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  1. Oh you got to be kidding me? NO way! ROFL
  2. Do you know what I would buy in a heart beat? a 1/72 Macross Ground crew. IF someone was a wonderful figure sculpture that would be nice. Could do a Fire crew, deck hands, General uniforms, Pilots. just a thought
  3. When I look at that picture I just see this Image of it in a Mars Base battle Diorama with 2 1/72 Tomahawks One on each side, one of Caps 1/72 Phalanx's, a Spartin underneeth the guns and a Defender in the back behind it. LOL Yeah I know crazy Image in my mind. If I had the time and Room that the Image of a Big Dispay Diorama I would create. PS. would love to see some pics of that Imperial walker. if you get time
  4. Man I LOVE the Cannon Fodder. They are my Favrite Fighter. Insignificant but needed. OMG thats just increadible. would love to see a Battroid Version. with TV Style head. NOT the DRYL Head.
  5. owh woah moah coah Dang! that is freaking awsome! Ranger565
  6. Thank you for all your help. I am trying to evaluate what I paid for the kits and what they are worth. I am not increasing prices that I see very much. Infact I see some prices for the kits higher then what I am selling for. So thanks for all your help and feedback. Ranger565
  7. Hey guys I am just wondering what are decent prices to sell all of these old kits at? I have a post up in the Seller' section, but I am not sure of prices. I like to think I have an idea but I am starting to wonder. I know what I see prices for but I have to find a way to sell all of this. If anyone would be willing to give me some decent price quotes let me know. I just cant make them anymore and I dont have the time. its a shame I have to sell but I dont have room in my life for kits anymore. I have to sell them all, This is only the first 2 boxes I have of kits. I have not tuched the other stuff. LOTS of Resin stuff too. IF anyone can help with some price quotes or if you are intrested let me know. I have a spot up in the seller section. Ranger565
  8. 386763[/snapback] Bah I ment no disrespect.
  9. with 60 orders, how will the first ones go out? IMHO. those who have been with the project from the beginning should be able to pay first. I have no problems with everyone getting there wish. But thoes who have been with this from day one, should get first crack at the kit. my 2 cents
  10. oh, oh, oh, oh wow, like /faint and stuff. soon as you say pay. i will be hitting my Paypal button!
  11. Hey mike, you must have missed my question about the Kit its on page 20 near the bottom Ranger565
  12. Mike I know its hard to see from your pictures, but the face or nose of the monster has allot of pannel lines like the indention on top of the face/nose. I was wondering if you were still working on this kind of pannel lineing. In a way its kind of its facial features I hope that you can preserve. Ranger565
  13. HOLY! this thing going to have Landing gear?
  14. Wow that one looks really beat up Ranger565 but in a very convincing way. I always wanted to have a TV Hikaru 1-J finished that way - his plane(s) get a lot of damage IF he brings them down in one piece. So far I did not have the guts to take a pristine Hasegawa kit and do so much weathering and damage to it but your pics look encouraging 368896[/snapback] I wanted to create a Fighter in what I felt would be a VF-1A that was really in the battle. Everyone makes a joke that the CFs were always destroyed. Not in my case. These fighters were the Backbone of the Fleet. CF or not. They stood there ground and Fought just as hard. To me its my idea of the Dirt, Soot and Look of a VF-1A would have been through in a battle of that Size. The odds were against him 300:1 I did a lot of Debris and flack damage because I wanted to give the effect is was from an exploding Pod that he just blew the hell out of; at close range. I dont think even Max would have come back from that battle without a few scratches or a clean VF-1J So its my tribute to the Little guy.
  15. Well I know many of you have seen my CF before, but its never been posted on this tread. Here you go. "CF Survivor" Last battle (TV)
  16. Small Update on the 1/72 Battroid Milia Got the Boosters done! Only took me 2 weeks
  17. Cap, You dont need a poll. I will take 1 small missile and 1 Heave missile now please. Thats why i have not built one of your pods yet.
  18. LOL thats why I orderd 2. one I am going to start on soon as its in my hands, the other will sit on a dusty shelf so that I have extra. Had to delete my comment. Figured it was not approprate.
  19. if I am not mistaken they are places to hoist the fighter or VF. They are clamps that allow for cranes to hold them up. If you watch The TV show, you will see Super VF-1S being hosited by a crane attacted to the clamps. But then That was my opinion. Nanashi? I know you know hehehe? Tell us what they are for sure!
  20. The Perfect Milia VF-1J Death Baroness, Last Battle, Episode 27, Hase 1/72 Battroid. Well its been over a year since I made a Macross kit. So I figured this is one I have been wanting to do for a LONG time. So far so good and a close up of the Arms Going to take a while. Prob a few months. But Damn she going to be a killer! Ranger565
  21. It was still there just waiting to be picked up. Didn't even cost close to $50.00. I picked it up and will send you the details when I get home and pics. 360920[/snapback] Thank you Very much. PM me when you get the time about the details
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