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  1. There is a tamashii event next Sunday. Hope this gets more update by then
  2. I always sing praise of Mandarake but this is too poorly priced. https://order.mandarake.co.jp/order/detailPage/item?itemCode=1141877632&ref=list&keyword=マクロス
  3. This caught my attention as well. Hopefully we get more.stuff announced.
  4. General release means PO madness on HLJ, amiami, etc. Web exclusive PO rush on FromJapan, buyee, white rabbit, etc
  5. General release, next friday PO https://tamashii.jp/special/macross/vf-1s_RFS/
  6. looks like it is light (ehrm when compared to DYRL release) on marking like 1J
  7. imo, yeti stand has no equal out there. It just goes to show w hat happens when someone who knows what he needs and knows how to design it work on it with passion. Flightpose stand is a good alternative but be careful. There was a quality issue with the rubber tip on the first few batches of it that causes it to eat at the paint/tampo or cause plastic blemishes. I believe this is already fixed but better test it first if you are not buying new stocks. (I traded one with fellow collector before before knowing this, turns out, the reason I got a good deal back then was that those are old stocks) If you are using Yamato / Arcadia VF, then the recent arcadia stand is also a good alternative. It has a good base so you can easily pose the arm without fear of the base tipping up.
  8. What a dry season, hopefully, things will get more interesting by July. For this season, I am only watching Hamefura. edit: Btw, Shaman King will be getting a brotherhood or HXH treatment. 2021.
  9. https://tamashii.jp/features_2020/?fbclid=IwAR2wDufFofSGPW7apV1cA7z9d9w6qPzHkikP5bgns1sQy7OMn-PADohx4WY There will be an online event this July. Looks like there is no Macross, hope I am utterly wrong.
  10. I have been doing this for a long time. Just direct your query to the correct branch. So if an Item is stocked at Complex, then send a query at Complex with a link (but I guess item code also works). They usually provide me price for EMS, DHL and SAL before.
  11. Find assumption, it always start with RX-78-2 unless the line has a different vision.
  12. for the base for the clips, the brown box that we receive can be repurposed like that. Just cut in the correct crosssection and size then put those tightly on a box or tape it. The clips though, better buy it on hobby store unless you can find mini alligator clips that has less spring or biting force.
  13. I upgraded my shipping from SAL to Airmail, about 500 yen. Got shipment notice a few days back and after a day or two, I got the tracking number. There has been movement in Japan and already dispatched from outward exchange. Hopefully the delay on my country is manageable.
  14. Did not quite noticed on the 25G at first glance, but glad that you are marking them with proper aircraft decals. What are you using to decal them up?
  15. chyll2

    BANDAI DX YF-19!!

    Saw that prior to comment, I wont even count that as a stock. For that time of damage (critical for the iconic fighter mode), it deserve more price cut. 3 weeks or earlier, there are plenty of bnew stock of 28000 yen (though I will personally like the opened at 26,000 yen or less since it guarantees no broken head laser). This, in comparison with the 31500 price in NY.
  16. chyll2

    BANDAI DX YF-19!!

    Is Mandarake not an option at the time of purchase? (granted that it is now sold out). I always use NY but for released items, NY rarely undercut Mandarake pricing (plus the cheap DHL option from Mandarake)
  17. which are what Bandai did release on their V1 gift / bundle set. (maybe except an armored alto)
  18. that is too bad, the review for the barbatos MRD is really good and Vidar is one of the favorite suit in the show.
  19. Cant afford this but cant wait to see the delicious photos.
  20. SAHRA rate is always higher for me..the bigger the price of the item, the bigger the delta. Mandarake rate for DHL is cheap, but amazon JP fulfilled orders are still the cheapest.
  21. thanks @Lolicon @jenius a bundle of the Renewal toy with this finish will really make some people double dip. 100% agreed on the shoulder as well. Once it goes bad, there is very little I can do to fix it (unlike the hip joints which can be easily tighten before)
  22. Can some who is good in Japanese translate the text below the October 2020 Debut? Google image translate says "the body has been textured according to the specifications of the latest DX Superalloy is a glossy expression" We all know that all of the DX toys recently has textured plastic (non-glossy) but the last translated words is throwing it all
  23. probably the recent Isekai that I welcome. Simple and Fun, maybe a potential watch out for those who dont like Reverse Harem show.
  24. chyll2

    Bandai DX VF-31

    YF-29 Preorder madness made me see that Chuck can still be bought from Hobbysearch. https://www.1999.co.jp/eng/10589490 Unfortunately, getting it from Mandarake is a cheaper.
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