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  1. Thank you for the Info cap. I do not feel I would buy anything other then the GPB-1, according to this thread. I am really only a Macross TV fan. But I am intrested in any macross TV Model kits.
  2. Ranger565


    Gunship Grey-- Testers if you using Enamel
  3. DANG!! Mike I do have 1 question if you can answer. after the Main body work is completed, are you going to go back and work on Detailing the Kit with pannel lines and Etc? Just courious Ranger565
  4. Hey, Cap I am good for 1 Order Thank you Ranger565
  5. Dont know, Just looking for someone to give me a quote. Then I will be able to tell if its worth it. Not going to pay over 50.00 for it I know for sure. Ranger565 Let me know
  6. Yep you can tell by the symbol on the plane its from Mospeada
  7. Hello, Looking for this Macross Model Manual. Looking to buy Thank you Ranger565
  8. Well I am in New Orleans, so its been hard to find here, Also the 3 small Hobby shops I have near me told me they could not get it anymore ands its been over a year since they could get it. dont know. But just tryign to buy localy, guess i will have to order online from now on. thank you
  9. Hey guys, Is there any reason that Tamiya Putty is nearly impossiable to buy in the USA?? Now I have heard the roomer the Putty will not ship to the Country because it has some kind of unhealty product in the putty, that the USA does NOT want its consumers having. I have to go on Ebay to buy this product now. and 95% of the sellers are NOT from the US. So if anyone can shed some lite on this subject and where it wont cost me 17 USD a tube from a store in the USA. Or if you can point me to a better product. Thank you Ranger565
  10. problem is we know Cap is good for this, Only thing I can see him doing it is actually getting the money upfront. I know people hate this. and maybe Rob can hold the money or somthing. The kit would have to be made in a timely mannor If we were to do that. I mean with in 3 months or so. Once all the kits are made, he ships, and Rob or someoen gives him the cash. Only way I can see it be truly fair to Cap. Cap. Honestly I would like to see and I am Serious, Small and Heavy Missle Pods for your 1/72 Battle pods, after you complete the the Figures for the pods. I Know for a fact you will get 2 orders from me one small and one Heavy. I know its just an add on, but that is much more affordable and I think those of us who have your pods will buy it. I could create a list of things I want to to see you make, but I want you to get what comming to you for a project, and not waste your time. oh and a nice GPB-1 Armor would be nice. Hope you enjoy working on this stuff. I Know I enjoy your work Thanks
  11. That is just !!!!! wow. I mean wow, did I say wow?
  12. Thank you Very much, after Hub Hobby went under water its been hard to get supplies I need. I may just take a trip out there next weekend.
  13. being in New orleans I dont get a chance to keep up with this stuff much. So I keep missing things. I am up for 1 Kit
  14. Were Getting a Ghost! Were Getting a Ghost. I Just droped 20 years of age and Dancing around the Christmas tree! Man thats awsome looking! Humm OK lets think about Paint Color. One thing I know its NOT oberth blue its a dark blue. Prob like a Dark Sea Blue. However I am in new Orleans, and my local hobby shop took 15 feet of Water, so I dont know where I will get paint supplies. Prob going to have to order it from some online store.
  15. Dont know if anything will come of this post. Been a long time since its been talked about. I am in for the GPB-1 TV armor. But Then again I only like the TV Macross. to me I would like to see a nice Resin Armor that would fit over a a VF-1
  16. OMG if that was in my Hands today i would stop all of my Current Projects!! Sorry But I have to be added for 1 more. Need to have 2. that thing going to be worth some cash in a few years!! So add me for one more please!
  17. Ack you left me off the list Grayson! I am down for 1 please And Coby, I agree with you on the box art. I would pay an extra 5 bucks for that Thank you Ranger565
  18. OH HELL YEAH!!! I am in!!! for 1 Ranger565
  19. Gah I want this kit bad. Problem is I live in New Orleans and Right now I am trying my best to rebuild a life, Its killing me that I have to hold out. But I need a few more months. Then I will have a better Idea of my Future. Ranger565
  20. guys i am from New Orleans, I have lost all mail if it were in new orleans and it cannot recovered and is lost. I am trying to find a way to get my mail. If the people in the United tates have had there kits shiped by mail already mine maybe lost for ever since New Orleans is my mail hub and the main mail hub office is under 10 feet of water. so if anyone can please let me know if the kit has been shiped. please emial me at wampler56@charter. net. Guys I dont want to loose this kit. Ihave paid alot of money for it. Thank you Ranger565
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