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  1. I am having the same issue. John if you have my emial any format will be fine. Carl
  2. Yeah but my bank freaked out when they saw the $1.00 charge and nothing else. I guess I cant blame my bank. It would be best if Hobby search said that on their website and what the transaction company name like they told me in the letter. But hey With this world we live in. I am glad my bank was looking out for me.
  3. Dear Customer, Thank you very much for your inquiry and we are deeply sorry for your confusion. First of all, the small amount of the charge like 1 USD is so-called "test charge". It is charged to your bank account when you submit your credit card details on the ORDER FORM page and it will be back to your bank account within a few weeks. Secondly,charges conducted by HOBBY SEARCH can be one of the following names. a) HOBBY SEARCH b) MITSUBISHI UFJ NICOS c) Veritrans Therefore, if you informed your bank or credit card issuer of those names, there would be no problem when we try to authorize your credit card. Again, we are deeply sorry for your confution and your understanding would be greatly appreciated
  4. Ok thank you FlyBoy, I will have to wait until tomorrow to remove the pending Hold On my account. I just wanted to make sure it was them. Carl
  5. Hey guys I just got a Pre auth on my credit card from a company in Japan, and the ONLY thing I have pre orders is the Wave 1/72 Tomahawk from Hobby search. The website states that it will not be shipped until late August. So you can see my concern. As of right now my Credit card is on hold and no other charges can be charged. Hobby Seach States that they will NOT charge your credit card until the item has been shipped. So as of now I have a $1.00USD charge on my card from a Company that is showing up as "UFJcard." This is the card I used for the Pre-Sale. Has anyone else orderd from them before and not had an issue with this company? And is this the charge company on your statement? If not then I will have to cancle this card and open a new account. I have emaild the company and as of the past 24 hours I have NOT had a reply from them. thank you for any info you guys may have. Carl
  6. Yeah I am going to have to fix the Waist and the head, The Waist is too skinnny, almost like its starving to death and trying to get in a corcset.
  7. yes I did but thank you I can use this one too!
  8. I know you guys think I am nuts but what I think is really bothering you guys is the guns on the head/face. They are very wong, I will admit that. But its fixable. very fixable. I have already started getting my materials togeather for this thing. Carl
  9. Thank you very much John. Just courious.
  10. Hey John, Wonderful kit, but I have a question? Is their anyway for you to put the Circle Marking(Panel Lines) around the Radar Dish? Or is that something we will have to Make a decal for? My only option on something that size, is for me to use a Razor from a Gasket making box( as in Cutting a gasket for Pipe or Large scale pumps) on black Vinyl to create the look.( only way for me to make a Perfect circle) I guess I can use a protractor? If I have confused you my bad. Not sure how else to explain what I am talking about. I know this is anal but for me to be an exact replica I will have to do this Carl
  11. Just wait until I get my hands on this thing! Oh its coming too!
  12. :lol:I am so waiting to see the Radar Dish!
  13. Thank you Peter! Thats all i would need for this kit! Carl
  14. I am sorry to say they are gone 8( Whats left is whats up top. 8( Carl
  15. Yeah I know what you mean, all I have are star wars cards, lol
  16. sorry the Phlanx has been sold. and shipped.
  17. Updated for whats left. If the stuff on hold does not pan out, then it will be open again
  18. The ones on hold have not been paid for but I am waiting to find out if they are going to pay. I will let you know if they are open again. Keep checking back.
  19. Yeah but its more affordable. Look at Mechtech whos building his ship. a 1/200 monster is going to be much cheaper to come buy these days then what they are now. In the long run it will save him money. $40.00 is better then $80.00+ dollers.
  20. Some are open again. The ones on hold are not finalized but have given notice.
  21. AS OF NOW ALL KITS except 1 are on HOLD to one large buyer. I will let you know if they become avilable.
  22. yeah beautifull. I am sad that I am selling every other of his kits right now in the for Sale section. Just I really do want this one.
  23. Hey guys, Well this is something I never planned on doing, but after some thought I have decided to sell my Moscoto Kits. They are all in near Perfect Condition. I have attached Pictures for you to see. Please feel free to ask me any questions about the kit. Paypal is the choice of Payment Many of you know me and know that I am the Real deal when it comes to my kits. Shipping will be to your country. So if you’re interested I will get you the shipping charges. And Insurance if you want can also be provided. Prices are non negotiable and they will not rise or go down. It’s with a heavy heart that I even sell these. If they do not sell, then I won’t be selling them again This is your ONE Chance to buy them, and I would buy them before I take this off with a second thought. I just don’t have time to build them and I don’t have the room for them any longer. I am selling them for the Price I did buy them at from Captain America and I will not ask for more or Less. So please send me a PM of your choice. First come first serve. You will have a period of 1 week to pay if I have more then one interest in an item, unless we make other arrangements for payment. But I will not hold them forever. Thank you for looking. Remember: This is what I paid for Each Kit! All are in Original Packaging and if they had Decals they ARE with the kit. Zentron: 1/72 Tactical Pod Glaug HOLD Macross: 1/72 Destroid Defender--- $120.00 1/72 Destroid Tomahawk---$130.00 1/72 Launch Pylon- NOT Recast but sold Molds to Starship Modeler HOLD M-Club 1/72 Strike Valkyrie Fighter - $50.00 Thats all thats left
  24. This is the one I have been wating well over a year for.
  25. I am in for one. I would have taken another but a little out of my price at this time.
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