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  1. not only DHL, it happened during this pandemic. edit: Finally got my Super Strike parts from NY, preordered during the first batch window (though after a few weeks it opened). Had to upgrade to Airmail to have it shipped. If I knew earlier that I can downgrade to Ferry, I would have done so.
  2. @MacrossJunkie fast pack is regularly restocked recently priced at 11 to 13,000 yen. Finding one on the same branch is the tricky part (for maybe savings in shipping) @Agent-GHQ that sucks, I am not sure how AJ will handle it but usually, Japanese retailers have no gives as long as the actual item inside (the toy) is okay. They will argue that the box is part of the packaging.
  3. Finally, after some time, a local PO appears for TV super parts. NY pricing is higher than usual, plus the upfront payment makes it not ideal place to PO right now.
  4. @lavinrac you dont owe us anything but if you can humor this request, it will be awesome.
  5. Looks like the demand for it stabilized now, the pricing at NY remained 29800 (from 23000 SRP) for a few weeks now. (on the other, DX VF-1S is still sold out at reallly almost double SRP)
  6. obviously missed this, but hope this is a good sign. How much was it? still SRP?
  7. @myk sad truth. Other items that are sold worldwide, I have no problem ordering it locally (and sometimes it is even cheaper than getting it from Japan, like Metal build and SOCs, etc). Put it simply, a worldwide product gets worldwide allocation. Macross being only applicable to Japan due to copyrights issue, will only get Japan allocation. edit: sad pricing on the supers. Ill take my chances on release date, hopefully, something comes up from Amazon JP
  8. Click or go to the site twice The first attempt will always reroute you to the global page
  9. For the record, I haven't seen any site that offers Bandai web exclusive that are not pay upfront
  10. Mine then is a matter of time. Sigh. Edit: frakk. Got the cancellation
  11. Your vendor here is Bandai. So you will really get it provided you are within the FJ accounts limit. (A tamashii account can only order limited number per account)
  12. @no3Ljmchanging shipping method will help if and only if they respond to you. They are also affected by pandemic. For the record,SAL is not an option. People are either downgrading to Ferry or upgrade to EMS, Airmail or third party.
  13. There are a lot of things about NY. One is the super parts where they kept it opened for along time but most gets included in the latter batch. Then top it up with usual antics where item just won't leave their warehouse or people can't get a reply from their concern.
  14. Ordered tv super from FJ. Edit: to those who uses it previously for web items, is there a domestic shipping and payment fee if you are using Credit card?
  15. No interchangeable skull / UN kite but it does come with reaction missiles which is good for those who missed the missile set.
  16. Today is 5th in Japan already. There are no announced date for webshop opening
  17. Looks like no update based on the tamashii VR event. The covered VF is clearly the YF-29 alto
  18. @lolicon sad to see you miss one as I always like your weathered collection
  19. It no longer matters if it is popular in Japan. The thing is a hit outside Japan.. scalper will take whatever they can for double.
  20. 40mins in, HLJ wont let us cart it
  21. search DX chogokin, it will appear in the search then there is cart button
  22. I cant believe I've been trying to add HLJ cart for more than 30mins now
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