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  1. Thanks for the info, guys. I checked with some stores already and so far they have no date of when they are taking preorders.
  2. David: Wow, cool pics. Are those shockwave the result of breaking the speed of light?
  3. Oohhhhhh..... Fold boosters Ahhhhhh.. upward hinging shoulders
  4. Sad to see them go. They are the best plane of the 20th century TOMCAT RETIRES
  5. Does anyone know if any stores are taking preorders on this?
  6. Wow, Nice collection, Tony. Envy... envy..
  7. Does anyone know if there is a second release of this toy to fix the issues?
  8. Man, that looks nice. The only problem is where am I going to store this beast if I buy it
  9. So, anyone knows when the Wii is going to be released in the US? Edit: Never mind. I forgot to read the post on top
  10. LOL... Someone has definitely way too much free time. Genius work though.
  11. Voted for the 2nd run. Just couldn't risk $200 for 1st run toys
  12. Looking at the pics of Hurgund, it seems that the Legs are add-on parts. From the bike mode, it doesn't show the legs section.
  13. Visit Macross Nexus. Never seen Anime Punch before. Wait, is that the site where Exo and Bobepatt is holding all the Cosplay pics
  14. Looking better and better every tie I see it Just wish Yamato can lower/fix the price
  15. <looking at the pic> 0_o... Yeah, couldn't agree any better
  16. IIRC, Guld has a side effect because of his human+zentran genes. That's why he has to keep taking drugs to surpress the side effects. At least that'st what being discussed when he's talking to the corporal in Macross Plus OVA It'd be a great control to keep them from propogating without their masters... if they hadn't given them cloning chambers. Except it's not continuity. The whole "zentradi hybrids are all girls" thing was from the Robotech RPG, which is as far from continuity as you can get. ... Actually, it could even work within the RPG setting. Guld's situation is reversed from the Jeniuses, since his mom is human and his dad is zentran. IF the zentradi genes overpower the human ones, he still has a 50/50 shot because his father has both. 427735[/snapback]
  17. I heard this in the news last night. Forgot the US location where it happened. Apparently someone decided to release 2 snakes inside the theather that was showing "Snakes on a plane" Not something that you want to happen while watching a movie
  18. Wow, are those figures (the whole GITS gang)? It's funny that all companies try to cash on the same anime line at the same time. Major Tom: Yikes, that Motoko doll cost a fortune; about $400 bucks
  19. Here's the news regarding his flight cancellation: YAHOO NEWS
  20. Congrats on getting the kit, Carl. Talk about a limited edition kit. Probably only 20 in the entire world I can see why you don't want to hold it with you hand when taking pictures
  21. If it looks like the D-Stand version, I am all up for it I haven't seen any version that is proportionally better than D-Stance yet
  22. I can't believe I miss this thread. Awesome job, Vf_1S. I have never seen a complete SHE VF-4 Kit before so thank you. You did an excellent job on the kit. I like the improvements you made on it. Can you pose some pics in Gerwalk mode as well? From your pic comparison to VF-11B Fast Pack, it does look like a 1/72 scale. If the scale is 1/72, it's hard to imagine that VF-4 is shorter than VF-11B. Yamato: Please crease VF-4 Toys. I will buy lots of it
  23. Edit: Never mind, I saw the name "Good Smile Company" in the first picture Never heard of them before.
  24. Ah, it's about time someone posted this. I was already wondering if anyone has an update of the Tachikomas where Motoko can sit inside Like what Exo said, for $155, I hope it does come with the figure. Who's the production company anyway? Bandai?
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