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  1. TOTALLY AWESOME, DUDE! Wow! If T-Rex really did include baby Komilia, then it's really worth the 3000yen and convention exclusive tag. Now, that's what I call a really awesome company for fans to support. Too bad their licence is only limited to the WHF convention.
  2. Thanks for the advice. I'll try a better program then.
  3. Thanks for the encouragement. Guess the 1st step is to go grab some good quality lineart for reference. Also, I just found out LEGO actually has a program to design stuff for free download. (Yeah, I haven't actually visited Lego's website until recently. I didn't even know it had one. Sorry. Old man here who has to work for a living.) And yeah, I'm getting lots of inspiration from the LEGO Gundams/Getter Robos/etc our Japanese LEGO fans built for their conventions. WOW! :blink:
  4. Same here. I actually liked all of M7 except for Basara. Then again, I liked all of SDF-M except for Hikaru. Definite buys from me from M7: 1) Armored VF11C (even though I already have the VF11B from M+) 2) Any new Valk that was never released before. I believe that means everything excluding the VF19 (already have the black YF19) and VF22 (already got Gamlin's) Yup. Resolution for my new 1/60 collection: only 1 of each model, unless there's some add-on packs (armor or super or strike or fold etc). Even then, I prefer to just get the add-on packs to add to my existing Valk rather than get another Valk. No more multiples of 1 model just to pose in all 3 modes (fighter, gerwalk, battroid)
  5. Neither do I, and never will. I only bought Max's, Roy's and some CFs during my 1/48 days. Now, I have the same policy as well for the 1/60 series. (Hmm... do we consider the VT as belonging to Hikaru? ) I was hoping to score a couple of standalone GBP packs to be used with Max's 1J and Roy's LV 1S.
  6. I think so, since the only difference between with the 1D and newer 1A/J/S is the exchangeable cockpit and head. Not sure about the VT or VE though. Just hope Yamato will sell the GBP as a separate part to be used on other valks. I don't wanna another white 1J. Got enough of that during my 1/48 collector's days.
  7. I think of the Koenig as a mobile Artillery piece that also doubles up as a troop transport for the ground grunts. You still need to capture the dirt to win the war, even in the near future, unless one's idea of victory is to blow up entire planets.
  8. To scale, it'll be 1.5 times as tall as the 1/72 Armor 25s, 1.5x and 1.5x as wide and thick as the 1/72 version. 1/48 is 1.5x bigger than 1/72. 1/72 scale VF25S is about 25cm. So, the 1/48 will be about 37.5cm. 1 foot plus in height. (Bandai is already equipped to do such big models from the Perfect Gundam experience. ) If Bandai ever release this, I can safely bet that the super parts and armor parts will be sold separately, just like the Perfect Gundam/Zaku with their optional led light up parts. It also lowers the cost per model, but for the fans in us, we'll definitely queue up to buy the add-on Supers and Armors.
  9. Hmm...maybe I can build my own out of LEGO bricks. Don't really like the UCS Millennium Falcon I just bought yesterday. Nothing much to play with except for the cockpit, the gun turrets, and the exit ramp. The rest of the ship are just structural supports and plates, which is good because it means now I have over 5000 pieces of grey plastic LEGO bricks to build Macross stuff with. p.s. I bought it because it has the the lowest $:lego brick ratio. Also, most of them are grey. Good for making other space tech stuff. Luckily, it was available locally. Shipping EMS for this box will kill me with the transport costs; It weighs about 20KG. Ouch.
  10. Yup. Time and money. We need more of them. I recently cut down on my toy purchases, because 1) I aint earning as much as I used to. (Pay cut of 25%) 2) I aint got as much time as I want to for playing with my toys. (My VF22S and YF19 25th anni are still in their boxes after I took them out to inspect for a total of 30 minutes.) So, my list of must-buys: 1) VT1 and VE1 (Because these were never released back in the 1/48 days) 2) both SDFs by Yamato and Bandai (because I could never afford the old SDF when I was a teen) 3) a few good quality Monsters (because they're Monsters ) 4) (Milk the fans for all it's worth) 1/48 Perfect Edition model kit VF25S Ozma with Super parts and Armor parts sold separately. One can dream.
  11. I'm just guessing that Macross = virtua Idol/singer worship. Klan's not a singer. Neither's Misa or Claudia or the Bridge Bunnies. So their popularity's not there among the majority of fans. As for me, I always luv women in uniforms. I find them irresistably hot.
