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  1. So whats the verdict? Just courious
  2. The kits were sold on Macross world by the creater about a year ago. I am sure you can find if you did back in the pages about the kits. These have been out a while. and many of our members have them. Hope this helps.
  3. I have the first one! Now send me 2 of the new versions i am so in! This is a good idea Coby!
  4. You know I can tell you what they can do. Ok so the Velks are kind of a F-14 tomcat rip off. So they dont Look like the velks we know. However, They can use and F-14 type clone. This movie is Perfict for 2009 summer. Thats the timeline of the TV show if I am NOT mistaken? Things to look foward to. 1. Velks With 3 type of Transformation. They dont have to be Replicas, But god knows we would love them. expect some kind of double fin furture F-14 clone. ( However I pray to god they keep the Basic colors. Cannon Fodder, Fokker, Max Colors Etc. 2. Mecha They have to, they just do. Tomahawks, Defenders ( however they decied to do them) 3. Think of the Velks flying in the streets? Battling it out? 4. How the Zentron Mecha will look is Going to be the question. HOWEVER HG does OWN the Designs for the Sentinals( yeah I know but they are close to original( More box like) 5. SDF-1 will have to transform. Cant not have it. My personal thoughts. I do NOT think Ben and Max ( robotech Names) should be in this movie. They should be a sequel. They should concentrate on The main 6 episodes ending with the Mars Battle. And if it dos NOT suck, Bring them in on the second movie. TOO Much content to bring into one movie. Keep the story Simple for the first 7 Episodes. Their are WAY to many characters in those 7 that a GREAT movie could be created. Rick's Char ( or Hikru) however you want to keep it. Has alot of growing in that time. He needs to develop into the Commander he is. So keeping the first movie with him growing is the best choice. And ending the movie with Him Saving Misa AKA Lisa is the best way to do it. The end of the movie should be him getting his Medel of Honer Or whatever you want to call it and Foccker talking with him about how hes been promoted. Think of Star Wars and how Luke had to grown before he got his power. Thats one thing I enjoyed abou Lucas. and even the first spider man movie. they made Toby grow into his char, they did NOT push it all into one movie. I would not make 36 episodes into 1 movie. You just cant do it. That would be WAY to fast for his char. DYRL was WAY to fast. They tried to make 27 episodes into 1 movie. And to me too much to fast. Just my 2 cents. OK now your thoughts.
  5. This is sad you guys rape a movie for comming out. Should be happy in my opinion. But then you cant make people happy no matter what you do. I have been around here a long time now and I keep my mouth shut. But man You guys have to rape something thats entertainment. If you dont like it dont go see it. <-- Shakes head at this stuff
  6. Hey John thats cool, I think whatever you decided to do here will be a wonderful product. I am intreagued on how you going to work out the Missile pods for the top. I think its going to be something very nice in the end.
  7. Shoot John, How simple is this for you? I mean just 3 piece rework to the beanie cap. THe cap and 2 guns and you can market a whole other Kit? I would think about it. People, including myself would buy another kit. Heck you already have me for 4! 2 small and 2 heavy. Ranger565
  8. update been making my own decals for the defender. Blue Reapers! Ranger565[attachmentid=42462]
