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  1. Yeah. That's like 50% of the price I paid for mine (with shipping). Go for it, unless you dislike purple-grey jets. I liked mine alot.
  2. Same here. Damn, the blue's one very nice indeed. Oh well, at least my Red Ranka Lee can join my Red and Blue China-san (Spirit of Wonder) and my various Chun-Lis in their Chinese Food Delight shop in my home. p.s. Yeah, it's the same color shades of paint as used in the Red and Blue China-sans.
  3. Oh well, there's billions of races out there in the universe. What's the significance of 1 race being killed off? p.s. I'm being sarcastic. Replace the word race with humans, and you can see that we as a race, are not progressing any further more than when we discovered fire. Back on topic, I do liked that fact that Yuki and Kodai realised the significance of their actions. And because of that, Space Battleship Yamato has always being my favourite anime, along with Gatchaman. Yes, even as a 6 year old kid, I actually understand the basic messages these 2 animes said about humans, science and technology. In this sense, Japanese anime is better than American cartoons, with the former's ability to say that there are different shades of grey rather than the clear black and white that the latter usually emphasise on, and their use of violence to achieve the ends, without any thoughts of the consequences of their actions.
  4. Yes, please, I need a blu-ray version of it. Money's tight right now so I didn't buy tickets from the sculpers. (Anyway, money's spent there ain't going to the Macross singers that we adore) And TONNES of Thanks to Tochiro for the wonderful review of both days of the concert. You're a lucky person. p.s. I knew how you felt: I feel the same way when I finally managed to catch a LIVE Noriko Sakai concert. Definitely more emotional than viewing on TV. But since I cannot be there for the Macross Crossover, a blu-ray/dvd will be a nice consolation prize. Oh well, a pretty nice runner-up prize will be for me to catch Sheryl and Basara in Singapore next month for the AFA09 event. At least this time around, I can watch them on home ground and save the airfare. Too bad no Minmay/ijima and others here, but beggars can't be choosers. And at least the K!On seiyuus will be around in day 1.
  5. Bandai just announced a new PG Gundam to be released next month in Nov 2009: 1/60 Perfect Grade 00 Raiser Initial Production Version http://www.hlj.com/product/BAN961016
  6. Wow! Beautiful color scheme. Any idea which lucky squadron has this beauty? And where it's based in? All its cousins are painted in the usual dull gray scheme.
  7. blacklotus

    Global figure?

    Actually, it's not a situation where no male figures are made (e.g. see Bandai's Saint Seiya line of countless male figures and 1 lone female figure), but more the fact that besides the main characters (Minmay and Hikaru), very few figures of the side characters are ever made. e.g. I don't see Misa or Roy being re-released like Minmay and Hikaru in the CM line, and they're the more important supporting characters. I doubt I will ever see the bridge bunnies or Roy's girlfriend (whose name escapes me at the moment) in PVC in my lifetime. sigh...
  8. I agree. I was wondering when Minmay got her breast enlargement implants...
  9. All 3 modes for me. The VF1 is a transformable F-14 Tomcat. That's what got me into Macross. The F-14 is my favourite American fighter jet of all time. The SR-71A Blackbird is my favourite jet, and still is, but it aint a fighter jet.
  10. Still, what's up with the numerous "Let's put Alto in a dress" posters? I mean, he's the main lead male character in MF right? Nobody did that with Hikaru, Basara and Isamu.
  11. Looks like Bandai/Big West stole a bad idea from Wonder Woman and her invisible jet. And I agree with Graham on this one: bad idea, bad execution.
  12. So basically, one's a 80A-78-80 lolita and one's a 92C-82-88 adult woman. p.s. measurements are in centimeters. p.p.s. sometimes, we get lucky and a Norma Jean (aka Marilyn Monroe) appears in our lifetime. But I read she uses bust-pads as well. ^ _ ^
  13. Very nice Macross crossover ad. I just watched Toy Story too. BTW, my opinion btw TV vs DYRL SDF: TV is like the sole carrier CVN-65 Enterprise, while DYRL is more like the current line of Nitmitz nuclear carriers.
  14. Thanks for the pictures. Looks like Nyan Nyan is a great brand to do food product tie-ins. I don't mind buying the instant noodles and the candy. Really like the candy and its pretty star-shaped packaging. But not the fish sausages.
