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  1. Johns Little Kitty going to make a pretty penny if he decides to do it! Johns Cats-Eye that is That thing is going to be sick!
  2. Ranger565


    Ok I worked on the Torso Symbol of the Tomahawk. I am stuck at work tonight doing the overnight and well Nothing going on So I did this. I think its a pretty good job for what I had to work with. What you think? The picture shown is a JPEG. Not as good as the BMP I have it saved in for printing.
  3. Ranger565


    Using Laser jet paper. I take them to Kinkos and boom my job is done. fast and with color. FYI if your still seeing the Decals, have you tried the Future Floor wax method? That might work. Use the Future to hold in your base paint, then apply the decals, then put a small layer of future on again. it give the decal a gloss background and smooth to sit on, it seals your paint and then after its dry you add some on top of the decal to set it and you should not be able to see it anymore. Carl
  4. Ranger565


    I agree I think Decals are the best things this board could offer each other. Decals make the kit. Mixing and matching, Squardron markings. Anasazi had nice decals, not sure what he used. But i would love a variety of macross decals, Things that people would really want. Stuff for Johns Destroids, Squardons for VF-1s or any other kit you would like. I am going to contct this company find out what I need to do. See what they offer. I know its not cheep. But you never know. Maybe I could front the money work with an artist on the boards to get the stuff done. But It cant be Someone elses art. Has to be original or it would be stealing.
  5. Ranger565


    Ok so I found this out. I dont know much about how this is done. But I did find this site. These are the guys who look like they make MANY of the companies we buy from. http://www.cartograf.com/ FYI. I am working on some Decals, I have made them before. I would like to know what you guys think. I am going to post a few pics to give you a heads up on what I have been up to. I really enjoy making them. who knows If the price is right I may contact this company and have some made. Not sure how much anything can be worth. Here are some pics of things I have ideas for. So let me know what you think. I Also will have zentron Letters and markings. I have added a few pics of stuff I have done in the past. The Destoid Leg Markings are PERFECT!!!! They fit the Side of the Leg SPOT on! I will have Kill Marks on Both sides, So if you want to dress up Johns Pods you can do so. If anyone is up for it I am down. Carl Ranger565
  6. Ranger565


    Ok I am sure I wont get many responces to this. I know some of you guys can make decals and I have made some of my own. But how in the heck does companies like, Revell, Hase make those decals you buy in their kits? I know its not done on an Alps printer. Is their some kind of device they own or have? Something one can buy commercial? I am just courious for I have spent about 2 hours tonight trying to find out. If anyone has a clue or knows a video or website that shows this I am just a courious person. Thank you Ranger565 AKA Carl
  7. Here is a few pics of the Destroid Monster and Phalanx. I really think they are 1/200. I will let you guys decided when you see them in person. Carl
  8. Oh and I also Pulled out the those Crazy Resin Destroids in 1/200 that I want you too look at Mech when you get here. I even have a 1/200 Phalanx, all resin. These are NOT the 1/144 that have been around. ( they are Smaller) I am going to take better pics tonight with my new camera and show you the size. All are Resin and I have 1x Destroid Monster 1x Destroid Phalanx 1x Destroid Defender 2x Destroid Spartan 2x Destroid Tomahawk. Check back tonight about 9:30PST for the pics. I am still at work until 8:30PST
  9. AHH I am in for 2 sets easy!
  10. Dont think their is any backstory or appearance, its just something that Hase came up with. It sure was not in the TV show.
  11. I am in for the TV version. BUT I would love the ARMD to go next to it as if they are in a fleet. That would be sick!
  12. Its nice but as of looking at those unfinished pics in the mag. Its missing some Serious Detail in a 1/48 scale kit. IT needs LOTS of work. More work then the Tommy.
  13. You can always find a good deal on a Model kit around, Not just one person sell them. Trust me. You can find good deals. You just have to wait and be patient. I know at least 10 Macross sellers Other then Vintage_Macross on Ebay that No longer Have their stores. They sold the 1/100 Kits for over 50 bucks. And Vintage_Macross never sold them for that price. You can find his old kits on Ebay From time to time and he sells the Spartin and Defender the most fro 29.99. Thats a good price for a vintage kit. Many of the Japanese sellers are also NO longer selling, Why? They were too expensive, no one bought their kits, so they gave up. Either they paid to much for the kit or They were trying to scalp people. You can always find a kit thats cheeper someplace else. Even some of the guys selling on here are WAY to expensive. Sorry to offend but they are. Carl
  14. Hate to say it but the face to me looks most accurate. With the mouth open it really really does. Go check the pannel lines and the Shape in teh art books. They did get that right.
  15. I am down for one as well. I wanted the first one but Money was an issue back then. Its not now. Carl
  16. Good thing is Hase kits are much easier to get then the wave Kits and I think the Monster, Tommy and the VF-1S Wave kits are going to go fast. Heck If want 5 Tommys alone, Time to do the Diorama I have always wanted.
  17. I am happy I can make a 1/48 Cannon Fodder. I am also down with some aftermarket parts too.
  18. Great the Wave Tommy has a Getto Boodie and T-Rex Arms
  19. I am too Just Let us know. Cough, Send to John, Cough
  20. This makes 5, but TV version. Sorry 007, Not a fan of the DYRL
  21. I dont think it would be as big as Johns Glaug, but It will cost about 300 like his Gnarl. Big yes, but not as big as the Glaug, I would like one too.
  22. Yeah I did not realize I was under my seller name on here Vintage_macross when I told John I was up for another Pod kit. LOL Its all good. He knows I am going to buy it anyway.
  23. Hey guys I did not want to start a new thread on this, but does anyone have the Regault Scout Instructions and the Zentron Instructions? ( the ones that fit in the regular regalt and the standing?) I Dont know how But I lost them a while back. Thank you for any help Carl
  24. Sucks they only offer DYRL Pilots. I liked the TV uniforms better. Guess I will have to Cut the Football pads off the shoulders for these guys too.
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