  12. All your guesses are as good as mine why Japanese companies like Yamato/Sony does business this way. Strange right? Cool ideas galore, and what does the Japanese do with them? Sell very limited quantities of it at very limited conventions limited to a limited time. So who will make all the money out of these cool Japanese ideas? The Chinese with their lack of such stupid notions as "intellectual property".
  13. This proves one only needs 1 mold to milk it for all it's worth to make the various VF-1 models. Jokes aside, yeah, these are really cool. I definitely love that mini-Monster.
  14. Not just exclusive. CONVENTION EXCLUSIVE. Even worse. I cannot understand all that text, but the important gist of it: 1) this kit will be sold ONLY at Wonderfest in August in Tokyo 2) this kit is 3000yen each for the 2 sets of seats and the baby pod. 3) this kit is made by T-rextoys for the 1/60 Valks 4) The quantity SOLD is ONLY limited to 20 pieces. YES, 20 pieces. I believe Wonderfest attracts about 300,000 visitors each time during the 3 day event. Good luck getting them even if you visit Wonderfest.
  15. Sad to hear about the problems on your VF11B. No, the leg isn't supposed to come off. This isn't a parts-transformable toy. Can you get a replacement from your dealer? I do hope so, as I think your piece FAILED QC big time. Glad you like the YF-21. I like mine as well. Especially since I got it on sale. And yes, I love that Eastwood movie. One of the best aerial jet-fighting done in the pre-CGI era, imo.
  16. Any particular (pair of) reason why only Klan Klan is completed and available for viewing but not the others? I would grab Klan too.
  17. I vote for the 1/60 scale MONSTER. (I can dream right? ) Still, since Yamato's already doing a LV 1/60 VF1S roy, they might as well do a LV 1/60 VF0S roy. Saves on the cost of paint by buying in bulk. I won't mind either. Already pre-ordered my LV VF1S roy.
  18. I second that. The 1/72 Bandai model kit is the best value for money Macross F Valk. And even if you're not a good modeller, you can just snap fit the parts together without painting, and it still looks good, since it's already molded in the correct color plastic. At least it looks better than badly painted 1/100 or 1/60 scale MF stuff.
  19. Wow! You actually made the stale Q-Rau look dynamic. Ok. That does it. Time for me to go grab some of these flexistands as well.
  20. It's an official Yamato release for Macross's 25th Anniversary. It's painted in black with gold trims. Comes in either the 1/48 VF1S or 1/60 YF-19. But Vegas made it look 100x better than Yamato's official photos. Yamato should hire Vegas to be its official marketing photographer. http://www.hlj.com/product/YMT00065 http://www.hlj.com/product/YMT00066
  21. Don't we all? Better yet if they're all FREE! I know, not gonna happen unless there's a real Santa... Anyway, it looks great, shoulder pegs not withstanding. As for the quality of a Bandai Chogokin, from my experiences of owning the transformable Gunbuster, Aquarion and quite a number of Getter Robos, the joints are tight enough to pose properly and not sag. Anyway, a bit of blu-tac/non-sticky masking tape should do the job if so required. Can't wait for Xmas.
  22. Well, when Minmay is one's virtual gf/significant other for the past 3 decades, one tend to remember such things. I guess I really need to get a life and a real gf. Oh wait, I did get a few. They broke up with me since I'm such an otaku geek. Oh well, at least now my money's well spent on Yammies and Bandees valks.
  23. I second that. So Yoko Kanno is Gabriela Robin. WOW...I had always wondered who this gaijin was that can sing in such beautiful Japanese...I have the vocals for Aquarion. And it's mismerising...
  24. Well, this IS the year Macross is officially launched (Feb 2009). And 5 months later, Lynn Minmay became Miss Macross. So I guess it's Minmay debut concert as well (Oct 2009), no? But I'm really depressed now. I doubt I can get tickets to this one. It's way too hot. It'll be like MJ's (bless him) London concert. Sold out within minutes. Sigh...I do hope it'll come out on a blu-ray/dvd disc though. Just found out: Ticket price is 7900yen each. http://rom2.xsrv.jp/ftama/crossover/
  25. In a sense, it's true. I definitely love the newer 1/60 v2 valks over my former 1/48 yammies. If only for the reason that there's more variety (VF0s, SV51s, YF19s, YF21s, VT, VE, etc). Also, the 1/60s has Destroids to beat up.
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