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    Bandai DX VF-31

    imo, radome valk was never popular. Even at Gundam franchise, the counterpart are only a hit to a niche of the fans.
  2. It is a plastic conversion kit (these conversion kit are usually resin parts). You need the base 1/100 MG model kit as a base. While not a figure, I guess it counts toward being Third Party. Yeah, it is really funny when there are multiple version of the same subject from different brand that are proximate close to each other.
  3. Share us the feedback if they are ever improved. WuMing was using the superior model, a Resin Kit for the 2.0 Freedom. Unfortunately. there are a lot of QC problem, they even had to scrap the whole first batch due to how bad the pre-prod review. Unfortunately, first batch to market is still bad.
  4. What version is this called (in the third party world), seem like an improvement over the original with the satin/more flat finish. edit: just used google translate, it is their soul blue version.
  5. Did I miss it ? Mine's appearing at 349
  6. I just hope RG moves away to the advance joints it was famous for before. The miniature MG-ish inner frame is the better way to go.
  7. Nu Gundam should always have assymetric Fin funnels. The double set should always be something optional. Anyway, I'm not the target market so I should stop.
  8. If they can make a figure out of the Real Grade, I would jump on it. For the longest time, I am really tempted to get it but I dont since I am sure the runner will sit on the box since I can barely build anything now.
  9. That is exactly what noel is saying.. pulling down the shoulder (proper transformation) will lock all the chest pieces together. Most of the renewal 25 toy I saw in social medias are not properly transformed in this aspect. the chest is one of the most secured aspect of the 25/29. I played a lot with my 25 and the biggest problem are the hip and system of shoulders jointssss that can't be tightened
  10. Matte deactivate mode would greatly be appreciated
  11. I take back what I said. The Aile strike showed to have better quality now.
  12. @JakCrow imo the price is close to the web exclusive Strike. The finish needs improvements (I saw a different set of photo, not from the showzstore photo) even for a marketing material. I really like the Copies made by MC (the brand that released the 00, SF and Destiny) but this one seem to miss a lot.
  13. Took the 24700 one. More or less just a few hundred yen more expensive than getting it from Mandarake. Total from Mandarake using DHL: 27450 yen Total from FJ with buyer protection plan: 27845
  14. I dont remember it clearly but it usually changes every scene due to how they try to emulate the lighting. There is a post prior to you that shows it is blue.
  15. it still got value so if you can probably sell all and still got enough to buy one new toy now. The 1/48 GBP armor is simply the easiest to paint for custom.
  16. @Lolicon Never used it but I saw a lot of people using Molotow. It is a marker but people either use it directly or drain it and apply by brush. Seem really good.
  17. I saw it at a Facebook group called Macross@SG The album link is here if you have FB account.
  18. We all think the same until Bandai does what the unthinkable (yf-30 schemes) @Lolicon Impressive work and that plastic cover of that base really diffuses the light. Looks real good for a phone cam
  19. I dont get how NY is facing challenges with the 1S since those with mark up are paid up front. This is a change they implemented after they got burned with this practice before (basically accepting pre-order at a higher price while still paying pay later). And web exclusive are usually paid upfront.
  20. the first mandarake listing was 23k yen but it was opened. There have been several opening at 25k yen but you got to have to be fast. You need to monitor it real time as it tend to get sold out in minutes
  21. that is why he said, use whatever works for you. That what works best for him. The extra dollar do counts towards something in the end (again depends on how many you purchase in a year).
  22. Original batch is on December. But NY never updated the delivery date and continue to take order saying they can deliver it on December while P-bandai site clearly states April (I remember it being not December but was shared earlier that it is April)
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