  15. And I love my half-terabyte 2.5" HDs over blu-rays and DVDs. Cheap, fast and reliable/efficient. And engineers always claim one can only choose 2 out of the 3. Ooo...nice pictures of the LDs, Shaorin. Reminds me that I have copy of the Macross Plus LD in my cabinet as well. Time to take it for a spin I think. Haven't watched it in ages. BTW, my first anime and anime LDs are the Aah Megami-sama OVAs (Oh My Goddess OVAs). That's why Belldandy will always hold a special place in my heart. Alright, back on topic, my partial list of overpriced, obsolete tech stuff: 1) Atari ST 2) Amiga 500 3) Casio Cassiopeia PDA 4) Sony PSP 1000 aka PSP FAT 5) Sega Gamegear with 1 game: Mortal Kombat 6) all 3 Motorola phones I bought (slow, overpriced and buggy) 7) Pioneer LD players with about 200 LD titles bought in 1995-1998, to be partially replaced by about 300 DVDs (1999-2007). That's why I didn't even bother about blu-rays or HD-DVDs. Palm V
  16. I agree. IMO, it is a better actor than 90% of the homo sapien actors, and definitely better than 99.9% of the Singapore actors, most of whom are called "actors" only because they look pretty on screen. Heck, even today, many of them have to be voiced-over by better voice actors.
  17. Thanks for the update on Ms Sakai. Too bad for her. Whoa...the Japanese companies really take compliance with society norms very very seriously. Let's hope she's got some sympathy from the Judge. I mean, she still has a 10 year old son to bring up. After all, the dad's gone as well.
  18. Thanks for the info. I missed out on last year's AFA since I thought it's just another "left-over toys stock clearance" event. I didn't expect May'N to show up. Mmm...Basara and Sheryl this year? Wow...I do hope to see them sing duets. Maybe even perform some of Minmay's songs. I couldn't get any tickets for the Macross Crossover concert. sigh...that would have been perfection. But, not too bad if I can catch this year's AFA mini concert. Do keep us updated on the pricing of the tickets. And hopefully, we can get May'N to autograph our own stuff. I have a Sheryl doll for her to sign on. As for Basara, I only have a couple of CDs.
  19. Thanks for the timely reminder. Haven't visited Sankaku for quite a while now. I gotta remember to topmark it in my list of "To visit daily" websites.
  20. Thanks. Now I know I definitely want at least 1. Let's all hope the final production toy has as much details and gimmicks as this beautiful prototype. Definitely worth waiting more than 20 years to finally buy a SDF-1 at SRP price.
  21. Wow...Thanks for this nice bit of info. When I received a Hasegawa egg-plane SR71a, I thought it was just a cartoonised jet model kit. Today, I found out that these model kits are actually "re-designed" well-known jets from a real, flyable egg-shaped jet plane. XF-85 Goblin
  22. oooh...very well done. Thanks for the effort. BTW, I have a special feeling this red version will be a hobby japan magazine mail-in exclusive order, just like a lot of 2P color Queen's Blade figures, and the green-hair color Monster Ranka Lee. Anyway, that means I can save money since I know alot of sellers like playasia will jack up prices to 2x or more for these items, and I never pay more than SRP anymore.
  23. OT: the law's changed. The current Japanese decency law breaks down to these points: 1) pubic hair is ok to show without mosaic 2) poophole is ok to show without mosaic if nothing inserted in it. 3) kitty is ok to show without mosaic as long as the cherry and internals are not shown, and as long as nothing is inserted in it. Of course, there's also some rules with regards to the size of the mosaic as well. But I won't bore you with them. Needless to say, some companies didn't follow the rules and used mosaics deemed inappropriate and had their videos banned, at least in brick and mortar shops. One can still get them online, or better yet, get the un-retouched virgin video for the price of a broadband connection from Taiwan or China, where the Japanese porn industry has outsourced their manufacturing to. Back on topic, the mosaicing of the SDF is to comply with Yamato's "NO PHOTOS PLEASE" rules. Please don't let this one be a Monster case. I definitely want at least 1.
  24. On a weight and playablility basis, definitely the Bandai VF25S with armor. It costs less than a Yamato VF22S but comes with more plastic and more importantly, a stand to display your new toy, which Yamato wants to charge an extra US$50 for it. I was in your position. But financially, I'm ok. So I ended up getting both. But no more VF1s for me. I had enough of them during my 1/48 crazy days. (well, except maybe just these 3 1/60 Vx1: VF1S LV Roy, VT and VE1)
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