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  1. Nice, cant believe I slept on the release of the Made in Abyss Movie. WIll check it out!
  2. Akudama Drive seems interesting, episode 1 seem too busy trying to jump start introduction all the cast. Jujutsu Kaisen - seems a good Shonen show Kings Raid - ever since I watched rage of bahamut, I am keen to watch game adaptation as long as it is a separate timeline. Seems generic show. Will drop after 1 episode Mahouka - episode 1 has good animation and I just reminded how I really like it's world. I'm standing on 1 million lives - mixed vibes but will continue watching after two episodes. Danmachi - biased as I'm reading the LN, previous season is rushed really really bad. Hope it's better now as this covers, imo, one of the best arc.
  3. The last two arc of Bleach was painful to read. Thousand Year Blood War more so, the opponent are so Overpowered, and for some reason will have an ability that is really well suited against their match up, but wait, someone or something will come up later on that perfectly counter that ability later on. Btw, Current Anime right now seem caught up on Covid. There are "potentially" good anime. Some are even sequel.
  4. I cant wait for the next season. The only anime I really like is RE:Zero season 2. Demon something something seem decent but rushed and has one of the most terrible finale episode. I am currently saving the episode of Deca-dence which has a good review initially so I hope it really is good when I start on it. No Guns Life, I enjoyed Season 1 but middle of season 2, I just cant find any reason to continue.
  5. Release date is October 17, says Nippon Yasan. Haha
  6. came here for some updates, but man, this is gold edit: not an engineer, it is my first time hearing this as well
  7. It's bad on bandai model kit, the smaller parts of mine gets crumbled while the bigger parts are okay. Though those are not ABS plastic. If you are coating the toy, it should be safe enough
  8. yeah, a quality white paint will takes ages to yellow.
  9. members here will not use black accent on white plastic. haha just kidding. I really admire collectors who really touches up their toys
  10. The website for slow or new comer don't exist unfortunately. Get it during the minute of window when you can preorder it or wait for it on site like Mandarake or jungle. It just sucks that Bandai produce less of it.
  11. ^thanks, I didnt see that when I was skimming through it. I always thought it is too good to be true of a change. Basically for one time toy order with bigger price tag, it is actually cheaper by 400 yen.
  12. haha, I just wished how both companies release their toys unpainted or in kit form. Arcadia recently did it but that is for the armor parts for Zero
  13. I had two YAJ auction gone bad. It is from a reliable seller (I viewed the rating and number of transactions in YAJ) with multiple PO fulfillment before, then suddenly, the seller stopped fulfilling orders. This was before the protection plan was put in-place in FJ. I enforced PP protection and my account got banned. So the advice on using basic plan for trusted source and protection plan on other else, is a really good advice. Though from what I remember, FJ changed their policy recently and lowered the plan to 300 yen (from 700 irc)
  14. Yeti stand uses thick acrylic. The arm is actually curved.
  15. Stay away from SAHRA, at this point they are like a different store. They have their own Shipping rates and they will never ever under declare value of the item
  16. For my case, tax duties is easily 100 USD if I bought the cheaper VF-1S in Amazon JP. For some weird reason, I cannot check out the Kaki unit in Amazon JP
  17. Got to keep it balanced. Not every country can buy from Amazon jp directly
  18. Price monitoring at YAJ https://auctions.yahoo.co.jp/closedsearch/closedsearch?auccat=&tab_ex=commerce&ei=utf-8&aq=-1&oq=&sc_i=&exflg=&p=dx+vf-1A+劇場版+&x=41&y=26
  19. haha, I am also doing this for those that cannot be opened or reached joints. I just let a a bit future flow on the joints and let it dry.
  20. Amazon JP listed price includes Japan Domestic tax. Adding it to your cart and checking out, once their system saw that you are shipping it outside of Japan, the said domestic tax will be removed.
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