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  1. just make sure their bones are strong enough to take a landing gear thwack without breaking.
  2. I think it's just a split from people who love fighters and squadrons and people who love bipedal mechs and those who like both. Gerwalk is like the orphan who instead of being half of both ends up not being either for a lot of people and ends up in neither camp. And some of the Valks just don't seem to be designed for it, Vf-1's looks great for it, others... not so much. I love how it's a nice medium speed 'skate' that's a nice mix of speed and maneuverability (and amazing 'changed my mind, backing away now!" options) It's the only thing that can use full force while traveling in reverse or forward alike. Personally, I find it iconic and really love it for vf-1's but when you start getting into some of the more advanced valks (vf-22, etc) it just looks like it was incuded for tradition, and not really desinged in.
  3. Phren

    Blast from the Past!

    haha, such a nostalgia trip. Noticed some of those floating through the sale thread. A shame it didn't coincide with my winning the lottery. Though, I guess I have to play to win it.. the devil is always in the details. I remember going though the progress thread for the digi camo valk and being amazed. And always wanted a MMG.
  4. So they can't do the Supernova? A shame - I hope they put out something close enough for our decal/sticker resident experts to make up most of the difference.
  5. I've seen that guy who lists those, they have Macross designs from time to time, but I wanted a blue one, so I never bit. Glad to have feedback, as I was also wondering how there were.
  6. Phren

    Disliked Mecha...

    The enemy VF's in M7 (14's?) painted all purple - was gross - as well as the 19 kai and 11 customs are horrid - don;t get me started on the "clown" vf-1's. And while I love the 17 and the D model, I really, really hate the 17S head - like, really really. From other series, the destroids in general don't do anything for me for the most part, and I dislike the VF4 and I haven;t quite worked out how I feel about the SV-51 yet
  7. The only things I'm hoping for are a good shade of blue/purple - can't be too much of either. NICE engine detail, especially on those "petals" They look So cheap if not done well - and face/canopy 21 -> 22 conversion bits - I don't care weather they come as after-market add-ons, just don't make it impossible to remove the face and canopy in a peaceful manner.. If I get all that I'm sold.
  8. I almost wonder about that actually, taking mac2 and the top-gun PLUS out fo the equation, Macross 7 was following a story of Basara, etc alongside Max and Zero was about Shin alongside Roy, would be fitting and nice for a new group tagging alongside Hikaru and finding out how he tunred out. A nice space epic again wold be nice, with less weird island people and singing valk idol-squads.. Plus a Hikaru Skull leader scheme on some modern valks through the big Y would be icing on the cake.
  9. the visor should be more -- and less / and I think it's not listed by the person who made/wore it, but his friends charging him $275 to forget he did so.
  10. Is there is a noticeable improvement from the 0A? If so, do you think they'll re-release the 0A with the changes made? I haven't made the jump to the Zeros yet, still looking for one without nightmarish structural flaws (IE, I'm sometimes clumsy). Off topic, but visually, what's the difference between the original 0A and the Shin0A? All I notice is the white line on the chest. - there aren't a lot of photos that I've seen, and most are with the ghost covering it up
  11. I didn't even know there WERE boots of the 17D - now I want one..
  12. I'm not sure about it being re-released - the translation says it's a prototype and the store link says that there is no stock but mentions a 2 month wait. If it's not going to be pre-painted though it doesn't matter, I have NO ability to make it look good, and don;t know anyone who can. Darn it though.. I still want it! Maybe if it ever ends up as a recast or someone sells a complete one (yeah, right - and like I could afford that)
  13. Wow.. google translator made that com out suprisingly understandable for once : O Now I just have to hope it becomes part of Bome's pre-painted collection through Kaiyodo or something
  14. well I can't read a kana of this: GAINAX store I think I really want this, but I don;t know the slightest detail about it, where to get it, IF I can get it if I have to build it, or even if it's sold out. All I know is I think Bome did the sculpt. ANY help at all would be appreciated, thanks. >_< EDIT - mistyped my title, even
  15. I love my round bases, though! As long as you don;t do anything crazy with them, they look really nice for displaying the smaller pieces of your collection. Also I wondered if it might be possible to make/sell a "rod pack" with a few different sizes or sell the rods individually at the source so people could only have a base or two and still get the poses they want?
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