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  1. watched it until the failed retaliation against Negan. After that, I just gave up watching this. (I really felt that that season was pretty drawn out unnecessarily and I dont want to repeat it) Did I miss anything or should I continue on not watching this? My wife kept on insisting to continue watching this but with no end in sight and most of the outlet tells me it was bad, I really dont mind missing it.
  2. But it is in the internet, so it must be true
  3. https://www.hobby-shizuoka.com/en/index.html?fbclid=IwAR2C9gF8n6lCVvek07M-7yVadYsPmssGQeB1QAHwTzTVw9_eAv5Ui2JMSrw Unfortunate but already predicted. Too bad, it is one of the few convention that announce/launch Macross products
  4. I am not sure if people are raged by the troll are really enjoying the presence hahaha
  5. chyll2

    BANDAI DX YF-19!!

    stores only apply their business mark up. They dont really mark it up cause they want to. After the release though, it is up to the market to decide on the price of the toy. most of it appreciate but depreciation also happens.
  6. Created my account here 2013. It is the first time I've observe.
  7. Preorder cancelled! Looks like so far, the VF-1S hikaru has stabilized at 30,000 yen. This copy has been sitting for days now. https://order.mandarake.co.jp/order/DetailPage/item?itemCode=1129404249
  8. @Lolicon Arcadia PF's wheels need a slight wash to bring out some of the details. As always, great work.
  9. chyll2

    Hi-Metal R

    meanwhile, Mandarake has dropped its first (I think ) VF-4 roy at 9k yen. Sold out now though.
  10. chyll2

    Bandai DX VF-31

    With a day left, it still has a chance to creep to the market price (or at least the seller buying it with another account, this bit here is a conspiracy on my end lol)
  11. Hoping more from this series until it gets to a great success that they will tackle at some point the War of 1999.
  12. irc, Bandai never did WF. They are big enough to host their own.
  13. Does Hasegawa have an official social media page? Someone from them really need to see an Armored Messiah.
  14. Even a real "damaged" version gets sold at 23k yen
  15. You got yours on a sealed box, so its not exactly comparable though I always have good experience with used items in Mandarake. Almost all purchased are in good condition and I always get compensation if I got yellowing/damaged/missing item (if it happened not declared in their description).
  16. @tekering I also like metal build treatment of the Eva. I like them both but the TV-style just scream nostalgia.
  17. @tekering very nice EVAs. Looks like something that pop off the TV series. Really good proportion and seem like what I remember seeing on the TV
  18. Of course, the iconic positron cannon used by 01 is included in the deluxe set of 00. How typical Bandai
  19. chyll2

    Bandai DX VF-31

    speaking of kairos, unbox your unit and remove the plastic film on the wings. Mine cause the coating to disappear where it was lying on
  20. It cant even support the full plastic model. For standing it might be possible but for flight pose, never a good idea for plastic model, never a good idea for a figure with thicker plastic and diecast.
  21. dude, be careful browsing @Saburo album. It will pull you in so deep
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