  9. Ahhh Ok mybad! hehehe. Somehow I missed that!
  10. Gatsu, Ok this is a very simple way of doing pannel lines with great looks 1. First Airbrush your kit with future floor wax ( let it dry for about a day) This will seal the base paint coat of your kit and give the decals a smooth glossy surface to adhear too. REMEMBER to clean your Airbursh with Windex! this is amonia that will remove the wax!! 2. add all decals Let them dry also for a day ( use mircosol if you know how to use it) 3. Dip your fine tipped brush in future floor wax and cover the decals ONLY. ONLY a thin coat will be needed (This will seal the decals) if you put to much you can cover the panel lines 4. OK now go to your local Art supply store and get Artest paints ( the kind in the tubs) you can buy white! Once this has dried. You take your brush and run along the pannel line. Let the white paint sit on the kit for about 5 min. Then take a paper towel and rub off the excess paint. you will notice that the pannel line is white. IF you rub some of the paint out of the pannel line. thats fine, Repeat and rub off the paint more gental. Let the pannel line sit for about a day once your done. You can go thicker or you can do it lightly. the Furture floor wax has your base coat and decals safe! WARNING! Some people say USE Linseed oil to thin the artest oil first) NO!!!!!!! DO NOT DO THIS! it will rip the paint off your kit. Just use the artest oil paint natural. Linseed oil is an enamal remover, however it will also rip acryl paints off too!!! OK once your done. and you have your pannel lines weatering done. Just airbrush the finish coat to the kit. Flat, Matt or Gloss coat. Your pannel lines will be sealed and nothing can hurt the paint job. here is an example of my use of the artest oils. I use them to make a kit look dirty at times and fill in pannel lines. look at the shoulder bicept on my Tomahawk. I used the artest oils on the kit. look for the pannel lines. Also I used it for the dented blast on the arm. IF you have any questions PM me! I am always able to help anyone on this page. Ranger565
  11. hey Sean what blue is that on your final battle version? I like that blue Ranger565
  12. Does it really look green? Humm must be the photo. The Phalanx is painted a sand/tan color. Ok will take better pics soon. once I get working on them. you will see it better. I think it looks just like it does on the TV show.
  13. Floquil SP Armor Yellow for the Defender and Floquil Depot Buff for the Phalanx.
  14. Defender and Phalanx Very early stages. and experimenting with decals ( destroid kite) I plan on making some Kill marks and other things. I have made them before, just lost all of my work But here is a preview of whats lying around on the bench! Or table or The place my girlfriend keeps telling me to move them before they get knocked off! Ranger565 [attachmentid=42236][attachmentid=42237][attachmentid=42238][attachmentid=42239][attachmentid=42240]
  15. Hey Cowie. Yeah thats the battle damage that John made to the tomahawk arm and shoulder, What I did was airbrush the natural coat of paint. Then when it dried I Air brushed Future floor wax on the whole body. Then I used Artist Oils, Black and Burnt Umber in and filled up the Hole of the damage. I Then wiped some away in the direction that the Damage took place. ( where the shell or round Landed) I let it dry fully for 3 days. THen I went back with a Enamal Steal an Dry brushed around the edges to give it that striped paint look. I love to battle damge my Kits. Its to me makes them looked used. if you have any questions or if you would like better pictures let me know. Ranger565
  16. Man thats nice. Can you post some pics from a few other angels? Thanks
  17. I am looking for 1/72 water slide decals. Wave, Custum, Hase, They getting harder to come buy these days.
  18. Completed! Mars Battle Tomahawk! TV episode 7! One of my favorite battles! I worked on the legs for 3 weeks. Gah! that was freaking hard! [attachmentid=41785][attachmentid=41784][attachmentid=41783][attachmentid=41782][attachmentid=41781][attachmentid=41780][attachmentid=41786] give me your thoughts!! Ranger565
  19. Hey guys looking for Macross Decals, or where I can get them. I know Wave and Hase made some and Then there are the Aftermarket ones. If anyone could let me know that would be great. Ranger565
  20. Shows you how much I am working!! I am in on this!!!
  21. John talked about doing totally new kits this comming year. ( after the Destroids) Now dont quote me but he said the kit will be a new kit with the Heavy and Small Missle pods. Personally I would like John to do a 1/72 scout first. Now back to my Tomahawk. LOL I have been Knee deep in work. Just need the decals!! they should be here soon Ranger565
  22. SORRY wrong Forum!! what was I thinking? Dealing with 2 many women at holidays! Sorry you can delete me
  23. I had asked the same question on the SM forums, Trust me His work will be perfect when its finnished.
  24. Yeah those are Freaking amazing. The Milia super Battroid is what I am currently working on. man he is good.
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