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  1. John I know you do this for the love of what you do. No one would take the time to do the craftmenship that you offer for what I seen. Thats why I am willing to pay the cost for a kit I have always wanted. Even if you do get a little profit off of the top of your work. I know that many others and I are not complaining. Last crazy question. Is the Cats Eye still on your list of things?
  2. John with all that you had to do with this kit and its size and work. Is This a size of a kit you would not tackle again? I know you put a lot of hard work into it, but was this at times overwhelming and Just not worth it for your time? I know we all love an appreciate it, but doing this kind of project again in the future not be worth it? Carl
  3. John thanks for all you do. I know I cant wait until your next project, but I am sure it will be awhile.
  4. John my dream from you is the Cats Eye. My Favorite of all. I have the original, but man that puppy from you would be awsome.
  5. I was going to suggest Hobbyfan, but they are not instock. I will keep looking, Dont be afraid to ask a question here. if someone gives you trouble for asking a question, they dont belong here. This is a model forum. you can ask whatever you like.
  6. Oh man Peter I wish I knew you wanted one. I had one and sold it on Ebay. I had them on this forum for sale but no one wanted it then I ended up selling it for 80.00.
  7. Well John, I am in. I figure I will NEVER get one again If I dont. Carl
  8. That is freaking nice man. Very nice,
  9. John if that garfish is a production for sale. I am in.
  10. Yeah got mine too. Now just want to see some Destroid pilots to go with Johns kits. That would be nice
  11. Second that about the missiles?
  12. Ok the missles are correctly painted. WHAT in the world did you do? Please let me know so I can redo mine like that
  13. LOL Peter? you realize you have to make 2 specific Figs for this now? LOL And I am sure you know which 2? Just joking, But yeah this would be nice. I am going to use 2 of the Male figures that I bought from you if John gets around to the Cats Eye. Sucky part is I live in Cali with none of my Model Materials, they are all back in Louisiana, But I will be buying and Painting your Pilots when then arrive. So I have them ready to go.
  14. Like the size of the external tank to the space shuttle. that would be a 1/72nd
  15. EXO You took the words out of my mouth, I know this is a wishlist, but I think most of what Cap works on is Macross TV related. However, I cannot speak for Cap and he may tackle many other projects, But as of date hes has done Macross TV. Which is why I love the work he does. Hey I am all for other projects, But I would not be very interested in those. To give you a hint of things that we could see for future release that have been talked about before in 1/72 is All Are Macross TV: GPB VF-1 Armor Glaug ( Have to sell an arm for this one) Cat's Eye ( better version then the Tannman project) Zen Male and Female Armor These are just Ideas, and things that have been talked about, none are fully on the block other then the Glaug.
  16. Yeah and thats why I have to find a way to get the money if I can. I can try, I used to get overtime and that helped me with my Macross Kit addiction, But now thats gone I have to watch what I spend.
  17. Yeah Kind of depresses me, all overtime has been cut, my Job is on Highering Freeze its ugly. And we have so much work to do they they are making us do and removing the contractors from the Job to cut down costs. For me 300+ for a kit right now Is too much even if its in May. Something smaller is fine. I can save 50 here and there until the next kit is ready but I cant put out too much in the next few months. Just not smart for me. But I back whatever John wants to do. How about those Ground trucks? or even the Cats eye, or even something else not talked about.
  18. Not sure If I can afford the Glaug right now. I can put in about 150.00 buts thats all. Money is tight, and very tight
  19. WOW nice job man! Glad the Pics I got you really helped. I will be sending you my order tonight. I guess we have to reg on your Page. FYI in Advance I will be buying 3 to start
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