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  1. Roys Fast packs are ONLY if you going to make the DYRL. Roy was already dead when the Fast Packs were Ready in the TV show. 90% of all TV versions of the VF's you do will be Prometheus. As for the Airfield they took off out of it was New Macross City. I have and I think i have seen a Decal with NMC on the side. I will have to take a look and get back to you. PS I am FREAKING Anal when it comes to accuracy of the TV show kits. My kits that I have done are to spec. Sad I take 2 or more weeks sometimes just to Make sure I have all the colors right.
  2. Looking to buy 1/72 Old school Imai Macross Destroid defenders. I am looking for more then one. Just send me a PM if you have something lying around that you care to sell. They are not hard to find but I am looking for a few. Just helping a buddy out. Thanks guys Ranger565 AKA Carl
  3. OK! NOW This is a perfect example of what I would love Capt. To take a looking into Building. I think he would sell MANY of the Aircraft like this.
  4. The Armor on the TV VF-1A is close to an Olive Drab Green, VF-1J Is More in blue Gray and the VF-1S is More Dark blue. I have pictures in my Reference book that I cut off of boxes and saved and Pics I have found. I do lots of Research before I build a kit. I just dont have that stuff now that I moved to Cali last year. Thats why no kits built on my end. Its all back home in New Orleans.
  5. This is the kit John should make for the 1/72 Velks. I know people would buy them. Prob 2 or 3 each. I know I would be in for 2, just because the VF-1A GPB is Different color then the VF-1J armor
  6. Yeah I am wanting one too. Just need to gt my new apt set up!
  7. yes I concur!!!! I am wating for 2
  8. Ok ok ok, I will get on this. Sorry for the delay Work= the devil, and when you work with Animals they tend to take over your life sometimes
  9. Strange the Vf-2SS was there lol but the Tomahawk and the Glaug is still there. Oh well, at least you can get the Tommy and the Glaug
  10. the tomahawk and the glug and vf-22 still there they just down the page. Set the search for Bandi Macross only they pop up! FYI to those who care
  11. And I quote the Movie "Short Circit" I am standing here beside myself! HEHE and again my "Woah"! Payment ready!
  12. I would also invest in some good sand paper. from 100-3000 grit. Even 4000 if you plan to do plastic clear windows like on a VF-1 Hase kit. Its helps smooth joints where you use putty and glue.
  13. yeah I am going to get back to this. Just tired, with work and its hard to sit at my comp for 3 hours typing things up sometimes.
  14. Sorry I have not been able to continue this today. work is just crazy. I will start again later tonight. I think we should also make a weathering theread on these boards. Oh can Cowie I will get into the bullet holes. I promise. I would love to hear of other people ideas and abilities too. I think we could all benifit from it.
  15. Hehe yeah its actully alot of Pastels and oil washes. on the VF-1A I have not gotten into much of that yet. I was just taking a small break. If I am over doing this let me know. I wanted to work on part 3 after dinner. I am kind of Nervious posting on this stuff. I am sure others have great ideas. But I will be back with part 3 soon. Ranger
  16. Part 2 Once I have glued what pieces togeather that I can Paint easy. I begin painting the parts that I KNOW have to be painted before glued. I am sorry I dont have any before pics to the Fighter but this is the best I had at the time. You can see that I was working on the kit and comming up with ideas. 3. Prime your parts, Get all the stuff needed to paint them. RESEARCH what you want to do. Think about what paint scheme, what Colors, what dammage you want to portray. I normally took me about 2 weeks of research before I made my kit. I wanted mine to be right, 90% of the pics I have seen out there are wacked. So if you wanted stuff to be right you take the time . I dont like my kits to look like they are right off the assembly line. To me Macross anything has seen combat. So if you see me do a kit you will see the Battle Dammage and the Wear and Tear on a kit. Here is a few pics of my Tomahawk from John Mascoto. This was me working as I began to invision what I wanted to do. Its hard to explain my Planning process but the pictures will explain how I was thinking. This Tomahawk again was themed from the Mars Battle. I used Orange powder on the legs to give the effect it was walking in the dirt and dust of Mars. There is 3 shades. a Light Orange dust, Dark orange Dust, and the color Rust powder. They can be bought at a hobby shop. I did not like the decals I put on the first part of the kit. So I did remove them later and placed Indian decals. I love naked women on my Kits, Just gives it that GUYS touch. And the feel of World War 2 pin ups. The decals can be bought from Starshipmodeler if you dont already know. They are part of the "Cheesecake Series" PS. I never liked the Indian after I was done. I chose it because its a "Tomahawk" I thnk I would have liked a better looking Indian. But I did put the Indian chick on the side crawling Also MANY of these decals I custam made. or used from The Buyer Sheets that you can find out there on Ebay. I custom made the Red and white Kite.
  17. Part one Hey guys, and Cowie Here is some of the weathering ideas I have learned over the years. But for me to explain I Need to take you back to some of the basic stuff and Fabricating that I had done to the kits. I dont claim to be an expert, becuse I have learned alot from this board. Yes I did post this a long time ago and I know the pictures are no longer on the thread. So I will just post some of the steps that I did in a shorter form but with lots of pictures and ideas for you guys to try. First off when I created this kit about 4 years ago I was still in the newb stage of my modeling and learing alot from you guys. So with what I larned I started to work on it with steps. First this kit is the VF-1A super from Hasegawa. ( they can still be bought.) First give you a background on what I did to paint and start the kit. When weathering a kit I find it all starts in the Painting. I wanted to represent the what a VF-1A Standered issue would look like in the middle of the Last battle in episode 27. I called this "The Survivor" Everyone knows that the Cannon Fodders were always blown away, but to me this is my Fav fighter. Guess you can say I have always had a heart for the backbone of the Basic Fighters. After cutting my pieces out from the sprew trees. 1. I wash them in dishwashing soap. I make sure I get all of the Oils from my skin and other debris off the parts ( you need to do this for any kit.) 2. I begin to Build the Kit. Using Putty where needed and Making sure that I work each piece. ( If it takes me 2 hours on 1 piece then I will work on it. If I get tired I just put it down and come back. I like to use very fine Sand paper up to 3000 grit. Here is some pictures of a project that I never got to finish. I ended up moving to Long Beach Cali and I had to leave alot of my stuff back home in New Orleans. But they show some of the process. I was desiging a VF-1A Battroid Standerd issue with booters. This was my thread posted on the Monkey boards last year. But as I said, I never got to complete it What I was showing here is that the DYRL Head is WAY different from the TV Head. And I was always a TV fan the Kit is designed after the DRYL Heads. So I cut out and used PART 15! from the FIGHTER KIT Clear Sprew. IF you notice Their is no use for part 15 and its was some kind of design for the TV Head So I made it work and made the head.
  18. I have had a few messages for more pics of the VF-1A here you go.
  19. Well You can make a 1/72 TV pilot from the missile sets. I guess I will just have to do a show and tell, However I dont have my stuff with me that I live in LA Some of you guys may remember this. My VF-1A Survivor from the last battle. Take a look at the pilot. hes been reworked from the Missile set. Ranger565
  20. Sign me up for a Catseye OMG I would go nuts for that!
  21. OKOK NOW what I would love to know is HOW in the heck you do the lights on the legs? That silver with white to bring it out? Thats beautiful!
  22. Mike Just wanted to let you know I am still in for the Grand set of things So once you have the sets ready I will be all over it
  23. Whats a Cheyene? Must not be TV related? Sorry but I have only gotten into the Original TV show only
  24. Hey John! GNARL!! I am down with that. But man thats going to be big! Bigger then a 1/72 Valk By about 4 or 5 inches!
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