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  1. DYRL style is fantastic...hope to see Strike pack very soon.... :D
  2. amazing...but i'll wait vf 1s strike pack movie ver. i'm still working on my yf 19 ''lighted '' ... is really difficult
  3. my next work will be an YF 19 1/48 scale lighted...stay tuned for news!!
  4. i agree... the way that macross frontier takes is really for childs... nothing compared whit DYRL and macross plus atmospheres . i still hope in a new footage of original macross (like buronson do with hokuto no ken gaiden saga)
  5. captain america....you're all our hopes!!!!!
  6. i think we don't see a battroid mode until all the macross fighters are produced (like happens with the 1 72 series)
  7. yeah...one of the best VF i ever seen...maybe this time hasegawa will make it (however my hopes aren't too much)
  8. ehi man! maybe you understimate yourself...i think this is a very good model,enough for a diorama with a new 1/48 vf 1 hasegawa... with some work this will be perfect i think....however,if you can make a resin copy let me know, or if you can't,i wonder you can send me some project scheme so i build myself! I LOVE IT!!!!!
  9. imagine a lighted up kit.. this will be my next project after YF19....however, i think we don't see this model on sales before january-march. I hope super/stike pack and weapons don't comes separately
  10. Captain! you MUST design a new super pack for this model kits!!!!!!
  11. AMAZING!! do you know if the kit have different type of pieces and joints to allows the super pack? (like the 1 72 super version)
  12. Italy...i think the only one in forum ..(please don't ask me about Berlusconi...i hate him! ).Hy everyone!
  13. hi john, pleased to meet you!!! i just want to say your models are simply AMAZING!!! i hope you consider the n.ger as your next project, you can give justice to this mecha (and to my diorama finally )
  14. i agree.... just don't think reguld is so big...is just 16 mt. and maybe the pilot legs are inside the regult legs (like n.ger)... the only one that is too small is the glaug
  15. nousjadeul ger !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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