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  1. there are several ways to strip the chrome. if you are from the us you can use this formula cleaner. in europe mr muscle should do the job by the way I finished the building process of my 1/48 Tiger yesterday. I will post some pics when it is painted
  2. I thought that would be interesting. I do a YF-19 right now.... will post some pics soon.
  3. I think in the last hobby japan was an instruction how to build one...:/
  4. thank you very much....my next project will be the Zero VF 0S I wanted to do the 1S first but I have these photoetched detail sets and I`m a little afraid of doing something wrong...
  5. then another question....you thin the oil with terpentine, don`t you....doesn`t it destroy the acrylics?
  6. @grayson: I know that my panel lines are really dark. but I like it that way. I think that undelines the comic-effect a little. It is a technique I use on my gundams too. I don`t know if a oilwash would work on a kit painted with waterbased acrylics.
  7. I think it is the No1 sheet. Weapons are added:
  8. the macross sign is bigger then the actual one in the kit... by the way armarments are finished 85% just the decals are missing....it will be finished by today!!!
  9. Only the missiles are still missing, but the will follow soon. This way you can see the underside better. The decals from Macross are from a special hasegawa add on sheet. The plane itself is a 1/72 Revell F-14-D:
  10. Tuffskull

    Zero VF-0S

    In my personal opinion, this is one of the best Valkyries I have seen ever!!! Two thumbs up...and one additional thumb when I have a third hand...
  11. Really cool colour choce...the blue is something, which is not seen often. I prefer more weathered things...but it looks great!
  12. Tuffskull


    the hands are from kotobukiya and you can get them at hlj. 600 yen each pair. They are not poseable, but you can change there poses before painting. They are much cheaper as b-club hands and really cooler... the mobile suit is a 1/144 star jegan from g-system 75% completeted
  13. Tuffskull


    I did many Gundams before, but this is the first resin one I`m doing, his hands are pewter hands from kotobukiya, because the resin ones were to static in my opinion:
  14. Tuffskull


    it took me a little longer to take the pics bacause I`m working on a Gundam too, which is more important in the moment because it is for a contest...so finally another shot from my baby...I`m painting the panel lines now. the upper side will be finished today
  15. nice kits...really....I love the details int he cockpit
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