happen, as far as terminators are concerned. Special effects not bad and a few of the side stories are kinda interesting as well, i look forward to next weeks show but i have a feeling that crappy fox will cancel yet another decent series.
  8. I came late to the convo, but i play WOW. I tried pretty much all the others mentioned, i am a retired Star Wars Galaxies player, man i miss the old school SWG, but anyhow....WOW has a free trial, but i am sure you know that by now, I started in july 07 and felt it was the best mmorpg out there as far as content and player base. I found a good guild (Min age is 25 years old and it is a good rpg in my opinion. As with any mmorpg it will consume time but as long as you are having fun, who cares. It now has free in game voice communication which is awesome if you would rather talk then type like myself, but the best experience is the huge player base, i meet tons of people from all over and that is just coolio. I am 34 and enjoy playing with my age group and the other mmo's really didnt offer a large age group over 20 from what i saw, plus there are lots and lots of chics who play WOW, we have 27 chatty ones in the guild im in, which is alright if you want a womens opinion time to time. If you do decide to try the trial and dont know what realm to pick, i play on the Uldaman Realm, name is Discodancer send me a message ill be stoked to help out in any way : )
  9. relax guys, its fiction : ) \ actually, just padding my post count, i think this movie based on FICTION will be awesome, but keep discussing, i am finding it amusing
  10. I read this Robotech movie thing in yahoo news and came over to check details and was surprised to see so many bashing the idea. I am excited of an adaption one way or the other, sorry to hear so many hate the idea I think it would be kewl, maybe get some more fans of Macross too, I came from a Robotech background. Guess ill go see whats going on over at robotech.com, been about 5 years since I been their but hopefully I can find some positive opinions, cuz i am excited about the idea
  11. Metroplex would be a cool transformer to have the movie.
  12. Same here, ever since they ruined SWG I been abit cautious about other MMORPG's. WOW kinda sucked to me, but i was used to Galaxies in the first place. But if it is like WOW and Everquest, ill most likely stay away from it, but hopefully you guys playing can give a little but of a review and gameplay so far.
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